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3 healthy grounding postures

Hello people,

How are you? I hope you’re having a good start of the week and are enjoying the sweet taste of Spring – wherever you are and whatever you are doing these days, make sure you are all there, strong and healthy! 670 more words


Life's a journey and we have to accept the challenge: interview with Kendra!

Hello friends, yogis, readers!

How are you? Spring is back in Manchester and so it’s my allergy – yay! :-) Fear not, tho. It’s just a temporary issue and with longer days and new yoga classes and collaborations (check my new timetable!), all will be good. 1,179 more words


Peace of mind

Hello readers, yogis, friends. How are you?

The sun is playing hide and seek again in Manchester, but it’s getting warmer and longer days call for sunset meditation, yoga walks and beach dreams. 1,163 more words


Are you healthy?

Hello friends,

It’s been a while! Oh well, more than a while, a long time. Indeed, gone are frosty mornings and lazy blanket hugs. Welcome sunshine, kiss my face, make me smile. 573 more words


Commitment- what does it mean to you?

what does commitment mean to me?

whether it be to myself, a person, or a purpose… Commitment means staying with something regardless of how hard it gets and if it gets too hard to the point of injury then having the courage and wisdom to back off or back away. 405 more words


The Missing Piece

Two seeds were dropped from the sky, they grew together and shared everything. They became so close that they started referring to each other as their ‘other half’….One day… The seeds realized they were missing something and started to blame each other for not being fulfilled by the other’s love… The frustrations turned to anger and they grew apart. 48 more words


Officials of Indian Ministry of Alternative Medicine claims yoga cures cancer

Medical experts believe that Yoga is undoubtedly beneficial for the body and the mind  but they do not believe that yoga can cure any ailment of disease. 327 more words