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Mr. Watts

Have you ever felt completely whole? Have you ever accepted yourself in all your misery and glory? Our inner worlds are so mixed up, our desires are shaped by the outside and not the inside, we have parts of ourselves that we ignore and bury so successfully that we linger through this life never feeling whole.. 113 more words

Photo Friday: Best Buddies

Chris and Puck remind me of the Yin and the Yang and not just because of the way they are sleeping. They get along so well, I think,  because their personalities don’t conflict but are mostly complimentary (like my wife and me).

Blooming News: Eating Like An Asian

In case you don’t already know, I adore western cuisine so I have been eating like a westerner for almost 2 years. However, today I finally realise I DO NOT FIT in western eating habit. 277 more words


Yin Yang is Love

The peak is not even reached. The summit I want to be on it.

Men fall in love with their eyes, flaws searched, so they can disguise. 422 more words


Hello World!

How are you today? Feeling good, bad, maybe partly cloudy with a chance of rain?

Me? I am interesting to say the least, but quite well. 1,106 more words

Russell Westbrook Is A Human Yin-Yang

Just like has been all season, Russell Westbrook put on a show yesterday.  Just like it has been all season, that show was equal parts terrible and breathtaking.   436 more words


A cluttered room is a cluttered mind!

There is a danger of getting use to a messy environment. It drains you in so many hidden ways. The time when you notice most how much a burden mess or clutter can take its toll is when you do a clean sweep. 214 more words