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Yoga Rutin Tiap Minggu

Kali ini yoga hanya dilakukan bertiga, para yogis lainnya sedang bertugas, ada juga yang lagi tirta yatra.

Posisi gunung merupakan pose dasar dalam gerakan yoga. 28 more words


Feet Firmly off the Ground

If you’ve followed my posts or any of my social media accounts you know that I am an avid yogi. And although my pictures and, you could say, obsession may make it seem like I’ve been doing yoga my whole life, I’ve actually only been practicing for less than three years. 589 more words


Heroic Tibetan Man-buns on Ngakpa Update

David Chapman who runs the Ngakpa Update site asked to share my earlier post about Justin Bieber, dreadlocks and Tibetan tantric practitioners on his blog… 139 more words


A Tibetan Ghost Story: How Three Chod-pas Tamed a Female 'Harm-Giver'

The following is a rough translation of a spooky Tibetan story that was shared on the popular Tibetan-medium site Khabdha. I hope you will read it and be careful the next time you are practicing yoga in the wilderness. 1,214 more words


Reaching the Rainbow with your feet on the Ground: An Essay on the Importance and Special Characteristics of the Yuthok Nyingthik

Like all other Buddhist traditions, Vajrayana or tantric Buddhism offers a way out of the terrifying and bewildering morass of human suffering and habitude that is shorthanded as Samsara (འཁོར་བ་ khorwa in Tibetan, or ‘wandering around and around’). 5,209 more words


So, You Want to be a Tantric Wizard, Huh?

Part of my current PhD research focuses on the overlaps – and divergences – between ideas about what practicing tantra means in ‘traditional’ or ‘indigenous’ Asian contexts and in what can be called ‘neo’ or ‘New Age’ tantric settings. 1,175 more words


No se por dónde empezar. Mi ruta a encontrarme conmigo misma me llevo a varios caminos donde terminaba en una clase de Yoga. Realmente pasaron muchos años para entender que significaba para mí la práctica del yoga. 559 more words

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