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point of difference?

Me and the partner are like chalk and cheese … light and dark … sunshine and rain … black and white … up and down … 730 more words



Fiery, impenetrable
Like human nature
Like faith
Can I ever know your conciliatory core
Without testing you in the fire
Cracking open your 63 more words


The Immutable Core

Have you yet found the immutable core? It is found in the stomach, the seed grows from here.

Atoms have one, planets, humans, trees… everything micro-cosmically and macro-cosmically repeats itself endlessly in every phenomenon, across all dimensions. 105 more words


Truth Embodiment

You may have noticed, or begun to notice the three dimensions of truth realization. They are the truth of the head as basic space, the truth of the heart as the one being and the truth of the gut as authority – truth embodied and brought down in earthly form. 384 more words


Labyrinth Initiation by Inanna & Marduk

Marduk & Inanna: We open you like a book, Nanaea, to help you look inside yourself for we are not only outside of you but we are also within you. 1,566 more words


A hole

To let the sunlight in

In time to save

My heart

But wind and rain

Gets in the same

How not to fall apart?


©K Barr