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ROO #99: Ame Wren on the Art of Yoga Teaching

Ame Wren is a Boston-based yoga teacher and director of Boston Yoga School

In the episode, Ame tells the story of why she started practicing yoga. 155 more words


ROO #94: Sarah Baumert on Finding Home on Your Yoga Mat

Sarah Baumert is a yoga teacher and dancer.

In the episode, Sarah explains how she discovered yoga at the age of nine years old in a Nebraska bookstore. 136 more words


ROO #72: Patrick Beach on the Connecting Power of Yoga and Social Media

Patrick Beach is an international yoga teacher with a widely-followed Instagram of over 182,000 followers.

In this episode, Patrick recounts his first-ever yoga class and how he fell in love with handstands. 124 more words


ROO #53: Leslie Salmon Jones on Afro Flow Yoga and Pioneering Diversity in the Yoga World

Leslie Salmon Jones is the creator of Afro Flow Yoga, yoga teacher, wellness coach, and dancer.

In this episode, Leslie discusses her dance background, how she created Afro Flow Yoga, and issues of diversity in the yoga world. 124 more words


ROO #51: Carly Wilson on Pursuing Surfing and Practicing Yoga

Carly Wilson is a surfer and yogi from Santa Cruz, California who is surfing and studying on Oahu, Hawaii.

Carly Wilson began surfing at the age of 13 and was first introduced by her mother in the Santa Cruz waters near her home. 185 more words


ROO #42: Dana Flynn on Living and Teaching Laughing Lotus Yoga

Dana Flynn is a yoga teacher and co-creator of the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center.

In this episode Dana shares the story of how yoga came into her life: from being a former stockbroker, owning a restaurant in New York City, to the spiritual journey that brought her to her mat. 83 more words


Reminder to self: your body likes yoga

Got in a great yoga practice yesterday—and boy did my body need it. By the fifth or sixth downward facing dog my legs were feeling so much happier. 249 more words