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Oral Torah: Answering Rabbinic Objections

While I have given an argument regarding the Oral Torah not being authoritative, I did not answer specific objections which are often brought into conversation. The arguments in favor of an Oral Torah can be explained, in my opinion, in a single sentence: the written Torah contains errors or is incomplete, as this… 4,730 more words

Jewish Life

Heart One: The Rooster

Heart One: The Rooster*

Yom Kippur was almost over. The Baal Shem Tov’s pale face was tense, his voice hoarse from crying out to God. Every person in the congregation was agitated—something was upsetting their Rebbe. 491 more words

Breslov Woman

Forgiveness. Can you imagine?

I haven’t blogged much lately, but in my defense, I was just promoted and have been very, very busy. I’m extremely grateful for the promotion and the generous raise that came with it, but it does require more work to be at this new level and I realize that. 807 more words


Newsletter no. 32, November 2016

This month:

Yom Kippur:  This year as custom we gathered at the community center for services of Kol Nidre, after which we continued with a study of the concept of holiness. 156 more words


Tidbits: Everything Means Something: Day of Awe

When I see the evidence of something only God can do, I can’t do anything but begin to praise Him for His greatness as Lord God Almighty.  736 more words

Tidbits: Everything Means Something

Chagim and Cheshbon

I arrived here in Israel as a new olah (immigrant) a little more than a month ago, about a week before the High Holidays (referred to in Israel as simply the chagim, or holidays) started. 1,881 more words


Let's Try and Sum Up October

It’s been a wonderful month. Read between the lines folks!!!

I did mean that. October has been wonderful. But somehow, the word wonderful always likes to pair with the word wacky (like adenine likes to pair with thiamine in DNA), and I must admit it was hectic. 606 more words

Rosh Hashana