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Yin and Yang - Sky View

I was above the clouds today and this was my view. Pretty, isn’t it?


Five things I am trying very hard to accept.

1. Things never happen the way you expect them to.

Time flies, except for when you’re waiting. Don’t look too far into the future or plan too meticulously. 605 more words

His Family and My Family

We all have different experiences and different ways of doing things. I am a crazy Libra that just kind of blends in, and everything just depends on the situation. 407 more words

Adventures In Cohabitation

Dilemma of a Punctual Procrastinator

Being a ‘punctual procrastinator’ is an oxymoron, and I feel like a moron sometimes.

If you’ve ever prepared for a post-grad or a job interview, one question that would have been thrown in your face during mock drills would be describing your strengths and weaknesses. 432 more words

Yin and Yang

I have been dealing with a war inside me.  On one side is this smart, sweet, caring, even person who loves puppies and flowers.  On the other side is a dark, hurtful, secretive, wild person who loves alcohol and drugs.   403 more words

Just Life

I Am Temperance

Edit: Dear God so many typos. Guess I should have proofread twice.

This is my newly updated blog header. It is a collection of Temperance cards from my favourite decks: Dreaming Way, Universal Fantasy Tarot, Mystical Cats, Wild Unknown, Fairy Lights, and Night Sun. 732 more words