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[เนื้อเพลง]Nine Muses - Yes or No

톡 보낸지 세 시간째 답이 없는 너

ทก โบแนนจี เซ ชีกันแจ ทาบี ออบนึน นอ

아무래도 본 것 같은데, 안 읽은척하는 것 같아

อามูแรโด บน กอท กาทึนเด อัน อิลกึนชอกคานึน กอท กาทา


Medical Questionares: Is it yes or no?

In medical questionnaires, there is never a “maybe”. There is only a “yes” or a “no”. Those yellow carbon papers, I’ve filled time and time again, always included that one haunting “yes”. 228 more words


Q&A: Yes or No Cartomancy about work

Pulled this up from the example pages. “Cartomancy” is a general term for using cards to do psychic or intuitive readings, no matter what kind of card deck you use. 696 more words


Britain's Federal future?

The constitutional question in the United Kingdom has never been more prominent and urgent. Following the conclusion of the Scottish independence referendum there is a need to look at the entire constitutional situation as a whole picture rather than incrementally giving more powers to the Scottish parliament without solving the West Lothian question. 574 more words

Bower To The People

How To Be Happy By Being Undecided

My present main client is one of the most annoying ever.

He’s belligerent and rude to his staff. Luckily, he’s not quite that bad with me, but he is “trying” nontheless. 669 more words


Do Your Clothes Make You Happy? Also Jewelry, Free People and Successful Marketing

Spent a whirlwind three days in Phoenix with family that included two emotional breakdowns (Lizzie, me), three shopping trips (Mom, my brother, my sister in law, my kids, and me, all in various combinations), hundreds of birds, baby quail, and jackalopes (aka Jack-o-lanterns, aka jack rabbits) and several spilled beers (mark, me). 726 more words

My Outfits

Here it comes.

Here it comes! The “I want a new phone” feeling! Is my old one broken? No. DO I need a new one? NO! I do NOT! 166 more words