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Not opposite
Poles apart,
Nor contradictions:
Complementary continuums,
Spectrums growing from
And into one another.

There is no tall
Without something short
To be taller than, 88 more words


and died in a flicker, I'll never forget the flame

Sometimes I need the darkness and the sadness and the peace and the sunken place. Sometimes I need to get out. Sometimes I need to be scared and sometimes I need to hurt and sometimes I need to suffer and sometimes I need to sink deep down. 10 more words

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I like to think I keep on top of the latest tech trends.

I’m not scaremongering, or not intentionally anyways.

But speed of change is moving so fast. 357 more words

Yin Yang In Feng Shui

One yin one yang is the make up of Dao 一阴一阳为之道

There is a saying in Yi Jing but what exactly is it trying to tell us. 373 more words

Feng Shui

Yin & Yang Pt. I: Meet The Flintstones

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this series:
  • Masculine vs. Feminine Energy
  • Why the sexes have differences
  • How YOU can use this energy to spice things up!
  • 892 more words

Yin Yang

These pictures are in the form of the Yin Yang symbol.


Why I fight

The other kid. Older, stronger, more skilled than me. Yet, Sifu insists on the bout. No rules, no stoppage until one quits. I am ready to drop, but he won’t let me. 972 more words