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Letting Everything Go

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy working out and a good yoga flow until I haven’t done it in a while. I have taken a small hiatus from working out the past couple of weeks because it goes a little something like this… son got sick, traveled for an early Thanksgiving dinner for a weekend, came back and both my son and I got sick (and are just now getting over it). 226 more words


Arunachala Hill, South India

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” ~Sri Ramana Maharshi


Kashyapa Mudra

Kashyapa Mudra: a mudra for balance and protection against negative energies

©Himanshu Kapoor



  1. ALO is the brand that makes these leg warmer leggings, called the Goddess, which I have been coveting for the last two years.
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  3. 63 more words

Day 29 - No Shave Yoga event - #yogabeardsunite - Reflections of the Way I Used to Be

Day 29 – No Shave Yoga event – #yogabeardsunite – Reflections of the Way I Used to Be
One thing that is fun about participating in No Shave November is that it reminds me of my carefree ways back in the days. 130 more words


Thanksvegan...Round 3

We vegan’s can be very adamant about what we don’t eat; meat, dairy, eggs or anything else that comes from animals. But what I want to write about is what vegans… 1,363 more words


The everyday days

I am so lucky that I love  my job, yeah I don’t really make as much as I want, I am not entirely financially secure yet, but you know what? 371 more words