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Metamorphosis and yoga.

Yoga has become one of the main driving forces in life.  Learning about yoga asanas on my own for 2.5 years, was only the beginning of this phenomenal journey which will continue throughout time.   667 more words


Skateboard Inspired Yoga Movements

If you are feeling a little stale with your yoga game take a page out of this yogi’s book and look at your skateboard for inspiration.   9 more words


Yoga retreat catch up 

I’ve posted a lot of photos from my week in Omassim in Portugal but I want to write a bit more about my experience.

The general programme for each day was; 380 more words


What IS Yoga and Why Should I Do It?

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. 636 more words


Why do you punish yourself for failing?

I ate three brownies today and I don’t hate myself for it. 

Fitness junkies, why do you do what you do? What keeps you going? I want to share what inspires me and why I have abandoned the desire to ever be a size four.  844 more words

bend. split. invert.

I’ve never been blessed with the flexibility of a floor gymnast (just ask my Year 8 gymnastics coach….there was a reason I was suited to vault…all shoulders and no grace), however, after discovering yoga 2 years ago, I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that flexibility isn’t just reserved for the long limbed beauties of Instagram. 335 more words


How to Release Face Tension: Lovin' Lion's Breath, Tennis Balls, & Gary Crowley

If someone, or something, relieves you of pain and suffering, they become something like an angel.


beacons of Light

where was once dim,

I like to fill my life with them. 529 more words