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The Art of the Insult 

An insult is an amazing tool. It can bnne used to show both affection and disdain, or both at the same time.

A properly timed burn can earn you a lotnncomedic legacy but one of wrong move gets you labeled as a dunce and loses you friends. 354 more words

Human Interactions

Elton John in the Playground

Should the need ever arise, here are a selection of playground comebacks to Elton John:

“Don’t go breaking my heart… that’s what she said.”

“I know you’re still standing but what am I?” 20 more words

Elton John

President yo mama

When the next presidential debate starts live on television and every good loyal American watches from their broken home eating deep fried mustard cakes, there should be a new rule where instead of explaining how and why a candidate official should run for office, they have to have a contest to see who can make the best insults. 468 more words


Bryan Cranston Explained His Motivation Behind The Greatest 'Your Mother' Diss Of All-Time

Bryan Cranston almost broke the internet earlier this year when his Comic-con panel for Super Mansion went viral. In the clip, which you can see above, a… 254 more words


The Best Yo Mama Jokes That Will Have You Dying! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Yo mama so dark when she bare foot it looks like she’s wearing church socks! Yeah, it’s safe to say Special K is going in with his new list of yo mama jokes.  764 more words

The Show

Normalcy: Sorry we are fresh out of that!

A normal day. Something nice and boring. No yelling, no tears, no fits of rage or insanity. I think the kids were better behaved today than the adults. 290 more words