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Second Thoughts

After publishing my first reactions to the news of the day in “After the Caucus, A Different Race,” this post did not feel fully cooked to me. 381 more words


After the Caucus, a Different Race

In Amolike Yidn, in a story titled, The Messiah and Shooting, Jewish Eastern Europe is in political ferment. More locally, the shtetl Kalinkovitch is abuzz because a young leader named Shimshon “…was done with the Social Democrats and had become a Revolutionary Socialist. 1,599 more words


Beginnings Everywhere, Beginnings Without End.

I am starting a new diet this morning. Not an occasion for a Shehekheyanu. A marginally high blood pressure reading. A doctor’s friendly suggestion, though we know there’s an ultimatum behind it. 1,141 more words


Mazel and Good Luck: My Middle Eastern Hamsa and Native American Hand Symbol Collection

I have always been a bit superstitious. Perhaps it is because my grandparents had little things they did to keep evil away and bring good luck. 734 more words


Sweet Potato Latke Brunch

I wouldn’t have called this a latke ((in Jewish cooking) a pancake, especially one made with grated potato) if yiddish hadn’t become so hip all of a sudden. 655 more words


Writing about food: Elizabeth Ehrlich

Two weeks ago, I went to my local independent bookstore (yes, there still is such a thing, and it is wonderful) to pick up a copy of… 784 more words

Food Writing

What's Brewing

I’m trying to finish some things that are mostly done. On the top of the pile is my grandfather’s Amolike Yidn, ostensibly a book of folk stories, but also more than that. 342 more words