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[NEWS] 170118 'Lucid Dream' set opening on February 22nd

Film ‘Lucid Dream’, which actors Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu and Park Yuchun stars in, will open in February.

‘Lucid Dream’ is about the phenomenon “lucid dreaming”, for the first time in a South Korean film, where you are aware that you are dreaming; and has confirmed an opening on February 22nd. 148 more words


[NEWS] 170117 Park Yuchun's female accuser sentenced to 2 years in prison.."False allegations as false facts" [Comprehensive]

Justice Department, Park Yuchun’s female accuser who made ‘false allegations’ sentenced to 2 years in prison..”False allegations as false facts”

The court has sentenced Ms. A –who is being tried under suspicions of false allegations and attempted extortion after declaring actor-and-singer Park Yuchun with charges of sexual assault– to 2 years in prison. 377 more words


January 0106 Arena 2006 ☆Mem Ver☆

ユンホ Yunho

ジェジュン Jaejoong

ジュンス Junsu

ユチョン Yoochun

チャンミン Changmin

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January 0106 Arena 2006

Now, It Is Time For 2006 Magazine^^

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170111 Photographer Lee Jun Yong shared a photo of Yoochun from 'Hug' era

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Earlier TVXQ yuchun!! #jyj #TVXQ #jyjyoochun #yoochunie #yoochun #koreanactor #koreanmusic #koreanidol #ParkYuchun #MickyYuchun #idolsinger #idol #studionoon #StudioNoon… 8 more words


[INFO] Global K-Star Ranking: December 27th, 2016~January 02, 2017 - JYJ's Jaejoong & Yoochun

‘Global K-Star Ranking’ used a combination of data from Chinese portal site Baidu’s ranking on Korean male stars, Chinese website 123fan’s polling system on Korean celebrities, Weibo’s ‘Star Influence Chart,’ and the number visitors and their searches on SSTV to announce the results. 76 more words