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Is Y'shua (Jesus) God?

Is Y’shua (Jesus) YHVH?

Knowing the answer to this question will change your relationship with the Creator of the universe.

I went most of my life without questioning my beliefs and when this particular question crossed my mind I didn’t think it mattered. 1,125 more words



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Tarot Readers Of Nashville

God's Name

This post explains why SabbathBlessings.com uses the four letters “YHVH” when referring to the LORD.

The image below is from the introduction to my New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible… 750 more words

Sacred Name

Come Down to the River

come down to the river and have your sins washed away

seemingly as easy as moss grows on a sunless day

proving that rocks can grow no matter what some may say… 84 more words


Rising Above Stone

amazing detail, growing in stone, alone

an explosion of Glory rising above dull

His idea of Majesty in perfect chaos

a solitary bush created for bees and butterflies… 34 more words


Why Keep Shabbat? I’M Not A Jew!

I’m not a Jew either, at least in a proved, brought up as a Jew way…there are however two grandmothers of hidden background that I am investigating, and of course I am an ‘Israelite’ of the grafted-in sort…at least an ‘Israelite’ in spirit, and in full knowledge that the land promises and the promise of the Millennial Kingdom to the Jews stand intact, if unfulfilled at present.   1,514 more words