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Although the word sarvangasana translates as “all limbs pose,” the posture is commonly referred to as Shoulderstand because your body weight rests on the top outer edges (the bony parts) of your shoulders. 737 more words


yoga for parkinson's disease

Whatever the early symptoms, PD is a degenerative disease characterized by a loss of dopamine-producing nerve cells in the substantia nigra region of the brain. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for coordinating muscles and quick, smooth movements. 533 more words


Yoga Journal — Beervana Yoga

Check out the Yoga Journal post about our yoga class here in NW Montana

So proud. So happy


insight for sore eyes

The late physician swami Sivananda considered sight the most abused of our five senses. The first chapter in his treatise, Yoga Asanas, describes an extensive series of eye exercises. 1,086 more words


the key, she says, starts with cupcake hands

Really, straight from the mouth of Annie Carpenter who’s instructing us to do Child’s Pose on our fingertips like we have two giant cupcakes in our palms. 587 more words


Yoga and Injury

Yoga is a beautiful practice that can heal the body and mind, and help you grow in ways you never imagined or thought possible, both physically and mentally. 401 more words