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The Four Seasons of My Love and the "Other Old Races" in "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Struck by nightmares and visions of their father’s ghost in the Winterfell crypts, Bran and Rickon seek comfort with Maester Luwin as Osha the Wildling tends to Luwin’s wounded arm. 1,073 more words

Last Christmas: A Jon Snow Story (Blogmas Day Fifteen)

Merry Blogmas Day Fifteen!

Today I present to you, a Game of Thrones Christmas Special, for the plain reason that I don’t think they’re ever going to get round to it (take the hint HBO). 157 more words

#1139: Ygritte



When I got into Game of Thrones this past spring, I got into the accompanying toys pretty hardcore (such a shock, right?)  Unfortunately, I caught up with all of the Legacy Collection figures available in just a few months, leaving me with pretty much nothing new to buy.  550 more words



Following up on R+L=J, yolkboy and Lady Gwyn take a close look at Jon Snow. Analysis of his leadership, his fate after ADwD and a discussion of Jon’s romance with Ygritte with special guest  16 more words


Let's Talk Game of Thrones

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.” ~Cersei Lannister

Even if you’ve never watched the show yourself, I’m certain you’ve at least heard of it. 3,972 more words

missing you (snow song)

recording on soundcloud

(this song was written for the love story of Ygritte and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, which is near and dear to my heart, from Jon’s point of view) 180 more words


Winter is Coming and So am I

Game of Thrones is back!

I’ve been waiting for this day since I saw all the blood flow out of Jon Snow’s dead body.

Speaking of blood flow, here are the top 5 ladies of Westeros who render me unable to wear basketball shorts while I watch the show. 443 more words