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The Speed of Life: Subcutaneous Irritation

Subcutaneous Irritation

Yorktown Elementary School was attached to the next stage of my educational path, Yorktown Middle School.  The final stage of the path, Yorktown High School, was located on the north side of the White River. 1,008 more words


September 28, 1781: The Beginning of the End of the American Revolution

From American Heritage by Christine Gibson:

For six years, the specter of defeat had dogged Gen. George Washington’s every thought. As advantage after advantage slipped away, the American coffers dried up, and the most promising general betrayed the Revolution, it looked more and more like Washington and his motley army would lose their fight for independence. 279 more words


Norfolk Man Discovers Portsmouth Still Exists

NORFOLK, Va. — Local resident Mark Buckner was stunned this week to learn that Portsmouth, Virginia is still a city.

Buckner, 25, reacted to the news of Portsmouth’s continuing existence with genuine astonishment. 451 more words


The Speed of Life: Same Thing, Different Meaning

Same Thing, Different Meaning

Dad approached the new JAA season exactly like the one a year before. We started with the fundamentals of running the bases, throwing, and fielding for a few practices before working on hitting and game situations. 1,013 more words


The Speed of Life: A New Year, A New Look

A New Year, A New Look

My head reflexively pulled back at what I was seeing. Holy crap! I thought. I looked around my environment to take it all in: the posters; the books; my mom smiling back at me; the diplomas hanging behind her; and, finally, back up at the man who made this possible. 1,134 more words


The Speed of Life: Confusion

JAA: Confusion

A few days after “The Rarity in Right Field” – as my miraculous catch came to be known – the Dodgers were mired in yet another losing effort during our last game of the regular season. 1,237 more words


The Speed of Life: I Signed Up For This?

I Signed Up For This?

Ordinarily, nothing could have torn me away from the Saturday morning cartoons. This particular Saturday morning was unique. This Saturday morning was the time to sign up for JAA baseball. 1,593 more words