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What moves you?

Does knitting for extended periods of time compromise our physical fitness?

I love knitting and I am sure you can say the same about yourself. I love crocheting too. 680 more words


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Good morning, I wanted to share here a great post from Funk Air Bear, which is about the problem a lot of knitters face... I have been suffering from back injuries from the last few years, and knitting really helped me a lot, giving me something to focus on, keeping my brain satisfied with learning new skills, and giving me a sense of achievement whenever i finished a pair of socks 🙂 I would have ended up getting very depressed without it! But it also gets in the way of other things sometimes. I know that if I allow myself to start the day knitting, I won’t be able to put it down, and I'll make excuses for not stretching, or doing whatever else I need to do in terms of self care, child care, work, etc... When I’m knitting I get in the zone and I can just sit there for hours on end and be in total bliss, while procrastinating everything else. Also, sitting for too long isn’t good for my back. At all. It's the worst thing to do. So I make myself stretch first with a yoga practice, which varies in length. I knit and make sure I take breaks to do a few quick yoga stretches and get back into it again. It makes a bit difference 🙂 Once I have started knitting, I still can’t stop though… So When I have procrastinated things for too long, over indulging in knitting and must catch up on stuff then I just avoid knitting altogether for a few days (gasp!) and being able to knit again is my reward, for I know that if I get in the knitting zone I ll lose any notion of time… 🙂

Practice makes progress

It’s been a six months since I have started practicing yoga regularly, and boy, a lot has changed since then.

Internally, I feel so much more balanced than I was before, and this comes through in my physical practice. 84 more words


How to get glowing and younger skin through Yoga.

Yoga is one of the most effective things we can do to help our skin to stay beautiful and glowing.

Let’s take a look at the main causes of skin problems; 1,032 more words


Rolling With the Punches

Right when it was getting good…

I was just getting into a yoga groove and feeling like I was establishing a habit within the past week. 172 more words


Spreading Dimensions & Awareness of Yoga

Jehangir Hospital, in it’s logo says: “WE ADD CARE”, which I immediately liked. In our usual talk we say- “We take Care” or “We Care”!  332 more words