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A Note From Home!

I received an update from home a few days ago. Below is an excerpt that made me smile the rest of the day:

“Holly’s tolerance of Ygritte has increased; however, that increase is from abject terror to frightened wariness. 185 more words

Woman Crush Wednesday: Ygritte

Ygritte – A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

Ygritte is probably in my top 5 favorite book (and TV) characters of all time. 73 more words

Why These Game of Thrones Characters Should Have Been Alive...

If you follow Game of Thrones, you know it is dangerous to have any favorite characters on the show. I sometimes really wonder what would these characters’ stories have been like if they were still alive.This brings me to the following list of characters who should have been given longer lives… 524 more words


In Defense of Olly the Killjoy

This is the second part of a series, contemplating the charges against Jon Snow’s steward Olly and if he deserves all of the Internet abuse he gets. 1,554 more words


In Defense of Olly: Opening Arguments

This article will kick off a series of posts defending Olly, the farm boy and raid survivor turned Night’s Watch recruit in Game of Thrones… 706 more words


Funko POP Game of Thrones Ygritte Vinyl Figure Some

Wildlings are savages without morals, scruples or loyalties, TheonGreyjoy told us on last week’s episode of game of Thrones. The irony, of course, was having the conventional wisdom ofthe elites of Westeros parroted by a man who appears utterlylacking in those very virtues. 164 more words