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Feel your yoga

Forget about the pretzelasanas! Yes, I’m telling you that – just forget about them. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about yoga is that it involves twisting the body into ridiculously impossible positions. 554 more words


Translating yoga into surfing

When I got back from Murano, the thing I most wanted to do was yoga with my nurturing teacher, Anita. It felt so good to be back, focusing on form, breathing, and the meditation that comes with Shavasana. 922 more words

Learnng New Things

Mobility, Stability, & Flexibility: Clarifying Our Concepts in Yoga

By Jenni Rawlings

Mobility, stability, and flexibility are qualities we’re often taught that we are working to improve through our yoga practice. These terms are somewhat ambiguous, however, and it’s common for each of them to be interpreted differently by different sources. 1,981 more words

Well Being

Autopilot for Dummies

Where do you live in your body?

It was during a yoga class several years ago that my teacher asked this question. When you are in the middle of Downward Facing Dog with sweat running down your face and sliding all over your mat, the answer seems like a no-brainer. 561 more words

Committing to Your Practice

An edited version of this entry was first published by Joy Yoga Center

It’s February.  50 days give or take of a new year, and probably, by now, some things about our lives and our resolutions in this year don’t feel quiiiite as shiny and fresh as they did on January 1st.   1,070 more words

Houston Yoga

Book Review: Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being

By: Charlotte Bell

Western culture is so continuously bombarded with negative messages about aging that most of us hardly notice it. It is widely accepted that if you’re moving into your middle years—or especially your elder years—your life is pretty much in decline and you—and your voice—become less and less relevant. 1,487 more words

Well Being

6 Yoga Poses to Expand Your Heart

By Charlotte Bell.

Have you ever been in a yoga class when someone (maybe you) experienced a spontaneous emotional event? Sometimes, especially in intensive workshop situations, a new physical opening may trigger an emotional opening. 998 more words

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