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“She turned her CAN’Ts into CANs and her DREAMS into PLANS.”

I think this quote means to follow your dreams. That if you want to accomplish something, do it now and do what you always dreamed of, do the impossible.

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Dailies: Seiyuu

Do you know her?

Well, she is just the voice behind some notable characters like; Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis, Yoon from Akatsuki no Yona, Ritsuka Aoyagi from Loveless, Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts, as well as Yuma Kuga from the VOMIC of World Trigger. 72 more words


Soo-won, Yona and the Dragons

Soo-won and Yona accidentally met each other in Awa. Yona, remembered what she saw that day. The anger that she felt to the person she once loved. 249 more words


Fiercest Yona

This week episode of Akatsuki no Yona, you’ll see the strongest of her in the anime. She helped the Pirates to stop Yang Kumji of his illegal trades and an unexpected meeting. 94 more words


Totally Random Facts...

1. Sea Otters hold hands in their sleep so they won’t drift away from each other.

2. When you snap your fingers, the sound is created from your middle finger hitting your palm and not your thumb rubbing agianst your middle finger. 108 more words

Say That Again?!

Stronger Yona than Ever

In this week’s episode of Akatsuki no Yona, you will see a stronger Yona than the previous she was. She has a good development. Encouraging fellow victims and believing on her comrades. 96 more words


Pretty Boy or Pretty Girl?

In the latest episode of Akatsuki no Yona, Yoon (Yun in the Anime), a self-proclaimed pretty boy dressed up as a girl to help Yona in infiltrating Yang Kum-Ji’s ship. 88 more words