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Mindfulness Saved My Life ❤️ Loving yourself is a beautiful thing ❤️

This time last year I was so far from the person I am today. I hated everything about myself and spent decades suffering from anxiety and depression. 473 more words

Finding Tranquility in Tree Pose

Have you noticed

the variety of trees—

trees that sway and bend,

straight trees,

misshapen trees,

trees with branches

tied in knots,

trees with limbs… 213 more words


Kdo si/ who are you?

Poznaš občutek, ko se ti v glavi poraja milijon vprašanj in ne znaš odgovoriti niti na enega.  Vem, da je to del odraščanja, a včasih se res sprašujem kaj je tisto, kar lahko ponudim svetu.  631 more words


Sacred Spirals and Breathwork

“…no circle is ever closed. We walk ever in spirals.”
~ R. Scott Bakker

Do you feel like you’ve been here before? We see time as linear and circles in the patterns of nature.

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The one with downward dog number 5696

Last night as I did probably the 5696th downward dog of my life I suddenly remembered my first ever downward dogs back in the day when I busted out my Power Yoga with Kristin McGee for the first time. 527 more words


Perceived Stress Reduction

There are many ways to measure stress reduction. Some studies analyse blood tests, others draw conclusions upon questionnaires. The latter method is regarded as good as any objective measure, especially when measuring happiness or depression, which are heavily reliant on our subjective outlook on our mood. 148 more words



I will not deny the fact that I am obsessed with yoga. I want to challenge myself if I am capable of doing the poses I see on videos. 178 more words