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Essential Yoga Retreat

Last Saturday my friend Katie who is a registered yoga teacher and myself the “oily guru” hosted and taught our first essential yoga retreat. It was beautiful. 339 more words

iHumanFitness yoga with Minna

THE BASICS: iHumanFitness is a white, bright, one roomed studio that’s big enough for about 8 people max. It’s close to St.Johns Wood and Maida Vale stations. 661 more words


When is enough, enough????

It used to be that women stayed home, cleaned, cooked and took care of the kids and lunched with the neighbors and that was pretty much it. 871 more words


Eka Pada Koundinyanasana II

Eka Pada K… for short, and because Koundinyanasana is too hard to say.

Soon, I will have the strength and balance to do this pose without smashing my face into the ground.

Goals, people.


three mudras for self-care

In a world filled with too much judgement and criticism it can be very hard to find a place of self-acceptance. Mediation is a very powerful tool for allowing you to be present and find inner-peace.   322 more words


New July 30 Day Challenge!

My new 30 day challenge starts… tomorrow! (I’m not mentally ready yet… so July 1st felt like a good starting point) So… I failed. Well, fail feels like a strong word. 375 more words


How Loving Your Body Will Change the World

I’m coming down from that post-workshop/conference high after the A Weekend with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. It was a breath of fresh air and a huge weight was lifted off of me: I finally got to be a part of a discussion revolving race, the Yoga Industrial Complex and spiritual activism. 617 more words