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The 3 Stages Of Teacherhood (unfinished)

Finding a teacher who has skill is common. Finding a teacher who has profound knowledge is seldom. Finding a teacher who has wisdom is rare. 317 more words

Buddhist vs yogi?

There’s no doubt that there are some differences in the practice in Buddhism and Yoga towards the realization of Truth, to transcend suffering.

But, the essential teachings and the end of Yoga and Buddhism practice are the same, such like the law of impermanence, conditioned and limited existence of the body and mind, mind perception of names and forms through the sense organs and the senses, consciousness, intellect, egoism, ignorance, impurities, attachment, craving and aversion, cause and effect, action and reaction, desires, restlessness, dissatisfaction, suffering, the root cause of suffering, the path of transcending suffering, the end of suffering, the middle path, peace, fearlessness, non-discrimination, non-hatred, non-violence, non-judgmental, non-expectation, intention-less, self-control, morality, truthfulness, humility, simplicity, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, gratitude, contentment, perseverance, determination, adjustment, adaptation, accommodation, purification of the mind, awareness, mindfulness, selfless service, renounce the fruit of action, non-attachment, live in the present moment, observation, self-introspection, self-inquiry, observing silence (of thoughts, action and speech), solitude, renunciation, meditation, accepting the reality as it is, realizing the true nature of oneself, oneness, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness, formlessness, non-dualism, Self-awakening, Self-realization, selflessness, compassion, wisdom, transcending birth and death, entering silence or Samadhi. 350 more words


Yoga and Buddhism

Comparing Buddhism and Yoga could be the study of an entire lifetime.  I had fifteen minutes to filter it all down for a presentation in Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychology.   251 more words


The Origin of Buddhist Meditation by Alexander Wynne

The Origin of Buddhist Meditation by Alexander Wynne.  Routledge 2007.  169 pages.

I found this an extremely thought-provoking, occasionally riveting, speculative account of the Buddha’s life before he was the Buddha, though it was also heavy going at times.  2,010 more words

Buddhism (general)