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Benefit of Yoga Part

The practice of Yoga brings with it many physical and emotional benefits that the majority of people are unaware of. This article is quite long, so we have broken it up into two parts. 669 more words


Who else wants Acne free face within 12 days ?

Excessive oil, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits…

We have heard long debates over such topics when it comes to coping up acne. But behind every factor there is one basic reason for acne or “ 602 more words



Eco-Friendly Best Yoga Mat Reviews

This asana is named after bow because our body moves like a tight string of bow while doing this asana. 343 more words


Side reclining leg lift – Anantasana – Vishnu’s Couch Pose

Ananta  is the name of thousand headed serpent who serves Vishnu as bed as per the Hindu mythology.

The pose helps in creating a balancing sense. 425 more words


LOW LUNGE POSE – Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Best yoga mats for beginners


  1. We will begin with down facing dog pose. With an exhalation, bring your right leg in front along in position with your right thumb so as the ankle and knee are in same lining.
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Handstand Pose – Adho Mukha Vrksasana

The meaning of this asana is the downward face tree asana. It is also known as arm stand pose. As your body is inverted in this, a major difficulty in doing this asana is the balancing . 344 more words


Half Moon Pose – Ardha Chandrasana

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  1. Stand straight with your legs open as much as possible.
  2. Breath in, Stretch your arms straight along the body in line with the shoulders.
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