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Two Islands Three Days

Why did I went all the way to Lanzarote and ran across it? Was I paid to do that? Any sponsorship or brand behind me? No. 917 more words

Huelga Histórica!

Bueno, bueno, bueno.. la se ha liado en España! La huelga del 8M ha sido histórica y esperemos que tenga consecuencias en la esfera política. De momento, nos quedamos con unas fotos para el recuerdo publicadas en ElPúblico! Clicka para abrir.


The beauty of being alone without being lonely

Unlike we women haven’t had it hard enough in the world already. Pay gap. Being treated as weaker sex. Listening to stupid comments because we have legs, boobs, bodies. 495 more words

Your example. Not Your Opinion.

The world can be changed by your example, not your opinion.

Travel more. Always explore. Chose your next location. Book the tickets. Check the map. Plan your route. 562 more words

Wednesday Vignette - our new dawn

Say what you will about the aftermath rumors and speculations of Oprah’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globe ceremony on Monday night – the speech itself was one helluva speech! 315 more words

Wednesday Vignette

" NOW IS THE TIME . . . "

“for all good men to come to the aid of the … planet”.  When I was teaching myself to touch-type at the age of 18, the last word of this typing drill was “party”, which today should be replaced by a reminder of the responsibility we share to protect our environment.  297 more words