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Hustling out of Hibernation

For a long time I used to dread this time of year, and for pretty good reason. Winter is cold and dark. It’s hard to stir up motivation to be social; watching Netflix and ordering in soup dumplings becomes far more appealing than bundling up and hailing taxis in the snow. 1,762 more words


When we acknowledge and act upon our impulse to create, we are aligning our will with the creator. 

Creativity is a form of expression associated with the fifth chakra, Visuddha or sound. This chakra is associated with communication, and believe it or not, communication is a creative process. 686 more words


Meet the VERY flexible Russian dancer, 24, who quit her job to travel the world - one yoga pose at time!

  • Ekaterina Terenina, from Irkutsk, ditched her old life to explore the globe while practicing the practice¬†¬†
  • Images of the 24-year-old show her performing various stances in some of the most iconic locations…
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"Yoga isn't for me"

Yoga. What do you hear when someone says those words? Do you envision someone twisted up? So flexible you can’t figure out which part is up or down? 1,102 more words