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Catch and Release with Zoom @ Level Up

When you are in love with someone that is as beautiful and free as a butterfly…the natural instinct is to catch them and keep them close to your heart. 132 more words

Yoga Asanas (Poses) To Swim Better

Yoga exercises and meditation help reduce negative stress, provide both physical and mental strength, and also improve your body flexibility and ability to recover efficiently. All of these benefits also help to improve your swimming performance. 280 more words

Healthy Tips For Swimmers

5 Yoga Poses to Get Flat Stomach Fast Easy

Belly fat is something nearly everybody has to battle at some point in their life. You can exercise daily and keep a healthy diet, but sometimes there’s still that last little bit of belly fat that your body holds on to. 525 more words

Yoga Poses

🌸Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 2 🌸

On day two of my yoga journey we started with 3-part breathing. 3-Part Breathing is breathing into the belly, then ribs, then chest.

I was more in tune with my breathing today than I was on the first day. 385 more words

Move Your Spine

แม้ว่าจะยุ่งขนาดไหนก็ขอให้ได้ขยับเคลื่อนไหวกระดูกสันหลังให้ครบ 6 ทิศทางจะได้สบายหลังกันทุกวันนะคะ

ทั้ง 6 ทิศทางคือ 1⃣ก้มหลัง 2⃣แอ่นหลัง 3⃣บิดขวา 4⃣บิดซ้าย 5⃣เอียงขวา 6⃣เอียงซ้าย

แค่ฝึกตาม 4 ท่า (บวกท่าศพ) แค่นี้ก็ครบแล้วค่า วันหลังมีเวลามากกว่านี้ก็มาเติมท่าได้ค่ะ
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No matter how busy, remember to spend a bit of your time… 70 more words


IMPORTANT! [Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: The Best and Easiest Ways to Exercise at Work (Part II)

Whether you work at the office or you are a freelancer, we know you don’t have much free time to do some exercise. For this reason, we brought the second part of our series… 301 more words

Efraín Jesús Rojas Mata