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Deconstructing realms

Deconstructing realms

Of associated domesticated living

Breaking down the walls

And breaking all the chains

Liberates us from the sociopathic

Aspects of being

Shine a a light on our salvation… 108 more words


Back story

We all have back stories of hardship and pain

But we need to decide to let it cause us to drown,

Or rise up and empower ourselves to beat the negatives down, 102 more words


Shaft of light

In a time of dread and fear

Can you enlighten me

Make the dark clouds clear,

Help so a little light can shine through

In rays and shafts of divine brightness, 130 more words


For every yin, there is a yang . . .

Annoyances are inevitable.

I mean, unless you reside on a deserted island in the big fat belly of the Pacific Ocean with a soccer ball, you deal with annoyances on a daily basis. 1,044 more words


Being perspicuous

Allow me to be perspicuous

And no pernicious

Let me show you my percipiences

Let me guide you through to spiritual consciousness

Where we realise all the differences… 73 more words


For a moment

Everything is in solitude

Nothing stirs within life,

The mind has become still

For a moment everything is possible,

Anything can be achieved.

The universe is a wondrous place… 99 more words