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Yoga Workout for Non-Yoga People

Until my fitness class at church back in March, I had not pulled out my yoga mat in ages. Not only is yoga out of my realm of expertise, but I also avoid floor ab exercises at all costs due to back issues. 108 more words

Weight Loss

Thief of Joy

You are not too much.

You are not too little.

You are not too fat.

You are not too skinny.

You are not too stupid. 939 more words


/wanderlust/- a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

I just had the absolute pleasure of experiencing my first Wanderlust 108 Festival last week. To say it was exhilarating would be an understatement! 349 more words


stretching a little farther and a bloggy resolution

I just completed my second round of Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga Camp. The program is tough, with lots of slow flows and breath control (I was seriously breathing through the poses), but the gains are amazing. 465 more words


IJL 02 How to Bounce Back From a Downturn


Gia and Karen discuss the inevitable downturns of life and how they get through them. They reveal some of their own struggles with disappointment and emotional letdowns and their recognition that these events are a normal and necessary part of life. 146 more words


IJL 01 Meet Gia and Karen


Get acquainted with yoga and meditation teacher and singer-songwriter Gia and her Mom, Karen, who is a doctor and author. Find out about their philosophy and how they both survive all the crazy ups and downs of life as creative entrepreneurs. 107 more words


Yoga Reaches Out

Yoga Reaches Out –Please Consider Donating!

Just a little aside to boost my fundraising effort, which is clearly lacking. Last year I participated in this event and had a blast! 50 more words