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Call in the one 

Call in the one by Mai yolyz

Calling your name since the day you left

Are you the one?

Listening to my heart’s whisper

Longing for a sure answer… 64 more words


How to Trust Your Inner-Guide and Why it Matters

In this teaching I’ll introduce you to the Taoist understanding of the Inner-Guide and why it’s so important to connect to the profound spiritual knowledge and wisdom within you. 1,829 more words

Authentic Tao Living

Yin and Yang

Today is D-Day — no, not when we landed on the shores of Normandy! My guy has gone to Africa (for humanitarian efforts and not for political conflicts)… I’m hoping he’ll return in about two months. 876 more words


Two Years

2 years is not really a lot of time; a short blip in the troubleshooting session of life. But a lot of things can happen in 2 years, especially when you combine two people who make things happen. 478 more words


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

The quote above by author Jim Rohn take a similar vein to a poem by the 16th century English poet and cleric John Donne “No Man is and Island”. 490 more words


Finding Balance through Yin and Yang

In many ethical systems, the right path is the one that does not stray far from the middle. Aristotle preached that virtue was striking a balance between the vices of excess and of defect. 282 more words


Reflection on IAMM.. 4

IAMM.. 4 came after the partying stage. The voices and visions that started whenever I was alone. My body was tired and needed to sleep, but my mind carried on with its tricks. 107 more words