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Why I Breathe

Why We Breathe – A Yoga Documentary from BackToAwake on Vimeo.

This video really caught me. Not because I was inspired to do anything new, or because I found it mind blowing, but for the exact same reason that a person who after living in a foreign country for several years comes upon someone from their homeland with whom they can speak their mother tongue with. 680 more words


Just Keep Swimming: A Life Lesson Learned

Thursday May 21st, 2015

When the going gets tough, continue writing. This is one of the largest underlying premises of a blog; and yet easier said than done. 671 more words


yogic mind

When I’m able to

step back, take a breath, relax

into a moment;

disengage mindset, only

then can I see what is real. 

Leroy Pudd



When something happens,

One has a choice;

To react or to step back.

Reactions are real to us

But they may not be what’s best.

Leroy Pudd

After A.T.-Weight & Mind Management

You see the hut & yet you still ask, “Where do I go for shelter?”

African Proverb

A lot of people don’t realize that walking is a form of… 329 more words


If you can be a

bit gentle with yourself, then

perhaps life will flow

as it is destined to do.

Let go enjoy your life now.


Mother Earth