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Let me take your dirt...

“Hungry licked her spoon and then pointed it at me. ‘Aren’t you forgetting the dishes?’ she asked.
‘Absolutely not,’ I said. ‘I’ll remember the dishes as long as I live. 57 more words



“Once your own stars align, once your personal truth aligns with the path you have chosen, everything will start making sense.”

It has always been there all along. 885 more words


Good and Evil- The Ambiguity of Life

There is nothing good and evil is the foremost of all atheistic arguments. Hence, searching for purpose and design in the chaotic reality to find the yin and yang seems to be a dissipation of time. 567 more words


Iceland's Healing Waters of the Blue Lagoon

Iceland is home to volcanoes and glaciers, geothermal waters and harsh, treeless landscapes. It is one of the most beautiful and untamed lands we have visited. 1,084 more words


Dry eyes, Yin and Acupuncture

Dry, sore, ‘gritty’ eyes can really get people down. It is one of those things that sounds minor but is a constant irritation, especially for reading and computer work and in bed at night. 394 more words


I Will...No. 2


Free from desire,

you realize the mystery.

Caught in desire,

you see only the manifestations.

Live in balance


Opposites: Extended Research (Chinese Dragon) 

This research links to my secondary research yin-yang photograph 1 of the two dragons. This will help me develop this idea further, possibly thinking about the Chinese New Year symbols and their meanings. 325 more words