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Legendary Lands?

Yesterday I deleted the The Book of Legendary Lands, by Umberto Eco, from my Amazon dot com shopping cart, where it has sat since it was released. 1,856 more words


Who is She?

I have to share with you the craziest thing that keeps happening to me. Each and every day, when I brush my teeth in the morning… 411 more words


We're all immigrants here

This is the passenger list of a boat that sailed from Antwerp in December of 1921.

On it were my great-grandmother (my father’s father’s mother), my grandfather and two other great-uncles I never met. 381 more words


Here's all the things I thought I'd post last week.

Hi people. So I didn’t post what I said I’d post on Saturday which, at this point, should not surprise anyone. I mean schedules, deadlines, me….Not. 770 more words


Small, Bright Ideas

It’s been too long since I posted to Tongue’s Memory. As is usual when perfectionism is a component of writer’s block (and one of my partly composed and discarded posts was exactly about this phenomenon), the writer begins to feel that the longer he has been silent, the more glorious his next piece has to be. 446 more words


Making The Chuppah For My Daughter’s Wedding Brings Me Joy

My daughter is getting married in less than ten months now. Although they announced their engagement six months ago, and I should be used to the idea, I am still excited and a bit anxious. 985 more words


Boo-Boo Power

Isn’t it remarkable that no matter what emotion is lurking inside your child, a boo-boo and some smooches can almost always bring a cure for tears, frowns, feeling scared, moping, disappointment, and yes, an occasional scrape or two. 641 more words