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Varoitus: nyt seuraa hifistelevää pohdintaa teen hauduttamisesta.

Vihreän teen hauduttaminen gaiwanissa on hankalaa. Teenlehtiä livahtaa kannen välistä kuppiin. En oikein edes osaa mitata vihreää teetä gaiwaniin – aina sitä on liikaa tai liian vähän, eikä teestä tule sopivan vahvuista. 518 more words


Since none of the entertainment websites are interested in writing in something positive about exo’s kokobop comeback, I’m taking stuff into my hands.

Let’s just start it off with how much this album was anticipated in the first place. 802 more words

Regarding LAY

With EXO’s comeback nearing ever faster I am sure many OT9 fans are in different states of emotions. While the teasers are looking gorgeous and the songs all sounding great, we can’t help but notice something or… 808 more words


Your Guide to Tea Steeping Vessels Is Here!

My cousin teapots are legion, and their styles are about as numerous, as shown in our Guide to Teapot Styles. And they are certainly the top choice, as far as I am concerned, for steeping most teas. 123 more words

Tea Wares

5 years with EXO ≈ gửi các chàng trai em yêu thương

Vốn dĩ theo lẽ thường sẽ không có ngôn từ nào có thể diễn tả được hết tình cảm này dành cho 9 chàng trai em thương, và bản thân em cũng không nghĩ mình có thể bộc bạch được hết lòng mình đâu. 3,449 more words


Title : Look at Me

Author : Park Kyuna

Genre : AU | Drama | Romance | Sad

Main cast : Park Chanyeol & Im Yoona… 2,695 more words


#Yixing unable to attend the remaining EXO'RDIUM concerts


Let’s clear up a couple of things out here.

People love to talk shit without understanding the situation beforehand and they end up creating rumors anyway. 842 more words