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Born again

Curled up in a fetal state,

In darkness deep as ebony.

A sudden pin prick come to sight

A small yet brilliant ray of light. 38 more words


Fantasy time

I dream of a future life of travelling to other planets,

Meeting those of the huge galactic milieu,

Trading cultural differences and hearing their taboos, 105 more words


Check out this post on Mirakee:

Hot she was
Hot she looked
And hot she was
Sensual look
And a sleek body form.
She drove me wild
With sexual desire
A passion so hot… 50 more words



Medicated and deviating,

from the straight and narrow path,

tripping along in addiction,

no option exists to be strong.

Hooked and reeled in by addiction, 163 more words


No doubt in you

Don’t allow yourself to be isolated

from those who show you love,

by others who are filled with envy

and merely wish to hide you away… 47 more words


The lesson for today

I loved her for she was sex on fire,

I loved her because she took my passion higher,

I loved her because we were twin flames burning like a pyre, 102 more words


Under pressure

Pressure is what others try to put upon us,

stress is the result when we take on that pressure.

people love to heap the pressure on others… 9 more words