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Cultural Similarities: Yoga Bringing Us Together

I have previously written about the dynamic aspect of yoga: how you can “yoga” anywhere, at any time, in any place. The dynamic-ness of yoga carries across the globe. 596 more words

A Yogi's 4-year stay in Korea

Most afternoons go a little something like this: I am perusing the isles of an Emart or local grocery store looking for fresh vegetables, excited when I can find a bunch of crunchy spinach or maybe even Kale *gasp I’m appalled by the prices of the seasonal fruit but I cave knowing my craving comes with a hefty price in Korea. 732 more words


New Adventure and stepping forwards

I’ve got my new yoga mat from EcoYoga, and planned my Sweaty Betty outfit, blue leggings, grey sweater. I’ve read my course book, Complete Guide to Yin Yoga… 109 more words


Yoga Reaches Out

Yoga Reaches Out –Please Consider Donating!

Just a little aside to boost my fundraising effort, which is clearly lacking. Last year I participated in this event and had a blast! 50 more words

Inversions: How to Strengthen Your Core

Inversions engage the abdominal muscles – including the obliques, the rectus abdomen and the transverse abdomens. To really engage and strengthen the core, extend your legs ┬áinto narrow and wide leg raises. 455 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 6 - YOGA DAY 118 :: handstands and yoga questions

Day 118: Head rush.

So if there is something the human body is not meant to do I’m pretty sure it’s a handstand. Downward dog, sure. 444 more words



I used to be one of those people who thought yoga sounded pretty ridiculous, that it was just some sort of fad that people got into and that it had no real benefit but to bring you pain through insane body postures. 392 more words