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These 4 Yoga Poses Will Help You Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps


Bloating, irritation, abdominal and back pain – does it sound like a monthly routine? Menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea is experienced just before or at the time of your… 439 more words


How To Consistently Practice Yoga At Home

Want more yoga in the New Year?

Read my article in Thrive Global on how to start, and stay consistent practicing yoga at home!

It’s never too late to change your life for the better, and  14 more words

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Reduce Inflammation With These 3 Simple Yoga Poses

Inflammation in the body is a natural process of the immune system responding to infection, injury, stress, and more. As part of a healthy system, inflammation can actually be a good thing and help to combat small problems. 644 more words


Child Pose Brings Ease to My Back

I’m in love with child pose!  Also known as “Balasana”.  This pose feels so good for my back.  If you take yoga classes or do yoga at home, you may do this in the beginning of your practice.   361 more words

Yoga Poses

3 Big Ways to Deepen Your Practice Pt 2: Engage

Mula Bandha: your internal super strength

Bandha in Sanskrit means to lock or close off. It refers to stopping the flow of energy for a purpose. 333 more words


Yoga For A Strong & Toned Booty!

I hope you enjoy this fun and effective routine to tone and strengthen your booty!! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!!


The Truth About Hot Yoga

I sit surrounded by fellow yogis (although I’m not sure I fit into that classification as I still struggle with downward dog), as the temperature of the room continued to increase. 682 more words