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I Think I Figured it Out

Zeroes and ones
yes or no?
you’re either on or off
dead or alive
either you love me,
or you don’t
there’s no in between… 98 more words

Poems By Me

5 this, 7 that

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help material lately. Therefore, I’ve been under a variety of different influences. But today I’ve stopped to think about it: “do I really need other people to tell me what to do with my life or how to feel about different things?” Every day I’ve been “shuffling” from 5-steps how to blah blah to 7-steps how to blah blah. 345 more words

Yes or No 1 & 2 (Thai Movie)

This is so off topic since it’s a Thai movie but I would like to recommend this movie to everyone. It’s one of the most unusual plot because it’s based on a girl to girl relationship. 346 more words


Decisions are being made right now. The question is: Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?

In every moment of the day you as a person are making a decision.  The only things is are you actually making the decision for your life or are you letting someone else make decisions for you. 485 more words


De-Clawing: Yes or No?

Who am I to say what’s right or wrong?  Well, here I am about to do it anyway.

De-clawing your cat; yes or no?  NO. 200 more words

Life is a choice.

Hidup itu pilihan.

Pilihan untuk berkata ya atau tidak. Pilihan untuk melakukan atau tidak melakukan. Pilihan-pilihan dalam merangkai mozaik kehidupan.

Pilihan tidaklah selalu mudah. Di kala manusia dihadapkan dengan masa depan atau orang-orang terkasih, seringkali pilihan sulitlah yang datang. 35 more words

Social And Culture

That Awkward Texting Situation

So I’ve been in this situation multiple times. I’m texting someone and I want to know if they want to hang out or not. I don’t want to put them in that awkward situation where they are forced to hang out with me, but I really am curious if they are free or not. 82 more words