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Adventure in Progress

I love it when the boys go on an expedition. They fastidiously pack their backpacks with snacks and drinks, hopeful that healthy snacks will allow them to take a treat or two, as well. 200 more words

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrrr! Avast ye scury rum-swillin’ bilge rat!

If ye be savvy, ye be sailin’ to the following far-off isles and learnin’ yerself some learnin’:


CD Review: Alestorm - "Sunset on the Golden Age"

More silly sea faring pirate metal? Oh, go on then….

Scotland’s perpetual purveyors of wenches and mead are back again with another album of raucous fun. 233 more words



Yes this is an overplayed image. And yes I still think it’s hilarious!!

Yohoho and all that jazz

The Painter – outside the gallery and all gussied up for Pirate Day. He decided that he didn’t want to be just another run of the mill pirate – there were several thousand of them in town already today – and so in order to stand out from the crowd he opted for Pirate Ship’s Surgeon instead. 70 more words