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Choices - Light or Dark?

Choices – Light or dark?

I’d had the idea for a long time, perhaps ten years or more. It started out as almost a philosophical theory and then gradually morphed into a mechanical representation of that idea. 843 more words


Qigong Master Chi Energy - The Power of Meditation

This energy isn’t possessed by a select few. We all have this ability, it is just whether we develop it or not, like a muscle.


Suckled by beelzebeb

And his cold, dark, creaky, heavy hands.

Taunted and teased by the Grand Bitch Ashtaroth.

Mislead by Lord Lucifer.

Polarity - Why the universe is perfect (1 min read)

It’s so much easier to maintain a state of blissfulness when you understand the necessity of the eternal balance that is ubiquitous throughout the entire universe. 179 more words


Starting in Wuji- complete emptiness

At the beginning of each TaiChi class, we do a short standing meditation. Our instructor says, “Starting in Wuji- complete emptiness.” Physically this means that our tongue is off the palate, our sacrum is slightly tucked in, our chin is slightly tucked in, our knees are slightly bent, our arms are at our sides and slightly away from our body leaving the armpits open, and that, well, we are completely “empty.” 343 more words


My life has become somewhat decent and bearable

Since I started being with Satan.

I love Lucifer and made love with him last night for what I recall right now as our first time. 77 more words