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Vacanam Madhuram

When I take yoga class at home I use earbuds, so only I can hear what’s going on. Hubby got fed up with having to endure an hour at at time of a yoga teacher’s instructions. 702 more words


30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 29

Yoga for the morning, noon and night!

Today I wanted to try out 3 shorter yoga sessions for the morning, noon and night – so see how this compared to one longer session. 422 more words


Sharing my vision

Integrating Counseling + Yoga for Mental Health

Dear friends,

Hello out there! I wanted to share my vision to integrate counseling and yoga to help people with mental health problems. 1,581 more words


Free Yoga and Pilates via Zoom this month

If you have come to my Yoga or Pilates classes regularly in Nairn, Skye or Tornagrain, I’d be delighted if you could participate in my upcoming trial of online teaching via Zoom.  1,089 more words


Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching

PNF is a more advanced form of stretching that is often overlooked. Traditional forms of stretching including dynamic stretching and static stretching (more information can be found in my blog post) are a great tool to an effective way to improve range of motion and muscle interaction, reduce injury risk and allow the body to warm up and cool down during exercise. 712 more words


Penumbral lunar eclipse

This weekend penumbral lunar eclipse is following the astrological eclipses of last month. The word is FREEDOM. Seams easy but it isn’t. After all the emotions we have been facing, are we ready to look and see if we are free from our own burdens? 397 more words