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SERMON: Dayenu, Jared Kushner... and Us

It’s one of the most popular Hebrew songs, it’s one of the best known Hebrew words. It’s one word that takes five English words to translate. 60 more words


May (S/He) Remember - 8th Day Pesah 5778 / Yizkor

In last week’s New York Times, there was a column by Nicholas Kristof about clergy in America (“The Rise of God’s Spokeswomen,” Sunday Review… 1,593 more words


Shabbat and Pesakh and more, oh my!

Hag sameakh! Today and tomorrow are hagim, holy days that end our Pesakh Festival. Jewish offices are closed today and tomorrow, and Passover ends tomorrow evening at sundown with the end of Shabbat. 362 more words

SERMON: What to Save When It’s “Gone With the Wind” ... and the Rain

This holiday of Shemini Atzeret is marked by just one special prayer. All the other prayers we recite are recited on every holiday. What makes Shemini Atzeret unique is the one prayer we recite during Musaf: the prayer for geshem – the prayer for rain. 76 more words


SERMON: Remembering What to Forget

In these moments before Yizkor, when we are called upon to remember, let me see how good your memory is. Over the years I’ve told you some humorous stories to start this sermon. 14 more words


It's hard to say goodbye to the High Holy Days

I love the Jewish High Holy Days. While we have a lot of holidays on the calendar, I’ve been practicing Judaism long enough to know that Yom Kippur is my favorite holiday. 624 more words


Yizkor Service

The Yom Kippur Community Yizkor Service for non-seat holders will be held in the Sanctuary (first floor) at 1:30 P.M. on Saturday, September 30.

High Holy Days