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Passing clouds

In time all things will pass us by

On clouds designed not by you an I

By by nature and creation

I sit and watch in avid fixation… 89 more words


Where is the love 

Where is the love

It’s being killed by Greed

Who is responsible

You and me

So what we going to do to make alright

We going to make a change right now and make the future bright.


You choose not me

You need to feel self worth you say

Like I can give it to you,

You need to feel loved

Like I can endow that on you, 162 more words


Dichotomy's Dissertation of Lonely and Alone

A creative interpretation through the medium of words viewing man’s struggle to understand man.

All Alone Am I

“Seeking through the blur of today’s truths… 259 more words

Artistic Expression

Natures colours

I dream dreams in different hues

multi colored pastels

green, gold and blues.

Autumn red, gold and brown

leaves fall from trees covering the ground, 176 more words


Another day

Another day

Another challenge

Another way to find balance,

Walk the precarious path of life

Of being love

And being light,

Of being a positive… 89 more words


Autumn Equinox Or Night & Day, You Are the One

By Claudia Dikinis

September 21, 2016

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, the Yin & Yang moment of the earth’s journey around Sol. Sol begins to move South by declination from our vantage point because we are positioned north of the Equator. 906 more words