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Sid Caesar — A Language for all Seasons

Sid Caesar died in 2014 at age 91. A pioneer in the gentler arts of subtle humor, Caesar approached his craft with an inquisitive spirit and intellectual curiosity — you can’t do that without patience and discipline. 484 more words


A Yidisher Shrayber in Yidn-Land

When I feel I have too much to handle, I often add something. I trade the bad feeling of not having gotten my task done because I’m not diligent or organized enough, for the good feeling of just getting starting on a task. 1,059 more words


The Great Gatsby

No dear friends, this is not the one by Fitzgerald. Not a cast of characters living in lavish mansions in the fictional town of… 250 more words

Yiddish wisdom about love

My mother’s grandmother spoke to her in Yiddish, and there were two expressions she used that my mother has in turn passed on to me: 200 more words

Best Words & Worst Words

A SaFaRi into the SaHaRa

My last detour took us to a Picnic (pique-nique in French) in 1934 Grange, Pennsylvania. Here is a footnote to that previous post has ended up in the opening paragraph for… 416 more words


Sleep! My Sunday Photo

Gatsby is clearly on the lookout for Little or Big, before he goes shluffy (to sleep).

When a lion is sleeping, let him sleep…

11 more words

The date night we stole, right in our own home :)

Today dear readers, I share with you a bissel (little) geshikte (story). Last Friday, on my drive home, I called my Mrs. with passion and enthusiasm for a fun-filled weekend, only to be greeted with a flattened voice, you know the kind I mean. 648 more words