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Sweet (3): Knickerbocker Glory

I was initially drawn to this recipe as the first time I enjoyed a Knickerbocker Glory was when I was in Kenya last year visiting my sister and her family. 804 more words

I'm Back

I’m going to try blogging again. Properly. Three times a week properly. We shall see how it goes. I want to write about travel, books, food, design, writing, and being chronically ill. 50 more words


Plenty More (2): Mango and Curried Chickpea Salad

I’m not 100% certain if Ottolenghi hasn’t yet discovered canned chickpeas or just has a dislike for them, but every recipe of his that I have come across involving chickpeas has called for the dried variety. 468 more words

Plenty More (1): Roasted Figs with Pomegranate Molasses and Orange Zest

This is the most decadent dessert I have cooked in a long time. It is also one of the easiest desserts I have ever made. Sweet, almost bursting at the skin figs marinated in a sweet syrup and then cooked under the grill and accompanied by an easy to make yoghurt cream – what’s not to love? 340 more words

Fish and Tea, please!

The end of my Tournée Minérale, or Dry February is in sight! Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting further with food and tea pairings. I read that green tea pairs well with fish, especially salmon. 562 more words

One And One Is Three

Octopus and Stir-fried kale with black olive and golden raisin salsa.

Two of our main reasons for starting this blog were to find ways to challenge ourselves, and to cook with ingredients we haven’t used before. This week’s recipe certainly achieved those two goals! 928 more words

Main Course

Plenty More (1): Rice Salad with Nuts and Sour Cherries

Ottolenghi does not lie when, in the foreword to this recipe, he mentions the number of pots and pans this dish requires. Usually, this does not worry me as in our household the rule is ‘if you cook, then you don’t clean’. 466 more words