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What I'm Reading

Here is some of the Yiddish or Yiddish-related material I am/have been reading. I have nothing specific to uncover or to preach this week. So, I fall back on the original meaning of “blog” as “web log”, and share some of what I have been reading and thinking about, and what’s on my immediate reading list: 645 more words


Book Review:Broken Leaves of Autumn by Eli Hai #Review

This book begins with Jeff and his younger sister Pam, setting the stage in a home with a drunken, abusive father and a beautiful submissive mother. 418 more words


As Your Gift

As Your Gift

Your good broad hand that guides the planets’ ways
in their wide circles, and keeps their paths unbent,
measures for each living thing its share of days… 119 more words


In which the calendar takes me somewhere strange.

‘Yiddish’ is Yiddish for ‘Jewish’

Do you speak Jewish? I’m learning. But it’s not easy. Not even always fun.

The word ‘Jewish’, of course, is used most often to refer a religion. 1,013 more words


First Blog Post: Jewish Music

What is Jewish music? The average American might think of the Israeli folk song “Hava Nagila,” the children’s song “I Have a Little Dreidel,” or (even worse) Adam Sandler’s list of half-Jewish people and bad puns disguised as a… 678 more words


Yiddish Ithaca

I rented a meeting room in the library and put up flyers. Monday evening is our first meeting.

“Yiddish Ithaca” may turn out to be a reading circle with four members, or it may turn out to be a lively conversation group with a dozen, or it could someday morph into a more serious organization, promoting Yiddish learning through classes and cultural events in central New York. 457 more words


Dialectology, Part 2

“If I could speak English. I would give them a piece of my mind.”
“What would you do, what?”
“I would travel to America, and I would go in to the Secretary General of the United Nations, and I would say to him in English, ‘Mister Secretary, I think you ought to know… Feh, Feh, Feh, Feh, Feh!’” 1,260 more words