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Crown accuses defence of 'hauling out rape myths' at Toronto trial involving two doctoral students

The Crown put “rape myths” on trial during closing statements in a sexual assault trial involving two York University doctoral students at Old City Hall Court in Toronto on Tuesday. 1,642 more words


15 Signs That You're a Glendonite

Like many university campuses Glendon has it’s own lore, lingo, and -dare I say- it’s own memes. Thanks to the incredible people that make up our student body and faculty, our small, cozy campus is full of a sense of community and shared student experience. 619 more words


Will Harriet Tubman appear on the Canadian $100 bill?

Earlier this year, the Bank of Canada asked the public for suggestions for a woman to appear on the $100 bill. The woman selected must nor be fictional, must have died at least 25 years ago and must have played a significant role in Canadian history. 249 more words


Negrin: Sexual assault looks different than we think and university policy must reflect that

“Zero percent of the people who violate you will be held accountable.”

This is the disheartening conclusion that Ellie Ade Kur, founder of Silence is Violence at the University of Toronto, reached when looking at the numbers. 620 more words


Letters: York U committee will be inclusive

Re: Seeking Civility On Campus, Marc Newburgh and Sara Lefton, April 19.
Inclusion at York University is a broad campus issue, and therefore the membership of the president’s advisory committee on inclusion needs to reflect the breadth of the York community. 1,012 more words

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This is no way to foster civility at York University

Recent developments at York University have exposed the administration’s failure to address a real and growing sense of alienation among its Jewish students. This raises the question of how universities can best fulfil their responsibility to preserve free speech and maintain a civil environment for all their students when contentious subjects arise. 774 more words

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First Year Reflection and Advice to my Grade 12 Self

Firstly, I don’t know where to put the capitals in the title of this.

Second, Exam season came full spring, and so did the end of the semester. 881 more words