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Improvisation: The New Model

Ashtanga with improvises sounds promisingly intriguing. Execution of the intermingling of intermediate and primary maneuvers for the purposes of introducing new shapes into your practice. The exploration of back bending is a cautious one to undertake in a world of chronic low back aches and pains; my own teacher cautioned against a rigorous approach until gateway poses such as supta kurmasana, Marichiasana D and drop backs/lift ups are attained with some great amount of ease.  343 more words


Asana Breakdown: Ragdoll

Forward Fold (aka “Ragdoll”) is an essential pose in our Journey into Power sequence. Usually seen at the beginning of class, this pose offers wonderful benefits: 178 more words


Tadasana - Mountain Pose

Tadasana (tah-DAHS-anna)
The name is a combination of Sanskrit words tada meaning “mountain” and asana meaning “posture.”

Type of pose: standing

Level of difficulty: beginner… 209 more words

12 simple yoga poses to keep you limber

Being808 Contributor

As you get older, muscle and flexibility loss may seem inevitable.

The good news is, research shows yoga can improve your… 1,019 more words


How to Calm Your Mind During Yoga Class

Your mind is racing. You have that frantic, anxiety-fueled feeling that you’re way behind on life’s never-ending to-do list, and that if you stop—even just for a second—you’re wasting valuable time. 673 more words


Yoga Poses: Anuvittasana

Anuvittasana ‘standing back bend’ is a basic pose that allows us to work on opening the chest and strengthening the spine for deeper back bends. 278 more words


The benefits of yoga asanas

Yoga poses, yoga asanas, yoga exercises even yoga for beginners have among so many benefits the following:-

STRESS RELIEF. Yoga poses, yoga asanas reduce the physical effects of stress on the body. 372 more words