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Day 74 -- Yoga X

Today was supposed to be X3 Yoga. Since I add on a supplemental routine, which today would have been Cardio X, I decided to go ahead and do Yoga X from P90X. 231 more words

Day 10 - X3 Yoga

For a week now I’ve been calling the Yoga program of P90X3 the wrong thing! I’ve been calling it Yoga X (which was from the first P90X), but this one’s called X3 Yoga. 413 more words

Days 3, 4 and 5-- Yoga, Day Off, and The Challenge

Due to an anniversary road trip to Amish Country in Ohio, my updates are a bit behind.

P90X3 is a portable workout, or at least the Yoga portion. 672 more words

Day 10 - Yogurt X

Oh, the joy of Yoga.  I am actually looking forward to todays workout as I am feeling a little stiff in the knee and shoulder joints.  664 more words


Omelets & Leprosy (How d'ya like that for a post title?)

Howdy, folks.

So this pneumonia thing is really cramping my style.  This morning I did my first “workout” in two weeks… and I say “workout” because it didn’t even get my heart rate above 100 bpm… 257 more words


P90X3™ Day Three - X3 Yoga Review

So today is Wednesday, Day 3, and therefore it was time for X3 Yoga! Now, I need to preface this post by saying that I’m one of the few people that loved the original Yoga X. 984 more words


Day 4: Yoga X

Image from Dump a Day 

I have a love hate relationship with P90X right now, this much has been clear by my last post regarding the beginning of my journey. 174 more words