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For the New Teacher: The Business of Yoga

Sometimes it’s hard to think of those two words together: business and yoga. But yoga is a business. It’s a very big business. In fact, it’s a $27 billion dollar industry. 619 more words


How... can you 'learn something new,' today?

Weekly Question: “How… can you ‘learn something new,’ today?”
Weekly Intention: Open


“Get away from what you know and get into what you want to know.” 613 more words

How... can you 'go with the flow,' today?

Weekly Question: “How… can you ‘go with the flow,’ today?”
Weekly Intention: Trust

Daily Affirmation: Shut up, mind.


“Water flows because it’s willing.” 574 more words


Bringing it all together

This week, in C1.5 and C1, Diana introduced the concept of Stirrha and Sukha.  When to be strong and when to have ease. Sirrah and Sukha refer to the ability to find the strength and power (stirrha) or the softness and relaxation (sukha) within our practice. 365 more words


Does it get any better than this?

Today is August 2, the day I use as my annual reality check.

Two years ago today in the picture on the left, I ran my first official 5K (my first “first” 5K 2 months earlier was a spontaneous burst of energy that was actually the catalyst for change). 438 more words


I got this

Five more classes. Four more opportunities to round robin practice teach. Final exams (written and oral). Graduation and RYT-200 Certification. That’s all that’s standing between me and my dream. 404 more words


Goodbye Queen Cersei. Hello Princess Leia.

I’ve been reflecting on my pratayahara this morning. Since Wednesday, I have been devoting my practice to pratayahara – withdrawing from the senses – specifically to mentally focus on eliminating the negative self talk that I allow in and to physically focus on my spine and hip alignment. 624 more words