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Plan to be surprised and letting go in general.

Background, environment, judgments, opinions, even self-analysis, often just cloud our vision.  Rather than use these things we know about ourselves as descriptions, information such as family, race, country, friends, cars, houses, even hobbies, become bounding self-identifiers.  316 more words


Curious Life

Life is a curious thing. If anyone could have told me 11 years ago that in 2017 I would be traveling the world for 9 months with my beautiful daughters and husband, I would not have believed it, yet here I am. 471 more words

Tiffany's Blog

A guide to Yoga.

Most people who know me, know that I love Yoga and have been practising for many years. I regularly attend Hatha and Yin Yoga classes at The Float Spa on Third Avenue and highly recommend the studio! 764 more words

Meditation: My first class of Yoga Nidra

Hey guys,

I want to talk about meditation and would love to hear from your own experiences with this practice.

I have being attending meditation classes after my Hatha yoga ones and they have all being about mindfulness, being in the moment, awareness of my body feelings and sensations and all this without music! 164 more words

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation Asana - Shop at Tonys

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation Asana

It is a combination of 12 postures and each posture provides its unique benefits. The essence of this asana is salutation of the Sun god, which is the power source of all the energy in this world. 1,249 more words


Gently ushered home

When the body is loose and relaxed,
When it is fed nutritiously,
When movement is fluid, safe and dynamic,
Physical wellbeing tends to manifest.

When the mind is relaxed and alert, 106 more words


Yoga for Athletes

As a teacher, I integrate a sports background to create a flow-based yoga-asana practice, rooted in traditional yoga and focused on balance, strength and flexibility. 70 more words