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Editorial: Policing or profiling? Latest study raises questions without full answers

A new study of the traffic stops made by Ottawa police officers is, the authors caution, about β€œthe relationship between race, sex, age, and traffic stops in Ottawa. 420 more words

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Egan: Two years, $400K, three PhDs, and still no certainty on racial profiling by Ottawa police

So, two years later, $400,000 later, 120,617 traffic stops later, three PhD investigators later, we still don’t know.

Do the Ottawa police use racial profiling in deciding who to pull over? 754 more words

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Sherazi: Police race reports shows that justice isn't blind

Lady Justice is often depicted wearing a blindfold. It represents objectivity, in that justice is – or should be – meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of wealth, power or identity. 661 more words


GWST 3565: The Perfect Course

When thinking of a dream course, what do you imagine? One that’s interesting, of course. One that relates to your passions. One that has a great professor and fascinating topics of discussion. 720 more words


Ched Evans - The Question of Consent

This article contains discussion of the nature of rape and sexual consent, in enough detail that it could be upsetting to some.

In 2012 Ched Evans – a leading star for third tier English football team Sheffield United – was convicted of rape, and served two years in jail. 1,027 more words


'Drunkorexia' on the rise at university campuses, including Canadian schools

University students are increasingly swapping food for alcohol in a frightening and dangerous trend dubbed “drunkorexia,” which is on the rise around the world. The practice, which involves either eschewing food before a night of binge drinking or getting in a vigorous workout beforehand, is meant to curb weight gain brought on by drinking and help people get drunk faster. 412 more words


Braid: The NDP's new growth industry β€” advisory panels

Alberta is crawling with government-appointed advisory panels. Be careful stepping into bike lanes. You could get run over by Tzeporah Berman.

The NDP has created 11 committees, review panels and task forces since winning office in May 2015. 673 more words

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