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Kitty's Korner #5: Move a bit, girl.

I know that because I’m tall, posture is hard to maintain and my back therefore slouches and often hurts. Having an IT support type job I’m on a chair in front of a computer most of the day. 532 more words


The Doughuts Can Be Anything, Not Everything

The doughnuts are a metaphor, a stand-in, an idea. They aren’t always doughnuts for me. They are often a glass of wine or a manicure that I didn’t really need. 458 more words


Blogiversary and the Return of #Juneversion!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

¬†Wordpress (which is the platform I use) does this nifty thing where it notifies you about major milestones! Well low and behold, I’ve been blogging a whole damn year! 272 more words

Life Advenures

Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 11

Often people who have dispassion keep blaming the world. They are afraid of the objects of senses and keep running away from them. They think it is a big temptation. 817 more words


Getting Real Non-Violence

Theres a time of day just as dusk arrives, when the sun is swallowed by the earth and the light burns into the land releasing the colors of another day passed. 756 more words

I wonder if I'll keep exercising if I'm so bored

Hopefully the new sneakers I finally ordered will help inspire me, but I’m doubtful. I looked for the cheap ones & ordered two different $60 pairs from Zappos. 275 more words


Back to yoga and weights I go

I went to a triathlon clinic a couple weeks ago. They had athletes talking about each of the three sports; swim, bike, run. After each athlete, they had a sports medicine person talk about common injuries and how to fix them. 275 more words