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Realize the truth of non-duality, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness, and be free...

When the mind is being negative, whatever it perceives through the senses will be contaminated or influenced by the negativity in the mind. Same as when the mind is being positive, everything that it perceives will be also be contaminated or influenced by the positivity in the mind. 127 more words

Yoga Teacher

Why yoga? Address subtle physical and mental issues so you can handle the unexpected 

Rebecca Hersh, a wonderful yoga teacher at Laughing Lotus SF, had a terrific theme for a class this week.  I love it when classes have a theme that runs through both the asana part of the class and the philosophy part.   326 more words

Your Hidden Self

“Three things cannot long be hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth.”  ~Buddha

This week we practice with a focus on the lunar or backside of our bodies, the side that we often forget about because we cannot see it.   235 more words

Yoga Ruins Your Life

I’ve always really loved this marvelous video by Richard Freeman and the folks at his studio, The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO. I hope that you’ll enjoy it too.


a yoga teacher chats about life as a Brit in NYC

Today we’re chatting with Kate Minckler who shares how she came to live in New York; why yoga is for everybody no matter what your age, size or physical ability; what inspired her career change from publishing to yoga; and her love of mindfulness, travel, craft and cats… 1,140 more words


6 Simple Tips to Get a New or Unknown Wellbeing Service or Product Out There

6 simple tips to get an unknown wellbeing service, product or class out there. So you’ve found a wellbeing modem you’re totally passionate about. The trouble is no one seems to have heard of it before. 773 more words

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