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URGENT Cosmic Energy Update 11/2015-2016

Channeled Via Unity Consciousness

“This will help you make sense of everything”


On September 13th, 2015, I received my first channel from Kryon. It was an Energy Update.

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Elise Perez


Feed me the ugly things
let my body and soul become immune
understanding those filthy fumes
one with me, all of bad and good
evil and holiness reign… 6 more words


It's okay

Some days drip into your life like dark specters, leaving inky prints of despair as you step both feet into the cold mire that has been surreptitiously laid upon the floor. 645 more words

Transcendental Territory

Last time we considered the possibility that human consciousness somehow supervenes on the physical brain, that it only emerges under specific physical conditions. Perhaps, like laser light and microwaves, it requires the right equipment. 1,452 more words



I tend to share the ups on the teeter-totter of life.

I thought I’d share a teetering moment as I try to find my balance again. 491 more words

Yin and Yang

Black or White, Day or Night, True or False, Love or Hate, Light or Dark, Men or Women, we can’t imagine one’s merit until we see the other that compliments. 36 more words

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