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Amazing Run, Water Problems & Weekly Recap

Well, you know there is a saying out there …you don’t know what you’ll miss until you don’t have it? Or something like that. Well, on the weekend we lost our water – no water for a family of four!!! 525 more words


Weekly Rundown

Somehow I seemed to have missed last week’s rundown. My days are just running together, I truly can’t believe we are at the end of February. 510 more words


Day 28 of Panchakarma - only four days until freedom, what’s next, and the ‘M’ word

The end is coming into view. There’s not just light at the end of my Panchakarma tunnel but now also colour and form. Feels great. And because the end of the programme is now so close I’ve started considering what’s next. 1,047 more words


Where Can You Soften

“Where can you soften” the teacher asked as she paced around the room. Hearing the words let me realize that my body wasn’t fully relaxed even though we were in our final pose of the class, savasana also known as corpse pose. 229 more words

Why I like to write..

Sometimes, I find no inspiration for writing, and I don’t feel my writing is as personal when I have to force it, so I take a small haitus. 389 more words


Finding my center

Finding my center of balance
I wiggle
and fall
face down onto the floor
Face pancake
Face red, face stinging, face making mountains of wrinkles, 71 more words

5 ejercicios para mujeres embarazadas

Si estás acostumbrada a realizar actividad física y quieres continuar tu rutina aún cuando estés esperando un niño, te recomendamos los siguientes 5 ejercicios para mujeres embarazadas que, sin problema, puedes realizar. 505 more words