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Olive Drab (Sinai War 1973)

Sand Grey (Six Days War 1961 to 1973)
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‘Dying': Will Reince Priebus ‘have to atone’ for this Yom Kippur tweet? [screenshot]

@SladeHV @jbarro The scourge of premature tweeting

— Julie Laumann (@Zegota42) October 3, 2014

Well, his heart was in the right place, at least. His proofreader, on the other hand, was not:

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Acharei Mot - What were Nadav and Avihu thinking? And what does this have to do with Yom Kippur?

Before I begin the mini-essay, a couple of announcements:

For readers outside of Israel, who are only reading Parshiyot Tazria-Metzora this week, I invite you to read my posts on those parshiyot – … 913 more words


Letter: Cardinal Turcotte's Yom Kippur address moved me to tears

Those of us who lived through the Duplessis era to the Quiet Revolution have witnessed one of the most profound social changes in North American history. 266 more words

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Passion Poems: Christ's Yom Kippur and Uninjured Tongue

As we continue to consider our Lord’s Passion and await his resurrection, here are two poems that reflect upon his saving work accomplished for us. Both are included in my book, … 238 more words

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Dancing in the Circle

The first time I went to shul, I sat on the back row. The family service had packed the place with happy, laughing people. And I knew no one. 589 more words

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Promised Lands (1974)

This is Susan Sontag’s documentary about Israel, shot during the Yom Kippur war. Much of it is strictly observational, though there are some effectively didactic juxtapositions — and several talking heads from across the Israeli political spectrum. 59 more words