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Just me

I wish I was a traveller

Travelling different towns and cities

Savouring different cultures

And meeting beautiful people

But I got no money

So I don’t go travelling… 220 more words


For all who feel love

The week has ended but not my love
for you,
that’s divine
and comes from above
and shines on you,
because you are are the faith… 67 more words


AHTAYAA LEIGH: “Entering a New Cycle of Peace and Harmony”

The divine solar feminine energies channel to us through the Pleiades star system and Venus. This pathway was chosen by the creator for a very specific reason. 654 more words


new and old, AS ONE ...

I took this photo from the top of Hook Mountain on the morning of my birthday. It was a gorgeous day, a perfect day really, and not just because I was born on that day. 371 more words


Fly my love

Do you feel caged

like you are locked up

and you just can’t get away

do you feel enraged

by them taunting you this way. 155 more words


No gods no master

No gods no masters

Just freedom and light

No gods no masters

So no more wars to fight

No gods no masters

There’s no one to left to serve… 11 more words