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The Universe and Me

Every day I observe life, death, and birth.
Everyday I read of each in the local paper (or my Facebook timeline).

Everyday people are born. 199 more words

Taoism & The Hidden Meaning of Yin and Yang via @TedTalks

“Everything contains the seed of its’ opposite.”

“They are not total opposite, they are relative to each other.”

“The universe is made up of energies, vibrations, and matter which behave differently in different contexts” 143 more words

Mental Health

kit and kaboodle

it’s like that sometimes:

being depressed 
while being given an award.

feeling homicidal on your birthday.

hating the warmth of the sun.

laughing at funerals.

all this. 16 more words

Yin and Yang.

I have no idea what to say, but I want to write.
To me it seems only when I’m actually writing do the words fit together, I could plan forever but in the moment it will always be easier. 106 more words


Namaste! Finding Your Zen in Three Lessons?

You may know that within the various yoga’s practices, some focus on either Yin and Yang poses or so-called asanas, or just on one or the other. 903 more words



The greener side…

In enters that girl – heading straight to the front row
Not an ounce of apprehension does she show!
How those auburn curls frame her perfect face! 166 more words

Now You Know

Chrysanthemum Flowers & Pu’erh Tea

For some weeks (okay, months) the book, ‘Puer Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic’ by Jinghong Zhang has enthralled me. Focusing mainly on Yiwu (a small centre in Yunnan Province, China), the author gives a thorough account of the peaks and valleys of the pu’erh industry in China. 377 more words