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Virtual Volcano Vacation #28 "Yes or no" rules...WINNER!

Congratulations Leslie! I tried to hide in the volcanic version of the middle of nowhere but you found me anyway. I am virtually on Ascension island..which is actually just the subaerial summit of a large stratovolcano that is also called Ascension. 674 more words

Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #28 - Postcard #3 ("Yes or no" rules)

We’re playing it different this week, so please read the special rules from the first-postcard post before replying.

Questions update  17:00 UTC 23 July

Jackpot – question – answer – asker… 61 more words

Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #28 - Postcard #2 ("Yes or No" rules)

The clues so far are a bit sparse..but hopefully that will change.

Jackpot tab – Question – Answer – Asker
+1 Is this volcano active? No  (Jonet) 34 more words

Virtual Volcano Vacation #28 - Postcard #1 - NEW RULES TEST for this week's challenge

I’m changing the rules for this week’s challenge. Rather than simply guessing based on more elaborate clues, I am going to only initially post my “postcard” image clues, the rest is up to the players. 279 more words

Yes or No Predictions with Tarot

Updated from the archives:

Before we get to yes/no questions in particular, lets look at Tarot and predictions in general.

My main goal in doing Tarot readings is to help people.  1,105 more words


Should J Mac Tell On This Cashier Yes Or No? [DAP]

I usually go to this corner store next to my gym after my workout.  So the cashier recognizes me and didn’t want me to give me my correct change.   62 more words

Madd Hatta Morning Show

[เนื้อเพลง]Nine Muses - Yes or No

톡 보낸지 세 시간째 답이 없는 너

ทก โบแนนจี เซ ชีกันแจ ทาบี ออบนึน นอ

아무래도 본 것 같은데, 안 읽은척하는 것 같아

อามูแรโด บน กอท กาทึนเด อัน อิลกึนชอกคานึน กอท กาทา