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I’m thrilled with how this assignment turned out. I had quite the adventure traveling to Wisconsin to photograph this fascinating man. Scientist and Veterinarian Yoshihiro Kawaoka has been widely criticized for his flu pandemic prevention research. 20 more words

Scientists condemn 'crazy, dangerous' creation of deadly airborne flu virus.

By Ian Sample  11th June 2014.           Find Full Article Here:-

Researchers say recreation of Spanish flu strain highlights risk of pandemic, but critics say work puts global population at risk. 824 more words


How 'Crazy, Dangerous' is the new controversial flu virus research?

 You may have seen some inflammatory news articles about recent work from Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s lab in Madison, Wisconsin that made a 1918 Spanish Flu-like virus. … 541 more words


Scientists want to weaponize H7N9 flu virus in ‘controlled’ environment

The Daily Sheeple – The same people in charge of weaponizing the H5N1 flu virus now want to modify another pathogen that has the capacity to spread among humans.It seems that for some scientists the world does not have enough threats to the lives of billions of people, so they actually promote the creation of even more threats. 1,101 more words

United States

Scientists to make mutant forms of new bird flu to assess risk

Source: Reuters – Wed, 7 Aug 2013 05:00 PM

Author: Reuters

* Controversial research sparked previous security fears

* Flu experts say it is critical to prepare for threat… 902 more words


Can Dangerous Bird Flu Virus Fly Between Humans?

Since a new bird flu virus began sickening and killing people in China in March, one of the most pressing questions has been whether the virus, H7N9, would easily spread from human to human, possibly kicking off a global pandemic. 708 more words