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am i culturally appropriating my own culture? asking for a friend

You might remember from my previous post, but I recently got hired to teach some yoga sessions at our local college gym. It’s a pretty sweet job: you get paid super well, you have super flexible hours, and, oh yes, you get to feel a super overwhelming sense of betrayal to your own culture for contributing to the rise of the Westernized perspective of yoga. 1,270 more words

Retirement Performance

Retirement Performance

When I first decided that I wanted to dance at my retirement party, my main motivation was because it was a dream of mine. 565 more words


8 crucial things you must first tell your fitness instructor

​One major benefit of working with Fitness LX personal fitness trainers and yoga instructors is that we are able to customize and personalize training packages to suit you. 768 more words

4 Best Home Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

​​As a personal fitness trainer, many of my clients are keen on ways to make their core stronger. While I do core strengthening exercises with them in the gym using some equipment, I also understand that many are not as comfortable in the gym. 641 more words

Cue Crazy Alphabet!  B is for BALANCE.

Hello, fellow yogis!  We are continuing to move through our alphabet of yoga cues with week.  Our next letter is B – for Balance.  Read on :-) 368 more words


Teaching Yoga For Pregnancy

We live in the stressful world, will. You can say ‘I love the adrenaline!’ a million times and may perhaps still be true but the in an identical way your body needs rest at night, we don’t often pay attention for your minds. 604 more words