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The Best Yo Mama Jokes That Will Have You Dying! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Yo mama so dark when she bare foot it looks like she’s wearing church socks! Yeah, it’s safe to say Special K is going in with his new list of yo mama jokes.  764 more words

The Show

Normalcy: Sorry we are fresh out of that!

A normal day. Something nice and boring. No yelling, no tears, no fits of rage or insanity. I think the kids were better behaved today than the adults. 290 more words


My Brothers' Friends: The Dozens


I never got “Yo moma jokes.”

I didn’t understand

I was supposed to snap back.

I just kept seeing my actual mother

Under attack. 109 more words

Make you want to SLAP YO MAMA

If you want mama’s cooking without going to her house then downtown Birmingham, Alabama is where you want to be for lunch. Yo Mama’s is a new spot that serves generous portions of home cooked meals and the fried chicken is so good, it makes you want to slap Yo Mama! 16 more words

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If the Apostle Paul Told Yo Mama Jokes

The apostle Paul wrote, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel…” (Romans 1:16).  This conveys the idea of being insulted.  Some people were… 730 more words


My Weekly Weird Week In Review (And The Virtue of Ignorance)

I’m a guy. Unfortunately for those of you thinking “pics or GTFO,” you have only my word to go on. 873 more words