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30 minutes abs daily workout

Howdy fitness lovers, today I am going to write about a very simple workout for your abs, that is very easy to do and requires just thirty minutes. 433 more words


Boost your Immune System with Yoga

Have you experienced cold and the increased chance of getting sick when the season changes? It happens with many people. Frequent attacks of common cold and fever… 804 more words


Cue Crazy Alphabet!  B is for BALANCE.

Hello, fellow yogis!  We are continuing to move through our alphabet of yoga cues with week.  Our next letter is B – for Balance.  Read on :-) 368 more words


Develop Stronger Arms & Core with Yoga

Everyone likes to have stronger arms and core. It not only helps you look good but also give strength to perform an action. But, is it possible to build strong arm strength without the use of weights and other equipment we normally use in Gyms? 848 more words


Why I Love Teaching Yoga

Purpose behind my love of gifting others with yoga.

Photo Description:  My wheel pose (Eka Pada Chakrasana) on my paddle board.

Continuation from blog post  645 more words


Three Intermediate Yoga Poses

We all know how to lie down, stand and sit even the Yoga adaptations of these poses will pose no real problem for the layperson. The advanced poses – well, they’re another matter entirely, and it can take years to attain the control and physique necessary to carry these out. 309 more words

Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care (or not) ...

I recently started doing a daily yoga “retreat”. I’m currently 9 days in. I have practiced yoga for over seven years and I have NEVER been so sore. 64 more words

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