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14 Yoga Tips That Provide More Relaxation For Daily Life

To be successful at anything, you must know two things: the rules and yourself. Here are some tips for growing your Yoga exercises into a durable, fruit-laden shrub. 32 more words



The rigours of modern urban life provide a lot of stress and consume most of our time. Thus, people hardly have time to cook real foods, making fast food the best option. 444 more words

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Who is fit for Yoga?

Who is fit for Yoga?

You are fit for Yoga. He is fit for Yoga. I am fit for Yoga. All human beings without exception are fit for Yoga. 57 more words


International Yoga Day controversy as India is accused of pushing 'Hindu agenda' on Muslims

Nasir Khan’s remarks On Yoga and Religions

Religions and the religious are a multi-faceted phenomenon. To my understanding, to practise yoga we need not be religious or follower of any religion. 255 more words

Yoga – India’s Precious Gift To The World!!

YogaIndia’s Precious Souvenir To The World!!


Discovering one of the India’s oldest methodology for grooming personality physically and getting spiritual influence is now on the Globe. 312 more words


The benefits of yoga asanas

Yoga poses, yoga asanas, yoga exercises even yoga for beginners have among so many benefits the following:-

STRESS RELIEF. Yoga poses, yoga asanas reduce the physical effects of stress on the body. 372 more words


Yoga poses for relief of constipation

These yoga poses, yoga asanas, yoga exercises will help you physically stretch and contract the muscles of organs like the stomach, intestines, liver and kidney.Also yoga for beginners. 243 more words