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Success with Summer of Core

Sometimes it’s hard to stick with the program. It’s hard to commit, it’s hard to keep it going.

But those times when you do, when you really stick to your guns, the outcome can be more than what you expect. 195 more words

Benefits Of Yoga

The Cotswolds, England | Soul Circus Yoga Festival

I’ve been so desperate to attend a yoga retreat/festival for so frigging long. I’m always banging on about it, but somehow, with work commitments and the old ‘I’m never free at the time’ chestnut – a yoga break has always miraculously failed to happen. 530 more words


Try It Tuesday - Yoga Retreat!

Ever wanted to try Yoga, but were intimidated? Afraid you wouldn’t be able to follow along or bend yourself into position? Looking to get the basics down? 131 more words


Back poses….on the farm?! - #StretchSundays

Cat and Cow poses – Marjaryasana and Bitilasana

An extremely underestimated series of stretches that is great for anyone with slight back pains. I’ve been in the office before where people have got lower back pains and have had to work still and I’ve made them get on the floor in the middle of the office and do this little sequence. 49 more words


Enjoyable exercise, anyone?

When I first started Yoga I was stunned by how much a simple series of stretches could do for opening the mind, body and eventually, soul. 313 more words