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Yoga practice can make us more and more sensitive to subtler and subtler sensations in the body. Paying attention to and staying with finer and finer sensations within the body is one of the surest ways to steady the wandering mind

– Ravi Ravindra


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Day 1 reflection:

Allow room for errors. Always remind yourself that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. It’s better to be able to do what you’ve always wanted rather than get stuck with regret for not chasing after what you want in life solely for the reason that you were so afraid to commit mistakes.

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without.

– Ymber Delecto

Yoga Quote

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety.

– Baxter Bal

Yoga Quote

If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.

– Pema Chödrön

Yoga Quote

A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.

– Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha

Yoga Quote