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The Dybbuk (1937 Full Movie)

A young bride is possessed by the soul of a dead person on the night before her wedding. This evil malicious entity in Jewish folklore is known as a Dybbuk.   266 more words


Buried Yiddish Treasures in Lithuania

The past seems to bubble up to the surface more frequently and picturesquely in Lithuania than in other places. The country is famous for its deposits of amber, fossilized tree resin. 954 more words


Three Yiddish Retellings for Children

This post, by Danielle Winter of the Brooklyn Public Library, first appeared on the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative website, where you can find many suggestions for WorldKidLit Month. 867 more words


Even Higher: Three Yiddish Retellings for Children

Growing up, I knew very little about Yiddish literature with the exception of The Wise Men of Chelm. My elementary school librarian read us the tales of the people so wise they tried to repopulate a river with canned herring. 827 more words

Picture Book

A Novel About Esperanto

A while ago I was reading about the Ido-schism when I noticed several Wikipedia pages referenced a book named A Curable Romantic by Joseph Skibell, in which the schism was portrayed. 1,981 more words


Glossing a Vanished World: S. An-sky’s Pioneers, Translated by Rose Waldman

Reviewed by Ellen Cassedy

On a dark afternoon in the late 19th century, a lurching vehicle rounds the bend into a small Eastern European town: “A large, ungainly coach, a sort of Noah’s ark stuffed with passengers, lumbered slowly and with difficulty down the wide, muddy roads of the town of Miloslavka” (23). 1,184 more words



We will perhaps, but probably not live to see it, but the Jews will receive Palestine! Of this I am convinced to the depth of my soul. 121 more words