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Welcome to your future, welcome peace.

Well, it’s time for a restart. Welcome to the New Year and as my oldest son once said at the young age of four, “Welcome to your future.” 535 more words

Holistic Medicine

Ego driven bad behaviour 

I found in life those walk wrong paths of criminality and drugs always blame their past or others. They say ‘oh, I am sorry but you don’t know my past’ or ‘hey others led me astray and caused my problems’. 161 more words


Spirituality thoughts

Spirituality is more than a bumper sticker or a quote, it is a way of being that requires a transition from how you have lived to a new way of living. 77 more words


Devastated lives

Sleeping in a box

In a downtrodden town

Feeling the cold

Through the ground,

Urine stenched alley

Spirit bottles Scattered,

Around the floor

Syringes and needles… 20 more words


It's up to you and no one else

Never look for redemption in anyone or anything else except self. Never surrender your responsibility for life choices and acts that are yours. For our relationship with our God, creator, conscious mind is unique to each of us and we were given this life to find answers to our problems ourselves. 95 more words


Cosmic navigation 

She looked towards the cosmos,

The cosmos showed her stars

And within the stars she saw the truth,

Her life was hers to live,

To navigate to new horizons, 8 more words