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CT Scan - Scheduled for TODAY!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Good News! I receive a call at 9:00 am from Dr. Cantrell’s office.  My CT scan is at 3:00 pm TODAY.   123 more words

Benefits of meditation

When you stop and connect with your feelings you leave everything on the outside. The only thing you focus on is your inner self. Waking up and meditating everyday has given me strength and power. 102 more words



What will be your summer holiday reading?

I’m looking forward to relaxing soon at this beautiful spot below in YogaOnCrete. It’s so important to properly unwind and allow yourself time to recover. 179 more words


Greatest impediment in your Yoga practice

Ever since I have started teaching, I have come across this problem so many times. It not only restricts people from experiencing newer asanas (postures) 654 more words


A Good Idea Indeed

The plan for Sunday was to go to brunch and then take my friend’s dog, Loki, on a hike up Mount Hollywood to the Griffith Observatory. 976 more words


Equestrian Fitness: Pre-Ride Workout

Riding itself is a workout, so it may seem that a pre-ride workout is a little bit of an overkill. However, I’ve found that warming up my muscles before I get on the horse results in a much more pleasant and productive ride. 752 more words

Horseback Riding

Back to the grind!

I really do enjoy waking up to my Fitbit silent alarm instead of startling noise! It was sunny and beautiful when I got out of bed so I got out my yoga mat and did the 15 minute advanced combination routine. 712 more words