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Morning Minute: From Yo Mama To Yo Memo!

2/5/18- The Nunes memo that was supposed to shake things up and make things hard in Washington D.C. ended being very weak. It was so weak that comedian Chris Paul was able to turn it into a bunch of yo memo jokes! 48 more words

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Dear Diary,

Your Mama’s so #ugly, people break into her house just so they can close the curtains!

Yo Mama: The Ultimate Smackdown

Little Man has gotten into Yo Mama jokes lately. Much like when he discovered knock-knock jokes a few years ago, he tells these frequently. Some of them are cringey and others are downright hilarious. 547 more words


Yo Mama

These are jokes about how people’s mothers are fat and/or ugly and/or stupid and/or promiscuous. I make sure tell them to my daughter when my wife is in the room because who doesn’t love two for the price of one? 10 more words


Yo Mama

It’s 7 AM, you smell bacon in the house but you’ve literally never cooked anything in your life. Wait, are those cheese eggs you smell too? 795 more words

Book Launch!

I know what you are saying. Why did she wait this long to launch her book? It is true my book came out shortly after Christmas. 195 more words

Emma's Dancing Day