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Miryo: Queen - Track Review

Disappointment. Crushing disappointment.

From an objective point of view Queen is not a bad track, just a painfully average one. However, from Miryo average is so below her usual benchmark its shocking. 451 more words


[150625 - @star1] Yoon Mirae - Interview

Yoon Mirae (34) is considered as a female rapper legend. When she sings, she sings, when she raps, she raps and even for her performances that make jaws drop, she’s clearly the best. 2,583 more words


Agensi Yoon Mirae Capai Kesepakatan dengan Sony Pictures atas Penggunaan Lagu Secara Ilegal di Film 'The Interview'

Perusahaan produksi film ‘The Interview’ mengaku menggunakan lagu Yoon Mirae tanpa izin.

Sony Pictures Entertainment membuat kontroversi atas penggunaan ‘Pay Day’ milik Yoon Mirae dari album ketiga dalam film ‘The Interview’. 144 more words

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[March 2015 - Marie Claire] Yoon Mirae - Only One - Interview

Countless of idol group members and audition programs contestants say they want to become the next Yoon Mirae. However, the next Yoon Mirae has yet to be found. 1,221 more words


[February 2015 - Sure] Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK - The World They Live In - Interview

JK: “To me, love is Mirae. Yoon Mirae.”
Mirae: “Love… Love is simple. People think love is complicated and difficult. Honestly, it’s simple. It’s just something you do as you live.” 1,679 more words


T윤미래 - Black Diamond

Ye! Once again, top of the world
Allow me to introduce the Queen
the black diamond Tasha

Hey baby 괜히 웃음이 나와 아픔은 사라지고
모든 게 다 괜찮아 슬픔도 떠나가 121 more words


T윤미래 - Good Bye Sadness, Hello Happiness

And now it’s Over 사랑은 끝났어 우리 추억은 여기까진가 봐
영원 하라 했던 말 I so love you 이젠 시간 속으로 흩어져가

함께 했었던 세상의 모든 곳 우리 흔적도 지워져 가겠지 55 more words