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The Lobster & the Cannibalism within

The Lobster is a film criticizing the ways of our world and how dangerous it is that we look at everything as black and white and not grey. 343 more words

Technology and Human Nature

Technology and Human Nature

By Matthew Jones

*Contains spoilers for Advantageous (2015), Ex Machina (2015), and The Lobster (2016)

Since the earliest days of cinema, films have explored the role of technology in our lives. 3,670 more words


Alicia Silverstone Joins Colin Farrell's 'THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER'

Currently filming in Cincinnati, Alicia Silverstone has joined writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos upcoming psychological drama THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER alongside costars Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman. 169 more words


Alicia Silverstone Joins Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman In 'Killing Of A Sacred Deer'

Filming has just begun in Cincinnati on Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. The psychological drama is a reteam for the helmer and his… 208 more words

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The Lobster may be the most subversive romantic comedy ever

On my second date with my wife, we went to comedy club.  The headlining comedian had a joke about the difference between living with a roommate and living with a romantic partner that went something like this: “Why is it that if you forget to do the dishes like your roommate asked, he calls you an asshole and that’s the end of it, but when it’s your girlfriend, it’s not really about the dishes?”  (For the record, this isn’t really my type of humor; my taste is a littler edgier, like… 693 more words

Movie Review

'The Lobster' - Movie Review

“It’s no coincidence that the targets are shaped like single people and not couples.” 285 more words

The Lobster

Colin Farrell is an astonishing actor, but you’d never know it if you’ve wasted your time watching dreck like “Saving Mr. Banks”, or ill-advised remakes like 2012’s “Total Recall”. 471 more words