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Why Unconscious Aggression is So Hard to See as a Leader

Can we be aggressive toward someone and not even know it?

I think we can.

Aggression is behavior that is hostile, forceful, or… 2,245 more words

Effective Management

Thoughtful Thursday: Yin and Yang

Let us give thanks for our shadows

for they are there in the first place

because of the presence of light.

Kamand Kojouri

photo credit: pexels.com

Female world

Home of births
Attraction of the male
Life receiving
Life sustaining

Charming magic
Temptation and luminance
Riddle and mystery
Smiling caress

Mother in change
Caring and sharing… 36 more words


Oneness of nature

When the white clouds move

Across the blue sky

And creates a breeze

The trees listen

And when the trees rustle

The bushes and the grass sway… 42 more words


Golden sun

I remember the days of the golden sun

When the summer were warm

And I laid watching the blue sky

The white clouds passing by… 26 more words


To much Yin too little Yang

Maybe in my past incarnation

I lived too much in Yang

Maybe in this incarnation

I live too much in Yin

The duality of living… 20 more words


What is the Meaning of Qi in Feng Shui?

From the way Guo Pu defined the term Feng Shui in his Zang Shu or the Book of Burial (Translation by Stephen L Fireld):

‘The Classic says: Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water. 1,270 more words

Feng Shui