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9 Things

We are headed out on holiday a week from today and my mind is in about a million places. Instead of trying to wrap my head around one topic and delivering something introspective and meaningful, I thought I’d shoot from the hip a bit and just share a few of the things that are sauntering around or running through my brain right now. 1,326 more words


The Novice Yogi Diaries: making time for the mat

I started going to hot yoga classes at a very manic time.

Last month I was adjusting to life in a new flat, and my future was looking slightly shaky (oh hello, looming unemployment, thanks to a temporary work contract). 976 more words


Lonavala Staycation

Hey guys! Welcome back! So I know these past few weeks I have been posting a ton of journal posts and my old poetry. Well, that’s because I have been too busy trying to write the perfect post to describe my birthday trip. 676 more words


You Are Living In Paradise. You Just Forgot.

My Story, By Jacob Pessoa, the invisible author(s).

Currently, my engine runs on faith.

In the past, by ego, the identity we create of ourselves. But ego is so easily poisoned, and the ego is deluded further by moments of rewarded faith. 807 more words


Yoga Eye Pillows

Following my restorative yoga teacher training I’ve invested in more props. The ones that seem to be most popular and that I now use in every class are eye pillows. 169 more words


MTB: Week One is Done & I Already Feel More Present

Drew has started a solo journey into yoga called Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga (MTB for short), that is hopefully yielding amazing results. Let the below serve as an inspirational kick in the yoga pants you need to get started, stay motivated, and tune into wellness. 607 more words


7 of the Best Trips for Yogis to Get Your Inner Zen On

With wellness travel gaining popularity in the United States, yoga retreats with scenic backdrops promoting self-discovery, reflection and rejuvenation are popping up everywhere, and summer is the best time to start looking for the retreat or festival that best fits you. 568 more words