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Shakedown Shack

“Excuse me, Miss – are you alone?”

A tall bozo in a puffy coat stood over me, his friends standing a few tables away from the booth I occupied. 412 more words

I {heart/hate} NY

Yoga Pants

A Montana legislative panel moved to kill an indecent exposure bill after a lawmaker who “introduced” it said he thinks “yoga pants should be illegal.” 332 more words


Ode to Yoga Pants

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today’s poem is an ode on the topic of “something you’d find in a drawer”.  This topic brought to mind few options I could write an ode for, but I did find one thing I love – yoga pants!   223 more words


End Yoga Pants Shaming

 Houston we have a problem and that is our politicians have taken it to their selves to ban yoga pants. They are more concerned with modesty over something more concerning like keeping drugs off the street. 137 more words

Favorites of the Week: Feb. 25th

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe this quarter is almost over! It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year, which is feeling very weird to me. 318 more words

My Favorite Things

Yoga Pants Ban Could Come With Hefty Penalty For Violators

Everywhere I go I see women in yoga pants or leggings or stretchy pants…whatever you call them. I’m convinced many women wear these pants and don’t even do yoga but that’s beside the point. 224 more words


Lululemon... do I have your attention now?

Every few decades, there is a new fashion trend that just sticks, and it blows the crap up! Does anyone else remember Doc Martens? Hello blast from the past! 796 more words