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Classified Yoga for High Blood Pressure

During any exercise the strain on muscles increases, the requirement for blood and oxygen increases but in Yogasanas the requirement goes down as there are no strains and every muscle is relaxed, the requirement for blood and oxygen goes down. 532 more words

A Yoga Practice

Dharma talk: Have courage not to be perfect

 Today I made a big deal out of something which was not at all a big deal but something I just misunderstood.  I already sent out urgent emails and now I realized there was no need to, which was a good thing because this “something” has been on my mind the whole day and it just cured itself. 151 more words


What Yoga is helpful in Pregnancy?

Discover the physical and mental benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy, which yoga poses are safe when you’re pregnant, and how to do yoga safely. Set aside your ego and honor where your body is at today. 769 more words


Mantra Meditation

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit, “mantrana”, meaning suggestion. Mantras are sacred, potent words, which yield tremendous results in the physical, mental and spiritual levels, when chanted with concentration and devotion. 251 more words


Habit, Awareness and Yoga.

“…by becoming consciously aware of the cues that trigger our habits and the rewards they provide, we can change bad practices into good ones.”

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Praise for the Power of Habit” 186 more words


Fire Log Pose - Agnistambhasana

This seated yoga asana is moderately difficult. Beginners can attempt this pose but it will take them time and patience to master it. This yoga position, also known as the burning log asana or the double pigeon pose, is classified as a seated hip opener. 356 more words



In Sanskrit word ‘Nauka’ stands for ‘Boat’. That is why Naukasana is also renowned as Boat Pose The body weight is balanced on the abdominal muscles and they are given pressure so that the intra-abdominal organs, i.e. 375 more words