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Get Into the Right Frame of Mind for Exercise with Motivating Yoga Wear and Other Techniques

The popularity of yoga exercise and its philosophy are undeniable. In fact, it is estimated that more than 250 million people practice it worldwide. Despite its popularity, the most devoted yoga followers sometimes reach a point where achieving the right mindset is difficult, upending the entire point of yoga, which is to maintain a regular discipline. 122 more words


Wear Your Favorite Leggings to Almost Any Occasion

Everyone knows that yoga leggings are versatile and you can wear them almost anywhere. In fact, most women wear them when they’re out playing their kids or going to the supermarket. 184 more words


Yoga Wear: Top Reasons Why You Should Have the Proper Leggings, Clothing, and Gear

Imagine this. You go into plank position, transition into a chaturanga, do the upward facing dog, and bend to a downward facing dog. You move with intention and as your body goes through the movements, you fall into a meditative state. 239 more words


Why Yoga Practitioners Are Embracing Ethically-Made Yoga Clothes

Sustainable living is more than just a hot topic among yoga practitioners. For many, it’s a way of living. Why? The reason is simple: the more you practice, the more you realize that we are connected in the great circle of life. 120 more words


How to Motivate Yourself to Practice Daily (Clue: One of Them Involves Yoga Pants!)

Does this sound familiar? You promised yourself that you’d practice yoga every day. In fact, you’ve already lost count of the times you took your yoga mat to work, so you could head to class after work. 129 more words


I just filled up Clearance section!

Hello you guys,

I just wanted to let you know, that i added many new items to my CLEARANCE/Ready to Ship section. Have a look- maybe there is something that you like for a very friendly price :) 9 more words

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