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4 Best Home Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

​​As a personal fitness trainer, many of my clients are keen on ways to make their core stronger. While I do core strengthening exercises with them in the gym using some equipment, I also understand that many are not as comfortable in the gym. 641 more words

Cue Crazy Alphabet!  B is for BALANCE.

Hello, fellow yogis!  We are continuing to move through our alphabet of yoga cues with week.  Our next letter is B – for Balance.  Read on :-) 368 more words


Teaching Yoga For Pregnancy

We live in the stressful world, will. You can say ‘I love the adrenaline!’ a million times and may perhaps still be true but the in an identical way your body needs rest at night, we don’t often pay attention for your minds. 604 more words

What is the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates?

​​Both yoga and Pilates have become very popular in recent years because they each have incredible benefits for your health. But the question we at… 583 more words

Yoga or Pilates: Which is better for me?

Yoga VS Pilates

As a yoga and pilates instructor, it is common for me to hear this question from my students: “is yoga or pilates better for me?”. 720 more words

All About Supta Matsyendrasana aka: Supine Spinal Twist

Alright, light beings, time to talk about our spine! It is basically the root of our existence here on earth, so lets pay it proper respect. 1,049 more words


Introduction to Fitness LX's new blog

Hi everyone, this post will be a quick announcement that Fitness LX‘s blog will be going live.

We will be covering topics mainly about health and fitness. 69 more words