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We are one – nothing else mattered...

when we fly together
we are like the wind
the ocean leaps with joy
we can go on forever
in love with one another
my form is perfect… 30 more words


Marketing a Book #9 - Learning About Social Media

Learning About and Avoiding the Block Hole of Social Media

It has been a while since I posted on this blog. I could have written this post several weeks ago, but I wanted to collect my thoughts about my time working with a Social Media Consultant. 632 more words

The Big Picture

Further Reflections on Gratitude

In reflecting and going deeper with my gratitude practice since my last blog on the subject, I have noticed that, in my experience, gratitude and appreciation are the natural expression/outpouring of receiving and allowing in the Beauty, the Goodness, the Inspiration, the Truth, the Love, the Gifts… of whatever or whoever is in my presence now. 488 more words


I'm waiting for my Yang

Less then a week leading up to my planned embryo transfer (last Saturday), I somehow managed to injure myself. Our house has been a chaotic mess for the past two months due to a kitchen renovation and I went on a mad cleaning spree. 878 more words

The Pirate's Mask


He was a good boy; “fairly handsome” some would say, while “not quite right” was the opposing opinion of many. His parents were strict but no more abusive than the corporal-punishment du jour for that era. 1,541 more words


Circle of Kindness

In our house flare ups happen constantly. My children and I need constant reminders that we are not going to totally lose our cool and explode. 1,051 more words


The Kundalini: The twin coiled serpent of awareness- Part 2

Chakras are points on the Sushumna nadi where energies of a particular nature converge. There are 7 main chakras which starting from the base of the spine till the crown in the head. 1,726 more words