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The World Turned Upside Down

Last week I had walked into a Big Lots for the first time in a long time. I was in need of some paper plates and dog poop bags. 591 more words


We have the tools within us to heal and be free

Better late yoga than no yoga is something I always say to my students if they worry about being late to class. I am holding to that philosophy as well when it comes to my blog posts (as this post is a few weeks late). 431 more words

Finding Center and Building Strength

Four years ago I was working at a restaurant at the Santa Monica Pier when a guest had left his book at the table. We kept the book behind the bar for at least a week and no one had claimed it.My fellow co workers (knowing me all to well, like a person addicted to rescuing animals, I was addicted to rescuing books). 510 more words


Turn The Page

Today marks the end of a huge chapter in my life. A love story, really, of traveling and volunteering abroad. Three and a half years ago I quit my corporate job and moved to New York to work in nonprofit without looking back. 221 more words


#YogaEveryDamnDay (more like week)

I’m no yogi, but I’ve been dedicated to a yoga practice for over a year now… and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that not all classes/instructors are created equal. 497 more words


Boston: Find Your Fitness!

Today we have a fantastic guest post from my blogging friend, Hannah Warne, author of The Naturalized New Yorker.  She’s a BU graduate who definitely took advantage of the Boston fitness scene during her college career.   591 more words

Marathon Cheaters Beware!

After Runner’s World posted this article it seems like everyone’s talking about cheating in distance running. I find it really sad to think there are people out there planning ways to cheat in marathons so they can sneak their way into Boston. 665 more words