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Yoga: It's Time to Stop the Self-Judgement

When was the last time your negative self- judgement helped you?

Never? That’s what I thought…

Self-judgement kills more dreams than failure ever will. In this big wide world we can do anything and be anything, and when we judge ourselves before we take a step into something, we limit our possibilities to being only that one thing we’ve judged ourselves to be. 202 more words


Online Class Schedule (October)

Monday 9am-9:35am CST Beginners Yoga (6 classes over 6 weeks) – movement, breath, grounding techniques to help your confidence grow as you grow your practice. You’ll need a mat or mat sized area for your practice. 140 more words


Kimchi Fried Rice from Jackie Liu

Looking for the perfect meal to complement your yoga practice? Maybe you just need a jolt of inspiration for the weekday dinner line-up. May we suggest… 397 more words


a spiritual society unhindered by geographical conditions

The pious and saintly Vaiṣṇavas understand the exact meaning of the Bhagavad-gītā. The simple message of the Gītā is self-illuminated like the sun. Its knowledge is not hidden under a gloomy shroud of impersonalism. 185 more words

Sanatana Dharma

Tea and Sophrology - part 4!

A report from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) joins the ranks of a growing body of research showing how making a daily brew can help to maintain inner calm in today’s lifestyle. 140 more words


Bali Silent Retreat Day 3

Sunset at the retreat.

The wasps want in their room. I’ve been keeping the door to my room closed and I can tell they are annoyed. 509 more words


Restorative Yoga

Please join me for restorative yoga tomorrow afternoon through Prairie Yoga online. It’s great to slow down and, as Tias Little says, “let the speed that gets trapped in the body release.” … 14 more words