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4 Post-Running Yoga Poses

It’s true, sometimes we may not have the time to stretch after a run. Or we want to just hop in the shower and go to work, or eat, or start the day.  402 more words


Going with the Flow

As an organized person, who loves to make lists (of everything!) I have been trying to just let things happen.
Yoga is a practice of this. 184 more words


What I learnt from Master Yang.

Master Yang Mian is descended from the bodyguards of the Chinese Emperor and holds the Taoist secrets of longevity, so when he was in Brisbane a few months ago I went along to his workshop. 480 more words

Calligraphy Yoga

Kick smoking up the butt

It’s national no smoking day here in the UK (11th March) and with approximately 70% of British smokers wanting to quit! now is the time to seize that moment. 530 more words


Revving up the mind and body for 2015

As my yoga teacher training develops and my understanding of this ancient tradition deepens i find i’m drawn to trying to understand more about the mind body link. 398 more words


Yoga May Reduce Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease

What You Need to Know: Following a systematic review of 37 randomized controlled trials, investigators from the Netherlands and USA have found that yoga may provide the same benefits in risk factor reduction as such traditional physical activities as biking or brisk walking. 773 more words


Getting to grips with winter

image credit www.sada.org.uk

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or the Winter Blues are common during the winter as the days beocme shorter and our bodies have less exposure to natural daylight. 801 more words