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Take 5: Yoga Poses to Help with Back Pain

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been noticing a lot of tension in my shoulders, neck, and back. After months of denial, I’m forced to admit that my 20-odd pound backpack has finally gotten the better of me. 313 more words


Yoga Personal Practice Sequence: Quick Fix

This sequence was developed by my senior mentor, Carolyn Belko, of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of North County San Diego.  This sequence is very basic and only takes a few minutes to get your “yoga fix”.  26 more words


Sequencing For All Levels Just Like Being A Lawyer

As I’m sitting here doing prelim work for my new Level 3 class starting next week (Asheville Community Yoga), I’m reminded that much like in my legal practice, many sequences of events have natural “ejection” points. 353 more words


Important Things you must know about Yin Yoga!

On my visit to UK, I was passing through Mercer Street, London, where I saw a mob of people who were so chirpy. They sounded enthusiastic and were getting ready for something big! 378 more words

Hot Yoga

Yoga for lower back pain

Back pain, and in particular lower back pain, is something I come across a lot as a yoga teacher. Lower back pain starts below the ribcage, in the lumbar section of our spine. 1,220 more words


Top 100 Yoga Poses – Nearly 1000 users!

Wow! Since publishing my List Challenge of 100 Top Yoga poses 6 months ago (Original Yoga post), it has received over 4000 views and over 700 people have used it to work out how many of the top 100 poses they had tried (or want to try!) I’ve popped the link below so you can […] 8 more words

The Best Yoga Poses For A Strong Core

Yoga can help you accept your body’s changes and embrace the blemishes, lines, and some extra flesh. But long before you tackle your physical strong core, take a moment to become aware of your internal core. 25 more words