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Bite the bullet

Those who shoot the guns

Bite the bullet

Killing someone

Why do it,

Guns are for those who

Buy into the fear

That there is to little love here, 396 more words


Finding Spiritual Balance

A Good Match

In trying to understand the world,

we seem only to find balance,

upon a vast field of simple grain,

the sort indistinguishable yet soft… 107 more words


Self, self, self



No appreciation,

Only after

Self gratification,

All about what

They need,


In their own greed.

Self satisfied

Full of ego,

Never willing… 45 more words



Bedecked in tattoos

And covered in perspiration

With perspicacity as his station,

People often misjudge his intentions

Feared his violent intervention

But that is a flawed of their perspective, 118 more words


Improved balance 

Core muscle strength

Brings about balance.

Strengthen your life core

As well as your body core

And achieve better balance

In all things.


Lost in regret

Lost in the past

Dwelling on regret,

Filled with guilt

Unwilling to forget.

Ripped apart, from inside out

Life of woe shattered with doubt.

Forgoing each present moment… 142 more words