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A Hat by Any Other Name

Long gaps between blog posts, and yet again, I find myself squeezing a note in between two out-of-town trips. But I’m not willing to let the gap grow any wider. 1,397 more words


A Dude in an East-London Pub Has Just Out-Jewed Me

My friend, the poet Marisa Silva-Dunbar, tagged me in a poetry chain on Facebook. You have to post a poem of your own for 5 days, and nominate someone else to do the same.  542 more words


Theater for every taste, Yiddish /Wongo-ish..It's all Fun

Talk about diversity. New York is certainly the land of plenty. Just this week alone, I spent time in an Irish/Yiddish world and the next day was transported by intergalactic forces to the Planet Wongo. 583 more words

What is Yiddish?

Becky asks: I saw you mention the term Yiddish on your home page, what does that mean?

Yiddish literally means Jewish, in Yiddish. It refers to the language spoken by Ashkenazic Jews (from Central and Eastern Europe) and their descendants. 362 more words


Location, Location, Location

How I wish I were in New York City right now!

Instead, I’m in Rochester, settling back in after a weekend trip, traveling again at the end of the week, and unable to squeeze a last minute change of plans in between. 915 more words


זעקס שורות / Ses versreëls

אהרן צײטלין / Aaron Zeitlin
(געזאַמלטע לידער / Gezamlte lider, 1947)
איבערגעזעצט אין אַפריקאַנס / uit Jiddisj vertaal

כ׳װײס׃ קײנער דאַרף מיך נישט אױף אָט דעם עולם, 185 more words


The Race to Normalcy

This morning I found myself pondering the post-war period.

First I woke up to a New York Times article [click link here] in which Richard Alba says that, contrary to common belief and the census, Whites are not becoming a minority in America. 1,279 more words