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Just Dropped: Remember - War of the Son

Yeap, this is rare. I’m dropping the show. I don’t think I have the heart to continue it anymore. The moments have passed. I have no desire to go back and watch it. 269 more words


Alami Luka di Bibir, Yoo Seung Ho Tetap Promosikan 'Kim Sun Dal'

Yoo Seung Ho tampil mengenakan masker muka di sesi promosi film terbarunya, ‘Kim Sun Dal’ pada 10 Juli lalu dan membuat penggemar kuatir dengan kondisi kesehatannya. 73 more words

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Remember: War of the Son Review


This is the drama that kept me awake for countless nights because of how beautiful, twisted and at the same time disturbing (not in any horror way) is its plot. 327 more words

Yoo Seung Ho & Xiumin EXO Berpose untuk Majalah "1st Look"

Yoo Seung Ho dan Xiumin EXO melakukan pemotretan untuk majalh fashion “1st Look”. 36 more words

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Yoo Seung Ho Bicara Soal Xiumin EXO & Peran Dewasa

Dalam sebuah wawancara untuk mempromosikan film terbarunya, ‘Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River’, Yoo Seung Ho ditanya apakah promosi filmnya berjalan lancar karena seiring dengan comeback EXO. 125 more words

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Drama review: Remember

Today’s drama review is Remember a thrilling 2016 Korean drama directed by Lee Chang-Min that released 20 episodes on SBS. It depicts the life of Jin-Woo a remarkable boy that has a unique condition called Hyperthmesia which recalls his ability to remember almost anything in perfect detail. 912 more words

Yoo Seung Ho in upcoming Joseon swindler K-movie 'Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River'

Yoo Seung Ho is returning with Joseon comedy heist movie “Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River“.

The story follows Yoo Seung Ho’s merry band of swindlers, famous nationwide for ripping the rich and powerful off. 81 more words