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The Yin.....

I wanted to share something quite personal with you all today.  I have been dealing with some difficult health challenges recently.  

I have been suffering from exhaustion, chronic fatigue, which I have found particularly hard to cope with as I have always had an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for life.   987 more words

My Story

The last wish. 

The lugubrious songs of lost love tore the hearts apart,

The dragonflies in the meadow buzzed by, flapping their wings made of crystals.

The leaden skies was an enigma which rose up like a phoenix from the ashes; … 149 more words

Who is in your home?

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. “Ubuntu” is an ancient African term meaning  ‘humanity to others’ because it is those “others” who have made you into that individual who you are. 496 more words

Feeling inspired

Photographers learn and take inspiration from many sources, an important one of which is the work of other photographers. 300 more words


The Purpose of our Shadow

There is often talk about the light, and all it’s bliss and enlightenment and purpose. But what of the shadow ? The dark,unseen, and unrevered. 435 more words


Random Thoughts at Work

Awhile back, I decided to retake the MBTI test just for fun and to see if I’m still the type that was indicated before.
As I was going through the questions, there was this particular question that has been on my mind for awhile now. 327 more words