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#domagick Final Day

Today has been a bad day. No school due to me still feeling sick. but I was able to talk to my baby for a few hours so that helped me get a better line of communication with her, as we have been just to busy to really get that qt in. 71 more words


#domagick Throat Chakra

To be honest this is the scariest chakra for me to work on. Even more so than the heart. Why? Because I have a difficult time expressing myself via words. 338 more words


#Domagick Solar pocket

Today is a very chill day, I am relaxing watching B movies and just focusing on me this challenge I like better because I really am getting more me time. 23 more words


#domagick The Bends and folds

The hip openers are really good! I love how it takes away from the pressure and pain of my cycle. I feel the pull, I feel the opening, I feel relaxed. 84 more words


#domagick Two for one

This morning I started with the Warrior Pose and did two positions while chanting to myself the House Anthem. I then finished with the Mountain Pose and that was a perfect fit. 127 more words


#domagick Warrior Pose and the Root

This morning I did my normal 15 minute meditation with my blood candle, and then I did my Warrior pose.

I did mine this way, as there are 2 poses and just like with yesterday, I felt that rush of energy coming into my hands and down my spine and shooting out of my feet into the ground. 138 more words


#domagick The feels

These posts are going to be shorter, mainly until the end when everything is summed up and finished.

But this morning I opted out of the Mountain Pose and went for the Warrior Pose, and man did I feel the rush into my hands, down my spine and straight in to the ground. 67 more words