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We were just reading an article on http://www.sonima.com about the 100 most influential yoga teachers in America. Many of them you have heard of like Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Nikki Villela, Alan Finger, David Life, Allison West, Eddie Stern, Les Laventhal, Nancy Gilgoff, and Alison Kramer, just to name a few. 220 more words
Alison Kramer

Why Fake Your Practice and Yoga Teaching?

By: Silvia Mordini, Featured on DoYouYoga.com

In school, you can try to fake knowing more than you do but when it comes time for the test the truth comes out by way of your grade. 140 more words


Undivided Focus: Choose Your Love

“If you’d rather live surrounded by pristine objects than by the traces of happy memories, stay focused on tangible things. Otherwise, stop fixating on stuff you can touch and start caring about stuff that touches you.”  ~Martha Beck… 549 more words


A Plan to Fail. My SFG Experience

“Pick a program.  Stick with the program.” ~Fabio Zonin, Master SFG, Strong First

It was Saturday afternoon and I was feeling overwhelmed, very overwhelmed. In the months leading up to the SFG I certification, and where I was at that moment seemed worlds apart. 950 more words

Warsaw's Secret Fitness Studio

Emma's Teaching Break

This summer I am taking a four-month break from teaching, and I’ll be getting on a train and going out to the west coast of Canada. 475 more words

QSY News

In My Yoga Teacher's Garden

This giant blossom dropped onto the driveway from one of the flowering trees growing in my yoga teacher’s garden last month.

He bent over to pick it up and held the colorful blossom in his hands so that it reflected the sunlight falling through the upper branches of the trees. 401 more words

Yoga Practice

Yoga and Race: Why Representation Matters

Queen Street Yoga teacher and creative director Emma Dines shares an important personal experience about race and representation as it relates to yoga teaching and representation in the yoga studio community. 865 more words

Growing Community