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New Year’s Resolution without the “s”

That time of year. The start of a fresh cycle invites intentions for change – the things we want to do, be, learn, see and experience in all aspects of our lives – home, work, temple, city. 211 more words


Deku: The Meaning Of A Name

Spoiler Free

Staring at a math problem for hours on end your mind starts to wander and somewhere between thinking about what you want to eat after school and your soon to be extersential crisis, you come up with your hero persona, you think about the awesome powers, the fantastical costume, the ever important tragic backstory that is always needed in a tale like this, but the most notable part of this process is the name and honestly how deep a thought goes into it’s creation. 898 more words


“Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.”

 John Wayne, actor


Once upon a time The Ohio State Football team had a mammoth player called, The Pancake.” he was given that title because everything that got in his way ended up, you guessed it, “Flat as a pancake.” 457 more words


Pursue Your Foolish Dreams

As a Millennial, I grew up being told that I could be anyone and do anything. “Follow your dreams!” we were told. Then we grew up, went to college (or didn’t) and found that our dreams don’t pay the bills. 732 more words

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