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4 Ways To Become a Great Yoga Teacher

Driven by Kindness and Gratitude 

Inspired by a vlog by Celest Pereira, I want to share 4 characteristics of a great yoga teacher, which is defined by the acronym  540 more words

Add Some Weight to Your Practice

Do you even lift bro?

I love this particular line, one because there are some hilarious memes affiliated with it, but also because it’s a really really important question to ask yogis.  2,106 more words


Yoga poses you can do without leaving your bed

Getting out of bed is hard, so here are some yoga poses that you can do without ever leaving it. The good new is that if you do these, you can tell people that you’re not, in fact, a complete trash human even if you never once got out of bed all day. 12 more words


My guide to FLEXIBILITY.

So for the past weeks, i have received a lot of questions on flexibility and i gotta say that been flexible is a natural thing but that doesn’t mean that it can not be learned, improved or stretched and i love stretches. 1,576 more words


Utthita hasta padangusthasan

Utthita hasta padangusthasan was not one of my favorites. First, because I did not give time enough to learn this pose and secondly because I was never happy with where I was in terms of this pose. 106 more words


My Favorite Yoga Poses, Their Benefits, and How to Do Them

Of the six branches of yoga, hatha yoga is one of the most popular and widely known. It focuses on the physical aspect; which includes the asanas (poses). 1,398 more words


10-Minute Hatha Yoga Sequence for Beginners

Hatha Yoga Exercise

There’s Vinyasa, Power, Hatha yoga, and a dozen other types to choose from. You could take class at a local studio, a gym, have private lessons, or practice at home. 94 more words

Hatha Yago Posses