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There's a difference between stress and stress/ Yogi approach

Hey lovely people,

It has been a while without any article from my side. Oh yes, I was looking for my path, looking for myself, looking for stillness and peace within me. 667 more words


~Yoga class for refugees

Hi lovely people <3 ,

I had not my first yoga class, but first one I gave to the refugees in the centre of ACCEM in León. 291 more words


Yoga~' Is my outfit good enough for yoga?'

Sirsasana in Astorga park

Slowly getting into a Sirsasana, trying to have a straight back

Vrksasana from a distance with arms open, facing each other. It wasn’t that easy to maintain my balance up there. 397 more words


What changed in my life during Erasmus? Yoga, art and spirituality affecting my path

I came to León with a totally different life and expectations. After my 2 month volunteering, I felt so free that I could drink alcohol again. 453 more words


Watch: "The New Science Behind Yoga" ​created by UPLIFT

Please click the link below to view the video (find Source below and click the highlighted text), afterward click Comments to share your review of the film and please do share with as many folks as possible, Thanks UPLIFT for making this important film, Namaste OM… 28 more words


Last weekend trip ~ Yoga and Mountains

Sirsasana by the ocean

Adho mukha svanasana 

And just some stretching on a wooden bridge

Vrksasana in the mountains

Trip to north of Spain. Asturias – Gijón, Cabo Peñas, Cudillero, Tuñón… 222 more words


Not feeling any progress? It's not time to give up

Hi all yogis and non-yogis,

For a very long time, recently, I’ve been feeling my yoga practice isn’t really getting anywhere, that I’m not improving, that my asanas are still at the same stage and I was getting a little desperate about it. 263 more words