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Yes/No Amusement

Thanks to Jessica and Kourtney of Epic Event Planning for their work on “Bridal Revival” sponsored by Glitter and Grit Pittsburgh.

When I’m waiting for events like that to start, sometimes I’ll do some yes/no spreads for trivial questions…it amuses me, and shows people that Tarot readings are happening at the table. 420 more words


[Review tổng hợp] P1: Những bộ phim Lesbian tôi từng xem

Phim về chủ đề đồng tính nữ dường như không còn là một điều xa lạ với màn ảnh rộng lẫn nhỏ hiện nay. Với việc đòi quyền bình đẳng cho những người thuộc LGBTAQ+ đang được phát triển, tuyên truyền như những năm gần đây thì phim ảnh là một lĩnh vực rất quan trọng. 1,417 more words

Review Phim

Weird love

Sometimes you think you know that you don’t want something, but turns out that you actually do want it, but at the same time not. Thats what I have at this moment with love.

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My Thoughts


April has just begun.

Sent my Macbook Pro in for repairs at FSSCO located in Sim Lim Square. The place where you’re bound to get cheated when you get stuff fixed or when you buy stuff. 1,463 more words

The Answer

Over the last few days my sister and I have taken to using the Angel Answers deck. Have you tried it? It’s supposed to be more specific, more clear than a regular oracle card deck. 478 more words

Yes or No!: Yaak Rak Gaw Loey- Thai film

Hey Hey! :D

Thought I would share something different for todays post :D

My Favourite Thai Film!!! :D:D

Yes or No: Yaak Rak Gaw Rak Loey which apparently mean Lets love as you wish.(Well that sounds nice doesn’t it ;0)) 703 more words


Melanie Sutton - Not Your Average Engagement Story

Melanie Sutton closed out our March 2016 theme “Yes or No” with the story of her engagement 9 years ago, that while ending in perfection, nearly got derailed a few times.