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Meeting God in Biblical Events

Ask God to bring a Bible story to mind.  Read the story.  Begin to pray.  Ask God to help you picture it, with your eyes closed.   110 more words

Yes We Can!

Meeting God in Biblical Locations

We had an inspiring time at Explore with Leisa yesterday talking about places to meet God.

Plenty of people met God on a mountain, or under a tree, in a tent of meeting, or an ordinary place that became such holy ground they had to remove their shoes. 42 more words

Yes We Can!

Meeting God in Biblical images

We can meet God in Psalm 23 in green pastures, beside still waters, with Jesus the Good Shepherd restoring our soul, guiding us along right paths and comforting us in dark times.   163 more words

Yes We Can!


As we continue to investigate Listening Prayer as a congregation, here is another exercise to try.

Ask the Lord who you should picture before Him today.   87 more words

Yes We Can!

Have another go

Picture yourself standing beside Jesus in front of a mirror. Imagine that He’s just breathed a big breath onto the mirror.  If He were to use His fingertip to write a message on the mirror about your true identity, what would He write?   145 more words

Yes We Can!

Have a go

On Sundays we have been learning about, and experiencing, Listening Prayer.  Here’s an encouragement exercise.

Ask God the following questions and then write the answers in the form of an encouragement letter to whoever God directs. 67 more words

Yes We Can!