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5 Things May Crash Your Immune System and You Get Sick

Immune system is a system of body’s protection against infection and illness. It protects your body from the germs (bacteria and viruses) and parasites. It is your friend that protects you from the infection. 580 more words

Yoga Teachers Training In Rishikesh

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Beginners

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Beginners

Weight Loss, Weight Loss Beginners, Yoga Exercises, Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Beginners

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Weight Loss

Yoga exercises - 5 things I learned from doing yoga

I talk about yoga and its benefits all the time. In this post, I would like to share experiences of a lady whom I have been teaching yoga exercises to; she was not only suffering from chronic back pain, but she was also going through an emotional trauma. 165 more words


Benefits of Yoga and How to Choose the Right Yoga Exercise Mat

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

Your yoga exercise mat needs to keep you steady in your poses.

You may want your yoga exercise mat to be eco-friendly and beyond a color and design that will make your heart go pitter-patter it needs to be storable and easy to carry, yet comfortable and nice. 127 more words

Yoga Exercises

Stay Young and Healthy

Old age brings along stress, wrinkles, marks and what not. But, time can be rewound by following these stay young secrets we put here at… 499 more words

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Who else wants Acne free face within 12 days ?

Excessive oil, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits…

We have heard long debates over such topics when it comes to coping up acne. But behind every factor there is one basic reason for acne or “ 602 more words



Eco-Friendly Best Yoga Mat Reviews

This asana is named after bow because our body moves like a tight string of bow while doing this asana. 343 more words