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Feline tai chi master Kat Tai-Dai Mau demonstrates momentary levitation.

Tai’s pro tip: “Many are dubious, but the old yogis were right: Levitation is possible, though most of us can sustain it only briefly. 32 more words

don't really give an owl's hoot...

you know what I really love          
the ones who are so biased
then mix it with a strong helping
of unbridled tunnel vision
unconsciously letting you know that… 85 more words


Lost and Found

It is a blessing to be born in a religion but a curse to die in one –  Swami Vivekananda

While reading the 40 rules of love, A few things dawned on me today. 504 more words


Is it too much of a stretch to market sake to yogis?

After practicing that downward-facing dog and warrior pose, you would think yoga practitioners would be clamoring for a glass of water. One alcoholic beverage maker is hoping a sip of sake will soon follow. 449 more words


Why Instagram Loved Yoga With My Dog

I went on Instagram, to look at Instagram yoga photos. All the yoga people are on Instagram now, I kept hearing. There they balanced, the Instagram yoga people, by the thousands. 1,426 more words

Yoga Teacher, why aren't you perfect?

Yoga Teacher, why aren’t you perfect?

Ugh! Even the most loving, peace-filled of yogi’s and yogini’s get frustrated!  The Dalai Lama has to pray for a peaceful heart several times a day, Gandhi prayed to not have feelings of ill will against those who hated him, and even Mother Theresa had many sayings about not giving up, even in to turmoil, …we say those things out of experience, not out of a mere possibility that it could happen! 593 more words

Happy Yogis!

The Happy Yogis Evening in July is a great opportunity to find out more about yoga and socialise with fellow yogis and yoga instructors whilst indulging in a selection of delicious organic food. 165 more words