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Three Simple Words

Three simple words my Savior cried
As His strength had all but left
The rulers cast a frown upon
The sign above His head

Three simple words my Savior cried… 50 more words


High Tower. Part-One.

Refuge from Enemies.

The tower in the Complete Tanakh refers to a place of refuge and saftey in times of need and when the enemy attacks. 34 more words

Faith is a leap into the Light the one and only True Light

It’s not a leap into the dark!

My faith has given me such vision and revelation, not obscurity and darkness. It had given me knowledge about the darkness. 16 more words

Revelations From The Throne Room

VIDEO► Jupiter + Venus become Star of Bethlehem 06/30/2015

Are the signs of the times here? God surely has a way to show us His handiwork and speak to us through His glorious creation! On June 30, 2015, a spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter happened beside Regulus; and on a Full Moon. 104 more words

End Of Days

In the Dark: A message to all

Until people ‘see’ Jesus, they will always be in the ‘dark’

He is the Light

Unbelievers might believe they are enlightened but it is a false light permeated by deception. 326 more words

Revelations From The Throne Room

Hilarious discussion with my Muslim friend in the office who had Yeshua visit him

I love this guy.

He is respecting Ramadan for this month so cannot eat between dawn and dusk. Looking pale and wan he smiled.
I asked if Jesus had seen him again. 89 more words

Revelations From The Throne Room

The Commands of Yeshua ~ Part 22

In my last post, we explored Yeshua’s calling us to His sheep, demonstrate the power of God, and pray that God would send more workers into the harvest.  1,326 more words