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ever feel like

ever feel like you want to crawl into a hole and die, but you’re a yogi and you’re trying to be om about it? What’s the niche group name for goths who are also yoga instructors?

Holy Yoga Instructor Training Retreat // pray for me

some of you have asked how you can be praying for me as I embark on the final leg of this journey. let me say: THANK YOU. 345 more words

Moriah Currently

Becoming More Present

As I had mentioned earlier, I recently was fortunate enough to be invited for a teaching interview a few weeks back. This morning (Saturday) I was welcomed again for a second teaching interview. 1,114 more words


The Path, The Teacher and Losing Faith

I received a comment/question from my previous post, The Difference Between Trust and Surrender, last week. The gist was how do we not lose faith in a particular system or style of practice when a teacher we trusted proves to be untrustworthy? 471 more words

Paul Gold

The Difference Between Trust and Surrender

Not long ago, I was asked whether it’s important for a student to surrender to one’s yoga teacher.

My answer was that a student should never surrender to his/her yoga teacher. 1,454 more words

Paul Gold

"You're not getting burned out are you?"

16 classes and counting…it’s a been a rough few weeks. I taught at 6am MWF for a running group for six weeks, this is the second week after and I feel like I am finally recovering. 246 more words

Yoga Teacher

Sanity, breath by breath

I haven’t been to a yoga class in about 2 weeks. I’ve practiced a little at home but guess what? I feel out of sorts. I went a couple of weeks practicing yoga a lot and I felt so spiritually connected. 604 more words