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The Mat Movement featured on the So We Flow men's yoga clothing site

The Mat Movement gets fashionable new man-friends

We are excited to have our first featured article in the web journal of men’s yoga clothing brand, … 226 more words

« Post-Surgery Yoga »

This will be my first week doing yoga after my eye surgery and I seem to have a lot of restrictions due to the gas bubble that’s in my eye and currently inhabiting 80% of it’s total volume.

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FLOW YOGA | Written Assignment

« Diabetic Management Through Yoga »

There were three main articles that I concentrated on that covered different ways yoga can help with diabetes management. The main concepts on how this is possible through yoga is the incorporation of yoga to manage blood glucose levels, decrease the chance of injury by building strength and stamina, manage stress, helps control other diabetic symptoms, and promotes light exercise, relaxation and overall wellbeing.

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« Relaxing Mind, Body and Soul »

This was a big week for me. I’m expecting to get eye surgery on Wednesday in hopes to get my vision back and address the diabetic retinopathy in my left eye.

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« Challenges in Yoga »

          One of my largest challenges when it comes to yoga is building long-lasting stamina — yoga poses such as the plank is still a struggle for me but I do feel like I am getting better within time.

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« Remembering to Breathe »

          Something that professor Simons always emphasizes in class is controlling your breathing and breathing through your nose which is a struggle of mine while engaging in any physical activity.  

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