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Hatha Yoga – How to Deal with Physical Weak Points? - The Isha Blog

Here’s a short article and video from Sadhguru that helps us understand that we should not be too focused on our physical limitations but rather submit totally to being in our sadhana/yoga practice.   113 more words



A lovely meditation / visualisation to do either in the morning or before a yoga practice when you maybe need some inspiration.

Kneel down with your bottom sitting on your heels and your hands resting in your lap in Pushpaputa mudra… 37 more words

Self Awareness

Review: The Power Of Greyskull

Hello friends,

I hope you’re having a fab week!

The last few months have been a bit of rollercoaster of events and emotions.

I have just completed the awesome David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (article coming soon!), got back on the silk at aerial yoga and led 2 marvellous yoga classes at the OM Yoga Show in Manchester. 760 more words


Kumaré (2011) - YouTube

Here’s a film on Youtube that is about 70 minutes long.  It’s quite interesting about the phenomenon  of Yogis, do we need them, are they gifted enlightened beings.   66 more words


Are You Happy Now?

I was doing my morning practice a couple of days ago and was able to get my body into an asana that for years I thought probably physically unaccessible for me. 1,015 more words

Miss Ponder-lot

This summer is building up to be an exciting one. We´re travelling to Bali with a friend of mine. And we´re sharing the bed. I was going on a full on freak-out about this a couple of days ago. 954 more words

Yoga & Cocktails in Harlem, NYC

I want thank Solomon and Kuff for their hospitality last Saturday! We all had a blast and I hope to do it again soon❤️🍸

Looking to host a unique yoga event in NYC? 10 more words