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Actively Surrendering to the Mystery

This Friday night saw us Yogis on the Advanced TTC come together to practice and deepen into the exploration of Bhakti, and how it’s power moves us. 287 more words

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 6 - YOGA DAY 261 :: a call for kindness

Day 261: Human Kindness.

I have been thinking about kindness for the past 24-hours, and my Random Act of Kindness commitment this week.

But, it has been a long 24-hours living not far from Burlington and the Cascade Mall. 295 more words



Life is absolutely, incredibly mind boggling. In fact, our own minds are mind boggling. Life is a journey, and I’ve recently felt I’ve had a major mind boggling epiphany. 644 more words

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WordPress Share: An Historic Description of Awareness Holders of the Great Secret Mantra who are Resplendent in White Clothes and Long Hair

A brief oral commentary by Kyabje Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche

“…Ever since the time of the meeting of the three masters, Khenpo Shatarakshita, Lopon Padmasambhava and the Dharma King, Trison Detsen in 8th century Tibet, there were two divisions of sangha, known as the sangha of monastics with shaven-heads and the saffron robes… 21 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 6 - YOGA DAY 259 :: kindness randomly acting

Day 259: More Love.

My friend Diane believes in the greater good. She should know, she has a heart of gold. And I’ve been thinking of that tonight for many reasons. 242 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 6 - YOGA DAY 258 :: have a heart

Day 258: Love.

Tonight, I am beginning to feel better. And so… I am sharing this. A little love. A little heart.

With this yoga promise, I am learning something, or realizing something, about myself. 108 more words