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Homosexuality. Incest. Pedophilia.

My Christian aunt and uncle sat me down when I was sixteen and tried to convince me that I am a homosexual because Brian MacLean molested me for ten years. 1,085 more words

November 2, 2015

I sent this email to all of my York professors upon realizing that my spouse was a dangerous criminal, abusive lover and illegal immigrant. Unless someone has hacked into the York cyber infrastructure, there should be hard evidence of this email in my own inbox. 2,363 more words

February 5, 2016. 7:11 AM

Some cops were breaking into my house a few days ago, after they thought I was gone. Threw me into the psychiatric ward for catching them; said that York was worried about the state of my mental health…. 228 more words

Email to York #667

To anyone that might have been paying attention before this very moment, please note that I was especially EMPATHETIC and CONCERNED when writing this email. Even though a few York employees displayed an offensive amount of hate towards me, I will refrain from being rude or hateful. 2,397 more words

Letters: No more money from York alumni

Re: York’s Inconsistent Stand On Free Speech, Chris Selley, Jan. 29.

As a graduate of York University and Osgoode Hall Law School, I strongly support Paul Bronfman’s decision to withdraw his company’s financial support from York. 926 more words

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The Hidden Self(ie)

As you know from previous blog posts, Sophomore Magazine published my article, The Hidden Self(ie), in their inaugural issue this past summer. Exciting news! They’ve put the publication online, so now… 60 more words


National Post View: Ottawa's retreat from Israel puts 'balance' over 'fairness'

It is very difficult to start a sentence with, “No offence, but …” and then finish it without saying something offensive. In a similar fashion, pro-Israel Canadians may have to learn to wince whenever they hear a member of the new Liberal government start a sentence with the phrase, “As a steadfast ally and friend to Israel …” What’s coming next probably won’t be too easy on the Jewish state. 647 more words

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