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You know nothing

I am not going to talk about game of thrones, I don’t want spoilers on my blog! but I had to make this illustration because I really like these two. 74 more words


Q&A: Will Jon Snow Return Next Season?

I don’t know about THAT Jon Snow…

But the one I’m married to is appearing live with Pittsburgh’s “alternawave” alternative indie rock band Egomyth tonight… 72 more words


Game of Thrones Retro Monster Movie Poster- WIP

Stupid morning commutes, giving me ideas and things. This morning it gave me the idea to make a retro monster-movie poster for The White Walkers. 21 more words


How Game of Thrones turned me into a Soulless Bastard.

By now, half of the educated world has probably tuned into that shocker of a season finale courtesy Game of Thrones and had their world come crashing down ’round their ears. 1,208 more words

because every blog should have atleast one GoT quote…

Jon Snow Sings "Wildling"

This just totally cracks me up. It’s hard for me to see Game of Thrones actors out of character, but they are having such a good time hamming it up that it makes me laugh.