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[INFO/TRANS] 161206 The 5th trial of three defendants on December 1st (Park Yuchun's case)

5th trial of Miss Lee and 2 others (Mob Hwang and Mr Lee) for false accusation and attempted extortion was held by Jongjin Choi, Judge in Seoul Central District Court on Dec 1st. 561 more words


[Oneshot] Vết sẹo - OT5

Vết sẹo

Disclaimer: Không ai thuộc về tôi.

Rating: K

Pairings: little YooSu, little ChunFan

Genre: liệt | nhạt | Non-Au

Summary: 1,326 more words


hôm qua mình đã mơ một giấc mơ cũ

mơ gặp shim changmin ngoài vỉa hè gần trường =))

Linh Tinh

[INFO/RANKING] 161128 Koretame's Weekly Ranking - Park Yuchun’s 『ALL ABOUT YOU 2015 PARK YUCHUN FAN MEETING JAPAN TOUR』 DVD ranked #1; & etc.

According to Koretame.com staff, Yuchun’s 「ALL ABOUT YOU 2015 PARK YUCHUN FAN MEETING JAPAN TOUR」 returned to 1st place once again for the past week (from 2016.11.21~2016.11.27), on their Korean・Hallyu movie & others latest Weekly Ranking. 38 more words


[NEWS] 161128 Exclusive: Sol Kyung-gu X Go Soo 'Lucid Dream' opening change, ”Won't be shown in January”

The opening date for movie ‘Lucid Dream’ starring Sol Kyung-gu X Go Soo has changed once again.

According to the film industry on the 28th, ‘Lucid Dream(by Director Kim Jun-seong)’ –which has confirmed an opening date of January 4th next year– is under discussion once again on the timing of its opening presently. 266 more words


[INFO/TRANS] 161126 Park Yuchun's exoneration : Details on the 4th trial of the group of false accusers (Nov. 24)_Park Yuchun appears as a witness (Park Yuchun's case)

The case Park Yuchun was accused in the past June 10th emerged as under charges of false allegations.
Park Yuchun was proven to be acquitted of the first accusation as well as of all 4 counts of sexual assaults. 1,226 more words