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Instagram Trends: Yes or No?

Hello everyone!  So, it has been a hot minute since I posted a blog post, but here I am.  I’ve decided to post weekly, every Friday from now on.   540 more words


Is talking dirty between unmarried couples a sin?

As Christians our conversations is supposed to be seasoned with salt and to show case God’s glory and filter to others, but does that include one’s partner? 447 more words

Marriage Equality Campaign Battlegrounds - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Just like the mistake climate change activists have been making for years (including me) in trying to argue with deniers, by arguing with the garbage from the no campaign, you give their position legitimacy and imbed the idea that there are uncertain outcomes from marriage equality. 38 more words

Marriage Equality

Should I or Should I Not?

Should I or Should I Not?

What exactly is the right thing to do when faced with a situation that gives us reason to be uncertain about the decision to take? 272 more words


Netflix Previews: Yes or No?

UPDATE:  As of October 1st, 2017 —  I have not seen the preview screen in the past month.  I highly doubt Netflix read my blog post and took the hint, but I am glad the previews are gone. 667 more words


Zombie Cat Yes/No: Summer Soulmates

Q: Will I meet my romantic soulmate this summer?

A: Maybe – leaning yes

Now of course I’m going to remind you that there is a statistical coin flip chance this is absolutely dead wrong, so if BAE doesn’t show up by September 21, don’t complain to me because I swear all I’ll say is “I told you so”. 460 more words

Tarot Reading

Alphabet Soup Challenge Letter Y - Yes

Alphabet Soup Challenge  Letter Y – Yes

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I’m taking part in the Alphabet Soup challenge, Hosted by Cathy Lynn Brooks. It has nothing to do with Soup. 246 more words