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I Present to you Grace

In and with LOVE I present my book #Grace on Amazon!! http://amzn.to/2romrkD or visit YESRISING.COM !! THANK YOU <3

(through the Yesrising Foundation for Love, Possibility and Inclusiveness, a percentage of the proceeds will support Cancer Survivorship Programs, LGBTQ youth, and Eldercare Environments) 28 more words

Inspiration And Motivation

Yes We Can!

In 2008, Barack Obama released one of the best political campaigns, in my opinion. This campaign was very emotional and made you happy within the first minute of watching it. 329 more words

Weekly TBT Post: Madison, Wisconsin in the "Yes We Can" Era

Traveling around the (sunny! warm!) northern parts of the North Island of New Zealand has got me slacking on writing, so I thought I’d do a quick throwback to happier times in the U.S. 105 more words

Travel Tips

De-evolution of Man

Like iron ball on a roulette wheel
System’s so rigged holds little appeal
Why should we labor, where’s value in work?
When by law’s writ we receive such great perks? 252 more words



A good friend and former business colleague of mine was once a captain of industry and Chief Executive of a French company with one thousand employees and an annual revenue of one billion euros.  320 more words


Last night on, March 16 an inaugural Presidential debate was held at Uganda Christian University, Nkoyoyo hall. Three Presidential aspirants vouched for the podium in the names of Nasur Masaba, Patrick Ssemogerere and Ahabwe Peter. 322 more words

We are the Agents of Change

Having been a huge admirer of Bob Marley I have always wanted to write a political song. Therefore,  this is my second share since  December’s: release of “Innocence.”  The theme  “Agents of Change”  and the  ideas  for the lyrics came to me Sunday morning January 22, 2017,  which was  the day after the Women’s March on Washington. 90 more words

Donald Trump