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Interview: Klunk, Klezmer-Punk from Paris (Michael Croland)

Guest Post by Michael Croland, author of Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk

Klunk (short for “klezmer-punk”) released their debut EP on March 23. Klunk takes Old World, klezmer songs in Yiddish and mixes them with punk rock and metal. 870 more words

Punk Rock

What the, what?

When one lives, one experiences. Ven eyner lebn, onz ixpiryanzis


9 more words

Dear onabotulinumtoxinA, I really miss you

It’s been some seven months or so since we last, well, hooked- up. You, me, Doc M., the hospital. It was, well, magical! I know you felt it too. 628 more words

Gogel-Mogel: raw eggs and sugar

I wake with the sun and start a new day. Double fisting with a berry smoothie and a mug of hot coffee, filled with glee at working outside again. 187 more words



by Solomon Simon
(based on two Hebrew stories by Yehuda Steinberg)
Published in Kinder Zhurnal, April, 1933 pp. 7-9

Joseph was six years old. 1,843 more words



Origin: Hebrew, English

Meaning: Kayla could be a variant transcription of Kaila, the Yiddish form of Hebrew Kelila meaning “crown of laurel”.

Kayla is also a dialect spoken by members of the Agaw people of Ethiopia, possibly meaning “artisan” or “one who has not crossed” in reference to the fact that Jews had to avoid certain actitivities during the Shabbat. 52 more words