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Sympathy for the Devil

“Oh please, Dear Lord, release me from the bonds of sin, lift this burden from my soul, for I am such a miserable wretch.”

Father Douay was on his knees using his left hand to press and rub the hair shirt under his robe across his chest to increase his pain, and his right, clutching a short whip, to strike himself across the face and neck. 2,926 more words

Short Story

Growing Up Playing on the Railroad Tracks

I realized that it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve written anything on this blog. There are a few reasons for this. The first, as I… 1,340 more words

Doing things halfway


There is a Jewish concept called the yetzer hara.  Sometimes it is translated as “the evil inclination.” Sometimes it is the thing in your head that tells you that if you can’t do something all the way, don’t do it at all. 134 more words


Compassion fatigue and the Yetzer Hara

Compassion fatigue is a real thing. It is devastating and results in many good people giving up. We forget to take time for ourselves to heal.  793 more words



The Sephira of Tiphareth is pivot of the three rings of power. Should one attain this Sephira then the Yetzer Hara becomes a thing of the past. 225 more words


Bo: Leaven Me Alone

“And you shall guard the matzos (unleavened bread)…” (Exodus 12:17). On the surface, this commandment warns not to allow the unleavened bread to become leavened through remaining unbaked for a period of time that would allow the dough to rise. 273 more words