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When the Game Plan Changes....

Yesterday started out challenging……

I have been “working from home” for two days so my husband can take care of all his appointments and such with the VA. 453 more words


FAQ: what do you do in rehab?

I get asked daily what I do in rehab. So, I’m going to do a whole blog post about it!

I go to a day neuro Rehab called Pate. 160 more words

Why Yoga Matters Part 12-Proper Yoga Attire

Welcome back! Last week, we talked about supporting a healthy lifestyle through
the practice of yoga. This is the final week of Why Yoga Matters. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of proper yoga attire. 452 more words

Fitness should be your No.1 priority

In modern life we all have busy schedules but we should make fitness our no.1 priority because our health is our true wealth.if we do not have good health we can not enjoy our life to the fullest and its not a difficult task to make our life healthy lifestyle. 163 more words

How my friends from the Girl Scouts changed my week

When I was asked to lead yoga for a group of scouting girls I was beyond excited. I love teaching kid yoga and introducing the idea of a yoga practice to young people. 370 more words


When I subbed the early morning yoga class

I teach afternoon and evening yoga classes. I usually joke with clients that I am the evening lady, the night lady, that I don’t do early morning, sunrise, get-the-day-started-right yoga. 741 more words


Fitness through Yoga

Yoga is a way of life it is a traditional Indian combination of spirituality and physical training. There are many types of yoga like ashtang yog, hatha yog, iyengar yog and shiva yog etc. 182 more words