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Humble Warrior

I took my first sculpt yoga class today. For the record, that’s the class I hope to teach one day after I complete my training. When I checked in, Michelle said “grab some light weight – 3# and 5# weights are good!” Seriously? 279 more words

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How do you define success?

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote…

To laugh often and much,
to win respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children;
to earn the appreciation of honest critics… 228 more words

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I'm on fire

In today’s practice we focused on the maipura chakra…its element fire. its color, yellow and its center, the abdomen. As Diana explained its primary functions – will, determination, assertion, personal power, anger – I couldn’t help my thoughts from going to Boogie. 350 more words

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A new plan for the future

So here’s the follow up to yesterday’s post…

I adore yoga. I love challenging my body to reach and open and bend and release. I am definitely not the most fluid or balanced or flexible student in the studio, but I am definitely one of the most positive. 404 more words

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Yoga Bodies

Recently I attended a yoga class just to observe.  Sometimes just observing is difficult because the desire to get up and participate is often there.  But I thought this class was beyond my level of doing.  699 more words


Well hello, Mr. Heat Miser

Remember the Christmas cartoon, The Year Without a Santa Claus? I alway loved the ragtime duet between Heat Miser and his brother Snow Miser.

I’m Mr. 355 more words

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Silence Is Golden

SILENCE is golden. The line feels trite and clichéd. It’s one of those phrases straight out of a grade-school phrase book, one of those adages that leave you with some sickly, sweet lesson on life. 770 more words

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