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Swanning It Up!

The Swan Pose is fantastic for people who want to improve the flexibility in their hips and spine. The sanskrit name for this pose is Ek Pada Raja Kapotasana. 304 more words


Arm Balance Workshop

Come and learn to fly!  (Or maybe hover, for a moment) In this Arm balance workshop with Alexx Koskella.

This workshop is for everyone, new yogis to more experienced.  51 more words

Yoga Kula Project

When you just don't feel the yoga class: teacher edition

I’m not really sure if we’ve all been there on this one, but I definitely have. And I mean it only makes sense, especially if you’re a yoga teacher that has to make up a unique flow that is fitted towards the class you teach. 925 more words


Yoga Poses

Related to my previous blog

I found a funny video on YouTube which was about 80 yoga poses.

I went through and picked up some, kept drawings for myself. 106 more words

Pursuit Of Health

How I Ended Up Doing Yoga?

It all started with a back pain. A simple back pain that turns into everyday struggle until I can’t take it and went to consult a physical therapist. 375 more words


The importance of breathing in yoga

Honestly, I get this question a lot, way more often then you’d think. And even from people who have been doing yoga for ages. “Why is the breath important?” Or some variation of this question. 928 more words