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Henry Kono Aikido

I didn’t get to train with Henry (he did not like to be called sensei) as long as some of his other students.  Like his other students, though, his insight and teaching of aikido left a lasting and profound impact on those he taught, myself included. 65 more words

William Stynetski

Finding Balance

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” – Rumi

Balance comes into play in so many ways in our life. Achieving a work/life balance makes us happier and healthier.  167 more words


Yin and Yang

I am negative to His positive

…dark to His bright

He is logical to my emotional

…day to my night

I am soft to His hard… 55 more words


I dream into being strings of pearls to grace the throats of ethereal dreams,

Visions gliding silently across mirrors, reflections of things peering from the depths.

613 more words

How to Make a Strategic Vision Board Square 1: Reputation

This is the first in a series about developing a Strategic Vision Board for your business. I will explain why your Reputation is such an integral part of planning, and which questions to ask. 1,055 more words

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The Coalition of Yin & Yang

Everyday more I realise how much duality has been imposed in human perception, consciously and subconsciously, and how much we live in it and feed it everyday. 255 more words


Yin Yang Described

How Would You Describe Yin and Yang?

They are two different and inseperable states of being, of energy.

Think of a large wave rolling up onto shore. 267 more words

William Stynetski