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So I just ran through a basic yoga sequence I found via Pinterest. Do you have any tips, tricks, recommendations, or other helpful info for newbies like me? 11 more words


Question - Answer with Sonia Lopez: Yogi, Yoga Instructor, & Life Coach.

I met Sonia Lopez on September 11th 2014 when we hopped in the same limousine at Sacramento Airport headed to Stockton California for Jeffery Combsā€™ Breakthroughs to Success. 1,551 more words


#Bloomgrowblossom Day 2

Day 2 #Bloomgrowblossom
Pose: Lotus
Today’s question: What do you like about yourself?

I like that I have found my sense of empowerment…sort of. (It’s proven to be an everlasting search…) I now feel more empowered in the sense of the world around me and how I choose to be affected by it. 116 more words


Balance Yoga ChallengeĀ 

In March I am taking part in Yoga By Candace Balance yoga challenge. It’s something that fits with my March plans well anyhow. This weekend I have a handstand workshop and then next weekend I’m away doing training which will involve lots of being upside down. 101 more words


Advance your practice

Loved this practice! been such a busy girl today and this really livened me up. I loved every second of this energetic practice! Love feeling that fire building up.I’m super surprised to have been able to do all the full poses in this practice and still be able to breathe normally, my breath didn’t once become raised … 78 more words

Stopping Bikram Classes because of Choudhury Bikram

I’ve been following the reaction to the lawsuit against Choudhry Bikram with interest. Both from a yoga point of view and from a reputational risk to businesses point of view. 156 more words


Interview with Dani Kosmalski

When I moved to Santa Cruz, I started taking yoga because I wanted to stretch after running. But then I started doing more and more yoga because…I fell in love with my beautiful, angelic, Polish-looking-but-Portuguese-speaking Brazilian instructor… 983 more words