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Finally Some Scale Movement!

After 9 grueling days, I’ve lost .4 of a lb. which may seem like nothing but I’m proud of that meager .4 being gone. I feel as though I’ve lept over a large hurdle. 32 more words

Fat Loss


NEW in the MIND BODY Studio

A big big thank you!

Thank you for your continued support and patronage throughout 2016. Without your attendance in classes and workshops, I could not do what I do, which is what I love. 731 more words


Melihat Apa Adanya Tanpa Pengaruh Persepsi Sebelumnya #YogaSutraPatanjali

Sudah sekian lama kami menuliskan pandangan kami bahwa setiap orang lahir dengan genetik tertentu yang merupakan warisan dari orang tuanya. Kemudian dia memperoleh pelajaran dari orangtua, pendidikan dan lingkungan secara repetitif dan intensif.  734 more words

Anand Krishna

Aspire to Inspire #NamasteTuesday

A couple days ago in my health support group, a friend posted a fill in the blank status that said, “I am inspired by________. I aspire to__________.” The answer came to me easily… 517 more words

Yoga (Namaste)

I found Wanderlust TV on Facebook. They are doing a 21 day challenge which started on the 9th, so it’s a little late to join. I still signed up and found that they have a few beginner yoga videos that you can watch for free. 188 more words


Lessons in Pratyahara: a Yogi Memoir

Last week I wrote a researched and technical essay about Patanjali’s fifth limb of ashtanga yoga, pratyahara. As I wrote in the essay, simply called… 1,858 more words

Ashtanga Yoga

How Yoga Has Seriously Helped Improve My Life.

I’ve been practicing yoga (almost) every day for about a month now. I’ve noticed some pretty radical shifts in my body, too, and I wanted to share those today. 783 more words