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Rest Day Foolishness

Hoping we can get this wonderful teacher to come to Kaohsiung for a retreat. Will keep you posted!


If Ghandi Took A Yoga Class


Seeing as Saturday is traditionally rest day for the Ashtanga community, I thought I’d make it a tradition to take a more light-hearted approach to blog posting on this day. 37 more words


Want to know more about the power of chanting?

The Meaning of Brahmananda Swarupa – A Consecrated Chant.

I find often in my yoga classes that folks are bashful and/or reluctant to actually utter the sounds during chanting times during the sadhana/class.   161 more words


1st week in the Studio

Thank you to all who came to class this week at “Walk the Talk Studios”. We are all loving it here, great to finally have a wee home…hope to see you all next week



Writing101: Unlocking my Habits

Building habits is something that is of recurring interest to me. I did some but not all of the exercises of “blogging101″ from Blogging University… 396 more words


Things I learned from watching action films: Where to look for wisdom

Today, when I was reading some blogposts on yoga and especially Ashtanga Yoga, I came upon a discussion between some blogs; the main question was: does an Ashtangi (that’s a person who practices Ashtanga) need to travel to Mysore, the founding place of this yoga tradition or not. 529 more words


Turning in to Reach Out

quote by Miranda Linda Weisz

Recent ‘self study’, known as the practice of svadhyaya in yoga has allowed for me to shed light on how much I look to others for truths about myself.   412 more words