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New "Remember" Trailer Highlights Yoo Seung Ho's Angsty Side

There is just something about Yoo Seung Ho’s ability to be all angsty that hits the perfect makjang spot for me.  Of course the fact that he is hella hot has nothing to do with it……….. 84 more words

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First Peek! Joseon Magician Drops Teaser Trailer

Joseon Magician (English Title: The Magician) starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, is premiering soon some time in December. Although, it does not look like an exact date has been set for the premiere, but… 216 more words

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Imaginary Cat: First Impression

I wonder where’s the make-believe cat in the Imaginary Cat. Oh well, maybe it may strut in later.

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"Remember" 3rd Teaser Ups the Angst and the Yoo Seung Ho

They threw everything and the kitchen sink into this teaser.  At least in comparison to the first two teasers that were more stylized than actual plot focused.   64 more words

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The Endeavors I've Experienced just to Watch Yoo Seung Ho's Imaginary Cat First Episode

Honestly, I got so anxious yesterday for I can’t find any sites where I can watch the Imaginary Cat’s first episode.

+++By the way, this is my first time to view live streaming drama so I still have no clue where to search out good sites. 126 more words

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Yoo Seung Ho's Imaginary Cat First Episode Rank First

The 34.19 minutes of the ‘healing drama’ MBC every1 ‘Imaginary Cat’ broadcast its first episode on Tuesday, November 24,2015 ranked first in the survey.

http://www.gooddata.co.kr… 74 more words

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Yoo Seung Ho dikenal baik hati di lokasi syuting

Cuplikan di balik layar dari drama Yoo Seung Ho “Remember” telah terungkap, bersama dengan beberapa pujian terhadap aktor dari anggota staf saat syuting. 177 more words

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