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I Don't Have The Words

One of the worlds I live in is made only of words. Word houses with word people drinking word coffee and eating word toast. The word world does not believe in other worlds. 263 more words

In The Wings

I must have been 8 or 9 years old at the time. I was supposed to sing with a bunch of other kids in my church’s Christmas program. 211 more words

Deeper Well

My grandparents on my father’s side were a tag team, tongue-speaking, Pentecostal preaching duo. I went to church and Sunday school and grew up decidedly Christian. 272 more words

Target Practice

Each song I write is a message flung out into the world. Or maybe it’s an arrow, shot into the distance. I hope it leaves a mark somewhere or hits somehow right in the heart.  485 more words

What's New & Hot in Music?... Eliot Bronson & Yonder Orphans

Genre: Folk rock / Singer-songwriter / Garage polka
Origin: Atlanta > Georgia > US
Website: eliotbronson.com 9 more words


Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?

                                        photo by Josh Lamkin

So I get an email from a local magazine a few weeks ago. Apparently they’re doing an article called, “Atlanta’s 50 most beautiful people,” or something horrific like that. 314 more words


Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m still doing this. Whatever this is. I guess I mean writing songs and singing them. The music keeps changing, like I do. 390 more words