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A girl can dream, nu?

Color me a baby boomer, but I can’t help but wonder if we wouldn’t be in this mess if The Love Boat and Fantasy Island… 106 more words



Today’s Word of the Day is courtesy of Oxford Living Ditionaries.

[mass noun] Traditional eastern European Jewish music.

[count noun… 107 more words

Oxford Dictionaries

A fighter and educator for a more humane world

I was so sad to hear that a very wonderful person, Esther Brunstein, a Holocaust survivor, who was a living link with the long history of secular Yiddish culture and Jewish socialism, died on Tuesday afternoon this week. 993 more words

Ben Stein has it right

I have run across a perfect explanation of why the media’s ceaseless attacks against President-elect Trump have never stuck and in fact may have elected him. 361 more words


Yiddish bagels

Last summer the bagel-making project went off the boil when the spring term ended and, with it, access to my hungriest taste tasters. Without them, I was making a dozen bagels a week mostly for myself, and that’s just a bit more than I can consume. 1,886 more words



This article, by Solomon Simon, appeared in the New Yorker Vokhnblat in the fall of 1951. Simon loved the land of Israel and the people of Israel unambivalently, but was extremely ambivalent about the State of Israel. 1,989 more words


Shabbat in Rehab

Janice L. Booker (Malibu, CA)

“Shalom” I called through the open door. 

The couple stopped and turned toward the door in one movement.  I beckoned to them and invited them to come into my room. 492 more words

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