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Yin Yang: Bach Flowers & Nature

Yin Yang: Bach Flowers & Nature is a painting done for a mosaic on the ground in a beautiful Bach Flowers garden in the French Switzerland at Yvonand. 31 more words


Insurmountable Mount of Balance

From everything, balance is the hardest. Yin, yang. Soft, hard. I know it’s possible and worth it. I’ve seen it in action. But I was born with too much yang. 37 more words


The Feminine Resistance to Feeling Weak

I’ve begun to notice, primarily in myself, that there is a massive amount of resistance inside of me to the idea of feeling weak. I believe part of this is because I’ve always fallen into the “strong female”, “ass kicking” stereotype, not divorced from my emotions but experiencing them, as they relate to men, in a very balanced and detached way. 468 more words

The Journey

Naked yoga can boost your sex life, according to this teacher

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Rosie quit her job as a Finance Recruiter in Sydney to open a naked yoga studio. 3,059 more words


The Yin and Yang of Things....How Couples Complement Each Other

Have you ever wondered why your partner just naturally complements you?

According to the website, What’s your Sign, the yin and yang interact, and the good comes from the two being in harmony. 307 more words


The mirror of Truth (Rumi)

The mirror of Truth:

“The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it, and thought they had the truth.”

684 more words


To keep alight the mind by night,

to hold the dream within the day.

To drink the jolting juice of sunrise,

to soak the azure glow of twilight. 14 more words