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Frum Bridalplasty? On Shidduch Dating and Bean Counting - by Rabbi Zev Farber

There has been much talk about Yitta Halberstam’s Jewish Press article about the crisis of shidduch dating. That such a crisis exists is nothing new, as psychologist… 1,744 more words

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I am actually shaking because of how upsetting something I read was. My brother referred me to an article by Yitta Halberstam, “Purim And The Tyranny of Beauty: A Plea to Mothers of Girls in Shidduchim”. 616 more words

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Best Comment On Crazy Shidduch Article

Since this crazy Jewish Press Yitta Halberstam article is all over the place now, I felt I was morally responsible to weigh in with my own take on the issue. 376 more words

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