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Flexibility 101: Scorpion

Ever see those amazing yoga pose photos on Pinterest and Instagram and ask yourself, is that even humanely possible? Well, yes, yes it is. After lots of practice, stretching and building your muscles, you’ll achieve this super impressive pose. 107 more words

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What Are the Best Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer Patients?

Breast cancer and its treatment may cause symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, decreased range of motion, and weakness. Exercise and other integrative therapies, including yoga, can ease these symptoms, help patients feel better during treatment, and can be scaled to fit each patient’s unique needs and abilities. 276 more words


Exercise Through the Internet

Working out was never fun for me. That is until I discovered yoga. I loved the fact that the process was spiritual as much as it was physical. 255 more words

8 unexpected perks of yoga that'll make you want to sit on a mat right now

Yoga is a bit of an epidemic at the moment. Which is great for all the Susty Girls who are starting/finishing/continuing their day having a positive impact all over the shot. 1,035 more words

Yoga Pose of the Week: Extended Triangle

Yoga Pose: Extended Triangle Pose

The Extended Triangle is one of my favorites. It comes packed with typical benefits, such as stretching, balance, and stress relief. 339 more words


What Are the Best Weight Loss Yoga Poses?

What Are the Best Weight Loss Yoga Poses?

What Are the Best Weight Loss, Yoga Poses

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What Are The Best Weight Loss