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Energy Flow

I watched Dr. Oz today. He had a segment on “Color Energy”. The general gist was that people react in their own specific way to stimulus. 409 more words

Bettering The Average Life Through Meditation And Yoga Therapy

Yoga is emerging as a saving tool for increasing general wellbeing, longevity and health of people. Yoga is a science of managing health rather than just treating diseases. 308 more words

Corporate Yoga

Yoga Classes Help You To Unwind And Escape Your Stress

Yoga classes are designed to build a healthy balance of strength, agility and poise. It will help you to unwind and escape stress and worries. These classes will help you to rejuvenate and revitalize yourself. 285 more words

Corporate Yoga

The Yoga Instructor and the Crack Head

My friend Trish is a yoga instructor. She has a small yoga studio in West Knoxville where she teaches middle-age women how to be downward facing dogs, warriors and sun-saluters. 661 more words


Yoga Poses That Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping problems are common and a typical cause for poor sleep is stress. It is difficult to fall asleep if you are stressed out, and lack of sleep can make you even more stressed.¨Yoga can help anyone sleep better by lowering stress levels and relieving physical and mental tension. 306 more words


Me In The Hot Room Again

I’ve been thinking about the word discipline.

Sometime around September last year I misplaced my Bikram mojo and it has been on a steady decline ever since. 681 more words

Living the dream!

Today is a really big milestone. Something I dreamed about for years, and never really believed I could do. Something I always aspired to do, but always worried I wouldn’t achieve. 370 more words