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How can you 'interact gently with people and things,' today?

Weekly Question: “How can you ‘interact gently with people and things,’ today?” 
Weekly Intention:  Kindness


“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” 477 more words


On Being with Krista Tippett : Gordon Hempton — Silence and the Presence of Everything - YouTube

I am grateful to my favorite Yoginis who share Hatha Yoga with me for their commitment to their practice, our friendship and the wisdom that is shared.   201 more words


Passing on the happiness of yoga

Hi lovely people,

Recent weeks, in my volunteer yoga classes, I wasn’t really having a big interest from the refugees. Like I was told at the beginning, that was likely to happen. 231 more words


How... can you 'express yourself, fully,' today?

Weekly Question: “How… can you express yourself, fully, today?”
Weekly Intention: Bold


“Live to express, not to impress…Work for a cause, not applause.”
– Unknown…
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There's a difference between stress and stress/ Yogi approach

Hey lovely people,

It has been a while without any article from my side. Oh yes, I was looking for my path, looking for myself, looking for stillness and peace within me. 667 more words


Surfing - Breathing - Meditating.

I have been teaching yoga 5 years and surfing 10 years and I am still learning. When you are out there in the surf line up, you are fully tuned with your surroundings and completely focused on what’s going on around you, if you don’t, there are chances where you could easily lose control of your balance, control over the board and control over the mind. 181 more words


What people wish for in life?

What people wishes for in life? It is simply being happy. I think we all agree on that. We search for joy, contentment, desire for feeling good all the time. 1,009 more words