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Do this Yoga pose to loose fat from lower belly

This is an excellent pose to tone lower abdomen and lengthen hamstrings. Learn how to perform it.

Ubhaya padangusthasana or both big toes pose is an excellent pose to tone the lower abdomen and lengthen the hamstrings. 188 more words


CommUNITY Flow on Friday. 

CommUNITY Flow this Friday at 230-330 with me!!! At the Savannah Yoga Center!!! All proceeds go to our CommUNITY partner The Savannah Tree Foundation!! 🌈🌲💖✨ 13 more words

Feel and accept myself as I am.

What image do you have about yoga?

When I tell people that I do yoga, their image of yoga is usually that yoga is easy exercise or gentle stretching. 155 more words


Injury Update & Return to Yoga

When we last left our hero, he had found indications of bipartite patella or kneecap fracture and was anxiously awaiting the results of his MRI. 625 more words

On being a guru

The greatest guru is your inner self.Truly he/she is that supreme teacher.

–Yoga Vaishtha



… to the fabulous world of Fibby! On this site I plan to share my hair-growth / no ‘poo journey, my yoga, my thoughts, my motherhood, my marriage, and more! Thanks for coming along! ❤