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Sciatica Pain Relievers

These simple poses target the tight muscle that often causes sciatic pain: the piriformis.

7 Poses to Soothe Sciatica

“Sciatica has a long (and painful!) history. 1,940 more words


Save the Date.....Saturday the 10th of October

You are invited to Walk the Talk Studios first product launch on Saturday the 10th of October at the Studio.

Come along and enjoy a unique shopping experience with Prosecco and gorgeous views from 4pm onwards. 70 more words




Pranayama. Purana … breath, breathing, also life energy, Ayama … control that exists inside and outside of the body, restraint, extension, pranayama … breathing, I mean a gas method tone of the body inside and outside of life energy. 94 more words

Italian Life

Utthita Ardha Dhanurāsana


Utthita…Extend strongly, Ardha…Half, Dhanura…Bow. This is the meaning of name.There is an effect that will strengthen the muscles of improvement and legs sense of balance. 8 more words


#YogaFueradelMat Te amo por hoy

Te amo y voy a hacerlo hoy porque decir “para siempre” haría todo más complicado.

Si me dijeran que voy a vivir eternamente, probablemente no prestaría atención a los detalles, perdería esa capacidad de asombro y la seguridad me haría sentir apática respecto a la vida. 135 more words



If you´ve been feeling all kinds of intense lately, fret not. It´s happening all around, you are truly not alone!                               The super charged vibes that the Full Supermoon in Pisces on Saturday set in motion has brought up the shadow land.

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Vitality is the state of being strong and active

Energy Spirit Movement

A physical yoga practice encourages opening, balancing, and steadying of the body.  Notice when you begin a series of postures in standing, you sway from side to side and that feeling may be light or strong but it is there.

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Mindful Musings