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Homework for Friday, September 4th

If you all don’t already hate me for the absolute boredom that was today, I am astonished and grateful. With this out of the way, rest assured, we will never have to tackle the dictation of WordPress again! 1,232 more words

Unit 1 Assignments

You are not GOOD enough?

You not good enough! How many times have you heard this, well next time you do say this “I may not be good enough for you but I am good enough for myself and I am better than what I was before.”So you were told that you are not good enough and that you will not make it, SO WHAT. 593 more words


And the band played on....


Yet as troubling as that may be, the sixties were in many ways the Boomers’ finest moment. It was at least a fad then to pretend to care about racial justice at home and war abroad, to speak out against pollution and prejudice.

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Gentleman Rankers

"America as the new Scandinavia"


That’s right. That’s right. And what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong when you have more income and wealth equality? What’s wrong when they have a stronger middle class in many ways than we do, higher minimum wage than we do, and they are stronger on the environment than we do?

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One in five Americans now on welfare as country collapses into economic desperation

One in five Americans now on welfare as country collapses into economic desperation – NaturalNews.com.


by: J. D. Heyes

July 29, 2015

By any measure, President Obama’s economic and governing policies have been a failure, most recently demonstrated by one statistic: Today, one in five Americans needs government, at some level, to survive – the highest number, proportionately, since the Great Depression. 752 more words


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"Yes We Can!"

Let's Get Political

This (http://spending.aplus.com/b/money-down-the-drain-saint-hoax-presidential-election-truth) thought-provoking video popped up on my newsfeed today, and it provoked some thoughts.

It is easy to forget the cost of elections, or at least I find it easy. 981 more words

Some thoughts: I am Proud

I Am Me.

Because of the people who influenced me growing up and came into my Life, and many of them were gay, lesbian or transgender.

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