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Extended Child’s Pose 2 For Breast Cancer

Another amazing new pose for everyone to stretch-out into. This pose is especially useful for breast cancer patients and survivors. Find some props and give it a try but make sure your knees and ankles are comfortable! 483 more words

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What I Heard At My Mid-Service Conference

Four months of no rain has given way to the eight-month rainy season my province is so proud of. I have to remember what that’s like: the umbrella by the door, the pocketful of plastic bags to slip my phone into, the wet sandals each morning, the oily bug spray each evening, the slugs that find their way into my dishes overnight in the dish rack. 928 more words

Socks Could Help You With The Pose

I have written and posted about shavasana (savasana) before.  This asana can be used to start a class or be done anywhere in the sequence that you see fit to use it.  529 more words


27 of 100 (2016)

Stick figure yoga. Ohm, what fun. These are some of the poses I like and can actually do. There are others I’m trying to master, but I think they’re for people with super powers. 37 more words

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Yoga Asanas & their Sanskrit Names

Yoga asanas with their English and Sanskrit names ordered by when they would generally appear in a yoga class.


6 Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not the time to push yourself to new yoga heights or to even do what you were capable of before getting pregnant. The goal of yoga during pregnancy is to maintain flexibility, alleviate aches like lower back pain, reduce stress and anxiety, develop breath control and to give you bonding time with your baby. 640 more words


If You Only Do Yoga Poses, Do These

Yoga poses and strategies have already used for ages as a means to accomplish optimum health and wellbeing. Guidelines 10 selected from The Ultimate Yogi method, alongside descriptions of the therapeutic advantages. 554 more words

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