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"He has really changed how I cook"

I love this interview with Christopher Kimball:

I’ve actually fallen in love with Yotam Ottolenghi’s stuff—Plenty, Plenty More, Jerusalem. […] He has really changed how I cook.

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Good food books

If and when I cook, I am a recipe slave. Good cookbooks are such an inspiration to spice things up.

I promise I am not the kind of person who only owns books with pictures, but cookbooks really need good photography.

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Talking Tomatoes...

‘The taste of any simple tomato-based salad is dependent on the quality of the tomatoes.’*

*Yotam Ottolenghi

So true, Yotam, so true, and as our  713 more words


There are a few foods I have to eat when I come to the Middle East: falafel, baklava, fresh figs and hummus.

Hummus is one of the simplest dishes to make, yet there is no supermarket in the Western world who sells anything close to the real taste (with the exception of Arab and Israeli supermarkets). 346 more words

Green Beans and Freekeh Salad with Tahini Sauce

Freekeh (pronounced freak-uh) is a healthy whole grain food and is young green wheat that goes through a process of roasting, is then cracked… 475 more words


Cannellini bean challenge - more veg (ish) tales

I was inspired by an article in The Guardian Cook back in April (for recipes follow the link) about one pot of cannellini beans making four meals. 278 more words


Let's hear it for veggie days - they're vegtastic!

Back in 1988 Rose Elliot told us that vegetarian eating was ‘Not just a load of old lentils’. She was right, of course. It’s Mars Bars and chips (cooked in vegetable oil, obvs) and rhubarb crumble. 777 more words