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A Rag Surplus

Somewhere in White Russia, there was once a poor country tailor who made his living by going from village to village, sewing furs and cloth coats (sermenges) for the peasants. 480 more words


Oy! Such words!

Periodically, I’m struck by how clearly the English language mirrors Canada today: full of influences from the myriad cultures who have adopted it as their new native tongue. 210 more words


Yiddish for Goyim

It’s so fucking hard to get goyim¹ to speak Yiddish properly.

Nevermind the pronunciation. There’s just a level of nuance that Yiddish has, which the sleek, uncluttered minds of goyim can’t handle. 219 more words


“The answer is always yes.”
Sandra Brownlee

I took a shot.
One shot
among many
that flashed

I took a shot
a year
like a flash… 20 more words


The Bridges Are All So Bad Now

The Words Collide   (by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin)

The scribe objects. You can’t put it like that,
I can’t write that. But the client
is a tough small woman forty years old. 1,308 more words


A Tidbit for Apple Season

This week I came across two variations of the same expression in two of my grandfather’s books. In the book Medines Yisroyl un Erets Yisroyl… 465 more words


Studying the Soviet Shtetl

Dr. Deborah Yalen, the speaker for this year’s Annual Babi Yar Remembrance Ceremony, gives us an insight into her research motivations, the obstacles she faces, and what she thinks is the most important take away from her work. 756 more words