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Laugh Out Loud

It has been a while… and I am back!

If you ask me what made me come back to life again – I mean on my blog – it is because of this diary. 81 more words


Album Review: Justin Levinson - Yes Man

Justin Levinson – Yes Man

Surf Rock | Progressive Pop

63% 266 more words



Justin Levinson crafts hooky ’60s-inspired pop that reminds of ’90s power-pop act Jellyfish. Based out of Burlington, Vermont and presently living in Los Angeles, Levinson… 203 more words


It Sucks Being A Yes Man

What is it?

Chances are you know a “Yes Person”. If you don’t know of anyone, you’re probably the one. A Yes Person, more commonly known as a Yes Man but not to be too gender specific that I get yelled at for it, is someone whose knee-jerk reaction is to say “Yes” to anything that is asked of them. 1,287 more words


Musings: New Year, More Laughs...

I’m a strong believer in the phrase ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’. Crying of laughter isn’t necessarily a bad thing and who can complain when you’re on your way to developing abs from those belly-crunching laughter moments. 155 more words

Film & TV

There's No Place Like Home

I have a theory that I’ve been seeing my life from the wrong perspective.

I’ve often had some stay-at-home tendencies to my personality. I realized this about myself a few years back, and once I did, when new experiences and new challenges would arise, I would take it upon myself to push through and experience everything life has to offer. 1,653 more words


Yes Man

Disaster movies can be a guilty pleasure of mine. It allows me to go on this adventure of destruction and terror we’ve all been scared of at one point or another but secretly yearn for. 3,278 more words