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Cal Poly Yes-Man

This is me.  This is the first yes-man in California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo’s history.  The first college student to say yes to everything, or at least one of the only ones. 181 more words

California Polytechnic State University Of San Luis Obispo

Felina's Laugh It Up Tuesday Movies (04/14/15)

1. Code Name: The Cleaner

2. Yes Man

3. The Wedding Ringer

4. I Love You Phillip Morris

5. Horrible Bosses 2

6. Bad Hair Day


How to Shake Up Your Creativity with "Yes Man"

Now I’m not always a big fan of Jim Carrey but I AM a big fan of Zooey Deschanel and that’s how I stumbled upon this 2008 gem of a movie “Yes Man.” This movie has such a simple premise but have you truly thought through what it means to say “no” on an average day and what surprises await when you say “yes?” 337 more words


Jesus: The Yes Man

As a Christian on Good Friday, I can’t help but consider this day and its events, its impact on history, its resonance despite the distance of almost 2,000 years. 1,731 more words

Teaching us to say NO...

The grace of God has appeared to all men…teaching us to say NO… Titus 2: 11, 12

If I remember correctly, I was in 300level when this senior friend of ours gave birth and as expected, we were all itching to go visit and see the baby. 1,558 more words

About Me

The real problem with being a "yes" man or woman

Photo by Walt Stoneburner

Disclaimer: Okay… okay. I have a confession to make prior to falling victim to the raised eyebrows of all my friends and family after reading this article. 854 more words

Smart Biz

March 25, 2015 | Dream Journal | Another Fallout: New Vegas Dream

Even though I went to bed late again last night I did get enough sleep since I did not have to wake up early this morning, I slept well/solidly, and so I only barely remember part of one dream. 206 more words

Dream Journal