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El Lugar Secreto

¿Cual era el lugar mas santo en la tierra? Se llamaba kodesh hakodashim. Significa el lugar santísimo. Era el lugar mas santo en el Templo. Solo se podía entrar al lugar santísimo una vez al año durante la fiesta santa de Yom Kippur. 445 more words

Song of the Day: Who By Fire by Leonard Cohen

‘Who By Fire’ is a song by Leonard Cohen, from his 1974 album ‘New Skin for the Old Ceremony’. The title and most of the lyrics derive from or are inspired by the second paragraph of Unetanneh Tokef, an eleventh-century Jewish liturgical poem recited on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. 503 more words

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The Year (2017) RESOLVED: Old things are passed away...

It amazes me the number of “resolutions” made each year concerning plans/goals for the upcoming calendar year.  Calendar year.  Calendar year. Calendar year.  Here’s a question: Does God require the conclusion of a calendar year to MOve you toward the plans/goals He’s set for your life? 116 more words

Shabbat VaYekhi: Your New Day's Resolution

Taking advantage of what is, interestingly enough after all, only an arbitrary way of calculating a turning point in the counting of our days (why not solstice?), this is the time of year when our society focuses upon the idea of making new year’s resolutions. 674 more words

An American Jew in Paris

My husband and I planned a vacation which happened to fall over Yom Kippur this year. I realized we would be in Paris over the holiday and looked into the possibility of attending… 638 more words


is real [p4]: A-week-into October thoughts

Sometimes I wish my phone was with me, so that I could save all of these bittersweet memories and turn them into a collage like Benjy does every month. 603 more words