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Day Trips from Tokyo

Tokyo on its own could easily consume your entire trip to Japan. But when you are ready to break away from all of the city’s crowds and seek a different side of Japan, here are some suggestions for day trips that will give you a change of scenery. 521 more words


Tied up

That’s all I can do today not because of my vacation but business. I’m going to contribute to WPC tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend.



A cool night’s sleep: part 2

Sleep is a curious thing. There are so many things preferable to it and yet while we’re actually in the middle of it, we dread being pulled away from it. 2,585 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Details

A Part of Wordless Wednesday

 … and my second contribution to WPC:Details.


A cool night’s sleep: part 1

Japan is hot in summer. I cannot stress that enough without melting into a puddle of self-defeat. The humidity makes the heat unbearable in ways you cannot imagine if you’ve not experienced it before. 1,453 more words



20. Vending machines and alcohol. You have to be 20 to ‘legally’ drink in Japan. But with vending machines like this, who’s watching? lol.

p.s. the ‘cans’ on the left have ‘kakitani’ stuffed in them.. 14 more words