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Christmas Gift: 15% off Long Live Legs Activewear

It’s no secret that a new pair of running shoes is more likely to encourage us to carry out that new year’s resolution of going for a morning run. 393 more words

Buy Yoga Tank Tops That Look Great Wherever You’re Going

The days of dirty old sweats in the yoga studio are gone, and stylish tank tops, well-fitted pants, and other clothes created to be diverse are in. 363 more words

Yoga Clothing

Choose the Yoga Tank Tops That Allow You to Focus on Your Spiritual Awareness

Whether you have recently taken up yoga, or if you have been practicing for years, tank tops for women over 40 are changing dramatically. For years, women reaching the age of menopause have been forced to settle for less than ideal shirts, clothing that wasn’t even meant for yoga, and other less than satisfactory solutions. 338 more words

Yoga Clothing

Pick Yoga Tops That Make It Easier to Get Fit

While the practice of yoga can bring your body and mind into balance, there’s more to finding your inner peace than just going through the motions. 468 more words

Yoga Clothing

Our Favorite Women’s Yoga Clothing and Gear

Yoga is definitely a fun activity to engage in, minus the sweating or discomfort that can be associated without the right gear. To ensure your morning meditation sessions always leave you with the Zen and peace you seek, it is important to be comfortable through it all. 334 more words


Fall Colors & Adventures

Wade & I have had a couple of pretty low-key weekends lately, his broken hand has kept us from too much adventuring, but that’s actually been alright.   577 more words