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The Sun & The Moon: Harmonising Masculine and Feminine Energies

“Be a strong independent woman.” And so I was, and so I did, and so I am. What I have learned though, is there is a difference with being a strong independent woman who insists on doing it all herself, and being a strong independent woman who is confident enough in it to graciously receive regardless. 982 more words


Balancing Yin and Yang

In the world of mystic energy, i.e. life force, prana, ki or chi, one often overlooked subject is that of yin-yang energy.

We take for granted that Reiki, crystal healing and other forms of energy healing will balance all.  206 more words

Energy Work

Stop "Yanging" up Your Yin

There are so many people looking for love. Does it need to be so difficult? A recent session revealed a couple of issues preventing a woman from attracting a mate. 1,252 more words

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Three quick and interesting ways to develop characters

Sometimes, you just can’t figure a character out.

Sometimes, most of your ensemble cast assert themselves in your head very clearly, and then there’s that one character  1,541 more words


Por qué las mujeres necesitamos más energía YIN de nuevo

Una muy querida amiga me preguntó hace poco: ‘‘Ingrid, ¿qué significa realmente ‘el camino femenino’?’’ Bueno, por supuesto que solo puedo explicar el camino femenino como yo lo entiendo y concibo. 553 more words


Why we women again need more YIN energy

A very dear friend of mine recently asked me, “Ingrid, what does the ‘female path’ actually mean?” Well, of course I can only explain the female path the way I understand and conceive it. 499 more words

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