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Word of the Week: Chutzpah

SAY chutzpah and you’d think of Alibaba and Jack Ma. That seems to be how The Wall Street Journal has characterized one of the world’s most successful and well-to-do entrepreneurs: 392 more words

Word Power

Fields in spring

It is a spectacular spring day.

Though Yiddish word-processing continues to confound me*, I want share a spring poem by Rukhl Fishman, written in 1958. The poem is the second half of… 257 more words


The Liebster Award! Oh My!

KVELLING: Bursting with pride and joy!

I am feeling really special lately. I am so fortunate to have been praised and recognized by fellow blogger Ann, of…

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Yiddish Language & Culture Celebrated at the Yiddish Book Center

Family Passover Celebration Connects Community to Jewish Culture & Heritage through Yiddish!

How do you think? Do your thoughts take the form of words, images, a combination of the two, or something else? 461 more words

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Thank God for Yiddish

In the south, grandmothers tell the young boys, “Mind your mamma.”

I’d been looking this morning for a verb that comprised the single act of hearing and doing. 174 more words


I was thinking the other day that I have been neglecting the drossary side of things recently. Although it is important to comment on the Cassidy scandal and the morons who support this obvious fraud, I started this blog with the primary intention of providing the facts where Cassidy provided lies. 398 more words

Daniel Cassidy