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Do Podcasts and Yoga Align?

If you haven’t noticed, lately, I’ve been exploring the world of podcasting… and, yes, that means I’ve been trying to make podcasts myself.  Last week, I wrote a brief overveiw on the types of yoga podcasts available to listen to (which you can read  355 more words


The Persistence of Practice: Humbling my Ego

In Shawn Kirby’s essay “The Art of Surrender,” he says, “Asana practice performed with a spirit of competitiveness and ego can often become an act of violence performed on your own body.” Hm, interesting. 173 more words


Kids Practice: Yoga and What it Means to Kids

In Yoga Talk’s podcast called, “Is Yoga Good for Kids?”, the hosts discuss the controversies surrounding kids’ yoga. In many North American schools, yoga is taught to kids and some parents have raised concern. 139 more words


Yoga Podcasts: Transmitting the Conversation

Have you ever listened to a yoga podcast? Do you know what I’m talking about? I hadn’t even thought to search for yoga podcasts until I was nudged to do so by the Social Media and More class I’m taking. 369 more words


ROO #99: Ame Wren on the Art of Yoga Teaching

Ame Wren is a Boston-based yoga teacher and director of Boston Yoga School

In the episode, Ame tells the story of why she started practicing yoga. 155 more words


ROO #94: Sarah Baumert on Finding Home on Your Yoga Mat

Sarah Baumert is a yoga teacher and dancer.

In the episode, Sarah explains how she discovered yoga at the age of nine years old in a Nebraska bookstore. 136 more words


ROO #72: Patrick Beach on the Connecting Power of Yoga and Social Media

Patrick Beach is an international yoga teacher with a widely-followed Instagram of over 182,000 followers.

In this episode, Patrick recounts his first-ever yoga class and how he fell in love with handstands. 124 more words