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Line By Line: YAH Hates Idolatry. He Will Not Share His Glory With Another

Shalom everyone! Throughout the Holy Scriptures, YAH makes no secret of His hatred for worshiping any other deity but Him. Idolatry is the worship of an “idol” in the form of a physical image such as a statue, icon or graven image. 1,799 more words

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Line By Line: YAH Alone is Our Savior and Redeemer. There is No Other

Shalom everyone! YAH alone is our Savior and Redeemer. There is no other. It is impossible for YAH to die, neither does YAH… 1,695 more words

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Line By Line: YAH is One, Indivisible and Eternal

Shalom everyone! The Hebrew Scriptures use two expressions to identify The Creator, first mentioned in the Book of Genesis as “Elohim” translated in English as… 2,212 more words

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Why I Believe part 2

Why do I believe that the Torah is applicable for all believers in Messiah?; that the whole Bible is to be followed? This is intended as an introduction for traditional Christians, but I pray that others will also find it educational. 1,441 more words


The Strength of a Woman

True strength, lies in our weakness. That is why I’ve come up with two more S’s in our now incredibly long acronym from “S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S”

The first “S” stands for submissive, and the second “S” stands for “surrender.” This is a play on words which I enjoy referring to as being “submissively surrendered”.   588 more words

YHVH is Pronounced Y'hovah

Y’hovah Means; He Is, He Was,  He Always Will Be.

Close to 2,000 Hebrew Documents Have Been Discovered with theseVowel Markers.

Up until January 2018, the pronunciation of YHVH was debatable.  273 more words


God's Forever Name

Exodus 3-4

Adonai said, “I have seen how my people are being oppressed in Egypt and heard their cry for release from their slavemasters, because I… 928 more words

The Pentateuch