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Triad or Tetrad?

Difference emphases on either the three or the four can be found within varying cultures, the beginnings of which are lost in the sands of time. 585 more words

Does God care about Genes or Jeans (Part 2)?

In Part 1 of this blog last week, I talked about who are YHVH’s children and those who should keep His Torah, and concluded that it is not Abraham’s biological descendants, but rather those who are His spiritual descendants.  861 more words



The structure of the pentagram attributes two corresponding elements to make up the element in any given point. The point of Spirit is held upright by Earth and Fire, Air is the result of Fire and Water, Water is the combination of Air and Earth, and Earth is formed by Spirit and Water. 1,117 more words


Does God care about Genes or Jeans?

In our recent blog series, Nancy and I made a strong case from the Scriptures that Torah (instruction) has not been done away, but is still just as valid in today’s world as it was in the Temple sacrifice period before… 785 more words


The unpronounceable Name

I was at work recently and saw two different groups of women with young girls sitting at our tables. It is a small library so it is easy to overhear what people are doing. 477 more words

Religious And Spiritual

The Truth Will Set You Free, from what?

“Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free.” John 8:32

Truth shines like a Light in the darkness.

Darkness being our delusions and our delusions being our untrue beliefs. 402 more words


Sacred Touch

the end of time





on the edge

for the key to life

and death

to be turned

with a solemn