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Schmendrick (n)

Schmendrick (שמענדריק) is Yiddish for a foolish or contemptible person (OED).

In addition, according to Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten, another definition is “an apprentice schlemiel.” 6 more words

Golda, Goldie

Golda is a Yiddish female name meaning “gold”. Goldie could be a nickname for Golda, though it’s also an English name, originally used as a nickname for someone who had blond hair or who was a goldsmith, making it a unisex name. 34 more words



M.I. Morska

It is summer and midday when I take an express train to Warsaw to see the poet Irena Klepfisz in the evening.

I had a brilliant idea to buy a ticket for this train for 50 zł, about 12 euros, one month before its departure date, but I didn’t predict the stale air and heat coming from human bodies and the metal roof under July sun. 1,664 more words

Jewish Studies

A Moment...

When you come home from a long, unproductive but fun day only to realize in that moment the whole reason why you are falling apart. The reason that has always nudged at you, slowly methodically since you were a child. 649 more words

Why Tolkien Thought Fake Languages Fail

According to the scrupulous historians at Wikipedia, a 2007 report appeared in Multnomah County, OR, that suggested a need to hire Klingon translators for mental health support programs if clients surrendered to care only able to speak Klingon. 1,572 more words


Yiddish karaoke

I needed to celebrate signing the lease on my flat. I go to Kiton, on Diezengoff, a non-kosher restaurant serving traditional, Eastern European, Jewish food: chopped liver, calf’s foot jelly, you may not want to know. 332 more words

Building Castles in the Sky

Chutzpa, chutspa, chutzpadik – Pronounced KHOOTS-PAH; rattle that kh around with fervour; rhymes with ‘Foot spa’. Do not pronounce the ch as in ‘choo-choo’ or ‘Chippewa’, but as the German ch in Ach! 820 more words