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Definitely Not Telling You What To Do: An Open Letter To My Little Sister

Dear Gabby,

You were born in May of ’98. We’d been at the zoo. Our mum, who by that point was a quietly contracting blimp floating in a mobility scooter past the elephant enclosure, made sure that my final day as an only child (and your final day in utero) was a good one. 812 more words


The Introvert's School Survival Guide

There’s a strange divide in the people in my life of ones who have been very surprised that I’m an introvert and ones who haven’t been surprised at all. 1,154 more words


This Little Glendon of Mine

In case you didn’t know, I am a university student. Perhaps you knew that before beginning this post or stumbling upon this blog, but maybe you didn’t. 1,089 more words

Student Life

Hey, Fourth Year Me! GET IT TOGETHER!


September is the January for students. Our perception of years rotate around the school year, and fresh starts usually happen come fall. January is for adults, and I, for one, am not there yet. 634 more words

Student Life

General Reading Update - 4th Year University Books

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted – definitely much too long ago! A lot has happened since my last one – I’m now in my fourth (and FINAL year of university!) It’s been one crazy ride these past 3 years….and as an English major, it’s getting even crazier as I eventually realize how much I have to read, remember, and write. 359 more words