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Tumbalalaika – sung by Sef Townsend and East Storytellers

טום באַלאַלײַקע

Russian-Jewish Riddle Song, Love Song (Yiddish)

Tum = noise and Balalaika = Russian stringed instrument


Roshinkes met Mandlen

Roshinkes met Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds) – sung by Sef Townsend, accompanied by David Solomon and Paul Burgess

ראָזשינקעס מיט מאַנדלען

Traditional Jewish Lullaby (Yiddish)



Halevai – sung by Sef Townsend with East Storytellers

Jewish Love song made famous by the renowned Cantor and Yiddish Actor, Moishe Oysher

Halevai means ‘How I hope, I wish, I pray’


Shvakhe Doyres

One recent find that has excited me came via Yivo, though it has nothing directly to do with the Yivo archives. Prior to this summer, I had tried on a few occasions to locate some of my grandfathers writings apart from his books, such as chapters in other people’s books or articles in literary journals. 963 more words


HW Letter

Dear Friends,

Mostly I have learned how little I know. I hand in homework, and it comes back with multiple corrections in every sentence. After I used the word ‘blutik’ to refer to a corrected paper, my teacher traded the red ink for a kinder blue. 62 more words


Dementia, Temple and the White G-d

I forgot it was Shabbat service time when I showed up at the nursing home to see my mom this past Saturday.  After searching in vain from room to room, my husband and I finally found her a floor below at the weekly temple service.  254 more words


Wither Fruit?

Even the disappointments are informative. One of my hopes for the archive work was to find out whether my grandfather made any notes about “Fruit”, which would have been the title of the planned third volume of his autobiography. 733 more words