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Yes! Leadership!

Leadership comes from the ability to say “yes“.

The power for an individual to be able to say yes is something that is far to often overlooked. 297 more words


Yes? or No?

Is leadership come from a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?

This may seem like a simple question however, I do not think it is. Leadership can be complex, simple, challenging, life-changing, and so many other things. 195 more words


And to the World I Say...

To the constant flow
of my mind
towards the world,
I say no…
just a veggie burger
and fries to go with
a movie tonight so that… 212 more words


Are men dying needlessly because we don't make all over-50s have prostate tests? | Daily Mail Online

The UK National Screening Committee recently decided against screening men for prostate cancer. But were they right? We speak to two experts with VERY different views. 19 more words


Yes or No?

How can you say yes to Jesus and not do what He asks you to do?

That was a question posed to a group of us the other day, and it just might make you think for a minute or two. 137 more words

Encouragement & Faith


Have you ever had to be in a place where you are not sure which way to go?
It can mean a good thing actually, this could be a choice between two good things. 150 more words


A dialog from 'Yes or No 2'

“By the way, Yam, do you like her?”

“It’s not like that, Aunt Inn. I’m just…happy. To be around her. To do something for her. I just wanna see her happy.” 251 more words

Broken Heart