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Natural lighting is my favorite for my practice! It makes me feel so full and so alive to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. 56 more words


Evolve to Embryo 

Can’t get small enough.
Is this what dying feels like?
Or is this healing?


Why you should stop complaining

I walked into class a few days ago and some of my friends immediately started a conversation about how sick they were, how tired they were, how “done” they were with school, and everything else. 174 more words


So you want to be a yogi?

How often have you seen people contort their bodies into impressive shapes and inwardly sighed because you “are not that flexible”, “could never do that”, “wasn’t born with that skill”? 424 more words


AGK speaking

I am kumar in red dress from Salem India and BalaYogi in white dress met Him in Namamalai Salem. He  lives differently from all of us. 44 more words

A Siddhar

An inflexible yoga teacher?!

When Juliet Forch praised me for my inflexibity and stated “The world needs more inflexible yoga teachers!”, I knew I was onto something. I combine my knowledge and experience of yoga and guided relaxation (DSYN®) to provide a slow, gentle and nourishing practice for people of all ages and abilities. 70 more words


Are You A Yogi? - Meeting OmGal 

When Rebecca Pacheco and I were introduced we shook hands and hugged, then she looked at me and brightly asked “Are you a yogi?” A few weeks ago, before I got my hands on Ms. 401 more words