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Mutual Duality: Yin Yang // Shiva Shakti (Essay)

Key Belief: Mutual duality: Yin Yang, Shiva Shakti

‘Yin Yang’

‘Shiva Shakti’
“All things carry the yin (femininity)
while embrace the yang (masculinity) Neutralising energy brings them into harmony” – Lao Tzu, Tao Te King… 6,722 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

The More I Love 

The more I Love, the more pain I feel towards the things I love. You cannot have one without the other. But you can always love.



It’s funny how we look at the mistakes made in nature as evolution, while the mistakes we make ourselves we feel embarassed about. We feel as if it is wrong to make mistakes. 27 more words



Since I started this blog I’ve come to the conclusion that I have minimal discipline and writers block.
I made some free time and I would use this to my advantage to create content and put something out there in the world. 314 more words


JUST MUSING: "Yin - yang..."

Last night (July 19, 2017), I went to bed cataloging the things I wanted to accomplish the next day.  Taking to bed with me a newspaper to finish reading an article, completing the task, then sorting through news on the phone, seeing the report of an interview to be published in the next day in the Times.  1,260 more words

Social Commentary

Stone walls and weeds

Driving slowly down one of Washington’s two lane country roads it’s easy to become mesmerized by the landscape and the light that filters through the trees. 252 more words