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5 Totally Underrated Things About Yoga That Only Yogis Will Understand

If you are like me and have just discovered the whole new world of yogadom, you’d no doubt have stalked numerous yoga blogs, websites (like this one) and started following yoga celebrities on Instagram with their impossibly beautiful, death-defying, paradigm-shifting selfies. 901 more words

Practice makes perfect

Through yoga I will be tracking my progress with my muscle gain! In the first months of my practice, I already noticed the strength building all around my body. 32 more words



– Scorrere giù per la versione in italiano –

If you think yoga, you think what?

Most likely an image like this one comes up on your mind… as it comes up on Google search :-) 660 more words

Ashtanga Yoga

Beauty mark

Ever considered what your idea of the perfect earthly existence might be?

Mine would be an endless yoga workshop. Just show up, throw your mat down and get happy people. 237 more words

The Body: Pilates with Lottie Murphy

Whenever I hear the words “The Body”, I immediately think of Elle Macpherson so when Lottie Murphy invited me to The Body Pilates, images of Elle Macpherson from the 80s ran through my mind as I quickly replied to her email to confirm my attendance. 533 more words


February Favourites

It is such a beautiful day in London today! The sun is shining, it’s cold but it’s not too cold….I think its safe to say that those two weeks of good weather, also known as the Great British Summer, are on their way! 583 more words


Mindful Mondays: I Am...

Sit down in your chair. Focus in. Take three super deep inhales and exhales wherever you are and start to think about yourself. Turn inward for a moment and slowly read and fill in the sentences below. 131 more words