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Acharei Mos - Does Judaism believe in Satan? -- By Ben

This week’s parsha details a bizarre ritual the Jews were to perform on Yom Kippur. Basically they took two identical goats, one to be sacrificed by the Kohen Gadol (high priest) to atone for the nation and the other one was sent “to Azazel,” by being thrown off a cliff. 1,095 more words

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Shabbat Toldot: Trust, Despite Everything

In parashat Toldot we read of the birth of the twins Esau and Jacob, born to Rebekah and Isaac after years of trying to get pregnant, and much frustration and difficulty. 696 more words

Why We Really Fast on Yom Kippur – By Ben

As we approach Yom Kippur tomorrow night, I wanted to relate an extraordinary teaching given by the Rosh Yeshiva of Shapell’s Darche Noam. It was a comprehensive lesson that I’m going to try to get out concisely and in my own words. 918 more words

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