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When negative thoughts present themselves cultivate and think the opposite thoughts with feeling.” Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.33

「ネガティブな思いに流されそうなときは、反対の思いを呼び起こそう」  パタンジャリ ヨガ・スートラ 2-33…

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Diving into the sutras

I’ve been lucky to get into Patricia Walden’s Friday class in Boston. It’s a level III-IV class from 5:30PM to 7:50PM, so quite the time investment on a Friday evening, especially as it’s a 40 minute drive from Waltham where I live, and I don’t have a car so it’s also a monetary investment to lyft* back and forth (or spend >1h30 in 3 different buses to get there). 338 more words


#5 - Pratyāhāra प्रत्याहार un accenno...

Pratyāhāra tradotto come “rivolgersi all’interno” o “ritrarsi dei sensi” o “riassorbimento dei sensi“. E’ il quinto degli Otto āṅga… 662 more words


A Student Finally Found Me Out

I teach meditation classes. I don’t call it meditation, because we are moving around, standing up, standing on our heads, and breathing a ton. But we are meditating. 796 more words


⟢ Honesties ⟣

Usually when we talk about the cornerstones of the yoga philosophy, the concepts of Ahimsa and Satya are brought forward. That’s not a surprise, because these principles don’t belong only to the philosophy of yoga, they are very closely linked to anybody’s life. 925 more words


Yoga and the coalition of abuse

I never thought of it as abuse, but after the shocking stories that have emerged out of the #metoo movement from Hollywood to Yoga Shalas I’ve started to question. 1,394 more words

Pranamami Patanjalim

25 years ago, I heard the invocation to Sage Patanjali for the very first time. It took quite a few sessions before I could recite it along with the others. 445 more words