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EXO Monster MV (My Review)


EXO emang selalu keren.
Lama ngga nonton Music Video K-pop, dan ini baru aja abis nonton MV EXO – Monster.

Dari keseluruhan video, ini doong yang paling keren. 169 more words


Some Classic Yixing Teapot Shapes, Clays, and Classifications

This is an article from a couple of years ago, but it is certainly worth republishing here with a few enhancements. While we recognize that some of you consider yixing teapots to be too expensive or fussy, we hope you’ll add one or two to your tea arsenal anyway. 744 more words

Tea Wares


Lama tak merepek. Lately, I have been very busy with things I dont know about. Contoh? Kahkahkah… Busy idling?

This year, as per my new year resolution ( as if… Hahaahahaa) , I want to be more active and healthy. 230 more words

No One Gets Enough Lines

With the arisen dispute over Exo member, Lay, not being credited enough singing lines since the release of Exo’s recent album Ex’Act  and more recently their repackaged album  1,307 more words

Deciphering a mystery tea: a beginner's guide to reading tea leaves

(IMAGE: The set-up for today’s tasting of a “mystery tea”)

Dear beloved blog readers,

We all have those moments: A friend knows you love tea and out of the goodness of their heart they offer you some tea as a gift. 1,351 more words


Brewing pu-erh in a relaxed style

(IMAGE: The leathery leaves of a late 90s shou pu-erh, ready to be brewed in a relaxed style on a late summer’s day.)

Dear beloved blog readers, 723 more words


Keeping it simple: the art of moving (and making tea)

(IMAGE: Yixing teapot brewing Anxi Jin Guan Yin Oolong Tea 金觀音烏龍茶 atop a Tang-Song period bowl and Korean tea tray)

Dear beloved blog readers,

I must admit, its been too long (far too long).   505 more words