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Yoga reduces symptoms of depression

A multi-week regimen of yoga may be an effective complement to traditional therapy for depression, multiple studies suggest.

Individuals who suffer from depression may want to look to yoga as a complement to traditional therapies as the practice may lessen symptoms, according to studies presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

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Post-Detox Reflexions

While I was doing my detox, I had several reflections about food. I wrote some in a previous post, that you can read here. However, after completing this intense detox, my reflections continued. 375 more words


Feeling unwell but the sky is still bright

After my good weekend with several social interactions with other people, yesterday it felt like the brakes were being slammed on – exhausted, bad sore throat, my usual symptoms worse and a headache I just couldn’t shift. 420 more words


Going out out!

This evening I’ve been invited to a friend’s 40th birthday party. On paper that might sound like no big deal, but those of you with long-term conditions (I have come to really hate that phrase!) will understand that an evening out takes a lot of energy, planning and recovery time afterwards. 437 more words


Savasana is the best medicine!

It’d be easy to think that Savasana (‘corpse pose’) at the end of a yoga class is ‘just’ a chance to lie down, that you’re doing nothing, that it doesn’t really matter if you do it or not. 301 more words


Detachment From Food

I have been feeling low energy and very tired, even when I sleep 10 hours a night. I saw my Ayurvedic doctor and she recommended I do a detox to balance out my kapha dosha, which is very high right now and shouldn’t be. 748 more words


How many marathons?!

Most mornings my legs feel like I have run a marathon (thanks, MS!), and today is one of those days when they feel like I have run two! 188 more words